Got Plans for Halloween? You Do Now.

That’s right, Doomers & Stoners….the Zombies just didn’t want to come out for Day of the Shred this year, but you know what? We’re going to have a better party. BETTER I TELL YOU! You know why? Because, look at this freaking line-up at Brick By Brick in San Diego (3 pm to 2 am) this Halloween, are you kidding me???? I’m having a kind of ghoulish orgasm shuddering through my undead veins as I contemplate the list that is NIGHT OF THE SHRED:

Windhand! Elder!
Wo Fat!
The Shrine!
Black Bombaim!

Our own Liz Gore will be there to snap pics and Frank Heredia (King Ravën) will be helping out with interviews. Thief Presents, you’ve pulled it off again, you devil, you.

Also brought to you by Vol4 and Pabst (and we’re in there somewhere, if for nothing else than providing moral support to get your butts down to SoCal for Halloweeeeen!)

Live ‘n’ Loud:

Windhand at Night of the Shred

Photographs by Elizabeth Gore

Interview by Frank Heredia

Doomed & Stoned is proud to present our second interview with the legendary Richmond, Virginia doomers WINDHAND, who recently released 'Grief’s Infernal Flower’ on Relapse Records (reviewed by Melissa Marie here).

Recently, editor at large Frank Heredia caught up with the band for the following audio interview, recorded at Night of the Shred on Halloween at Brick by Brick in San Diego, California.

The event was organized by Thief Presents and included an impressive line-up: the legendary Bang! along with Elder, Windhand, Monolord, DANAVA, Wo Fat, Black Bombaim, and The Shrine.

The photos you’re seeing were snapped by the eagle eye of Elizabeth Gore, who has an uncanny knack for capturing that oh-so-perfect moment. I had serious difficulty deciding which pics to include and not, so I asked Liz if she’d be cool with me sharing them all (thankfully, she said yes). We’ll have more photos from Night of the Shred as the week unfolds on Doomed & Stoned. In the meanwhile, relish in the eye candy as Liz guides us through her impressions of the show.

The quintet gathered on the stage. The incense was lit. Morris began the chug, and the swaying and rocking began.

Out of many of the doom metal bands I have seen for the first time, I would say Windhand is the most intense, emotionally speaking.

Windhand seemed to hide their grand personalities within the music, which is a translation for their self-expression, and I wondered what more they would choose to impart to the audience.

Windhand brought perfection to their thundering doom metal, with Morris and Bogdan, along with Cottrell’s vocals on reverb creating this bewitching groove.

The band created an immediate unique experience, and the deafening sonic waves synchronized between Chandler and Wolfe destroyed the crowd within minutes.

We were hypnotized, and drawn into their tumultuous abyss with tunes from 'Soma’ and their latest release, 'Grief’s Infernal Flower.’ This was a performance that was going to be hard to beat.

Want even more Windhand? You can see our video interview with Dorthia Cottrell at last year’s Day of the Shred here and footage from the show, captured by Arturo Gallegos, here.

Doomed & Stoned is proud as peaches to be involved in this year’s DAY OF THE SHRED festival (brought to you by Thief Presents, the folks behind such blockbusters as Psycho California and Psycho De Mayo). I mean, look at this line-up! Can you ask for a more colorful event?

The big news this year is the return of rock legends Captain Beyond, playing again in Los Angeles, where they formed in 1971. This alone will be worth the trip to Santa Ana.

Now, stir THESE BANDS into the mix: Spirit Caravan, John Garcia, Elder, Torche, Mondo Generator, Yawning Man, The Great Electric Quest, Poobah, White Manna, Mos Generator, Ides Of Gemini, DUEL, Communion…

….add EVEN MORE heavy: Crowbar, Kowloon Walled City, Fight Amp, Thou, the body, Full of Hell, Black Bombaim, Saviours, OXBOW, Night Demon, Blackwitch Pudding…

…and you’ve got a fucking CELEBRATION!

Join us on Dia De Los Muertos as we gather the living and remember the dead for the second annual DAY OF THE SHRED! Get your tickets, make your plans at