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Thoughts on Swan Thief?

Neal and Emma honestly had the potential to be the ship of OUAT, the big Alpha pairing, the OTP to end OTPs. They were so poetic, the child of the dark one with the product of true love, the one the curse was built for and the one who would break the curse. There is no doubt that they were the original endgame, what with Tallahassee being mentioned as early as the second episode of Season One. There is so much foundation laid for this ship, and it was all for nothing, and I will never not be bitter over that.

Emma and Neal are so natural together. They just fit together so effortlessly, two lost children searching for home and finding it with one another. They are easy and light and free with one another, they smile, they laugh, they give and take and build one another up. Their rhythm is natural and real and so incredibly endearing to watch and there was so much more to explore in their relationship, and so much left to repair and rebuild.

Neal always wanted what was best for Emma and Emma never stopped loving or wanting Neal. Neal made a mistake when he left her, but one can’t really blame him for running from his father (which was essentially what he was doing). And he never forgave himself for hurting her, and when he returned, he never pressured her to forgive him, never pushed her into giving him a second chance, instead he simply let her know how sorry he was and how he would be there for her if she needed him, no strings attached. He wanted her to be happy, even if it wasn’t with him. He loved her so much, and always tried to do right by her.

Emma, in turn, connected with Neal on a deeper level than she did with anyone else. She opened herself up to him, planned a future with him, saw him when she thought of the person she wanted to spend her life with. She forgave him for running and genuinely wanted to be with him. By her own admission, she never got over him.

So many of the story lines which have played out would have been so much better with Neal around. Emma losing control of her magic could have been beautifully juxtaposed with Neal’s fear of magic in general, Emma losing her loved one and marching into Hell for him would have been so much more emotional for someone like Neal whom she has so much history with and loved so much, and Emma as the Dark One would have been amazing, what with Neal’s history with his father. Imagine the emotional impact of Neal losing not only his father but the woman he loves to Darkness. Such a wasted opportunity.

Neal and Emma could have been beautiful, amazing, epic. They had so much history and so much love and such a deep connection between them, not to mention that they also have a son together. The fact that this relationship and Neal’s character were thrown under the bus for Rapey McPirate is and will always remain a travesty.

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“Wait. You thought - it was never gonna be you and me. Is that what you thought?”

Kavinsky’s expression was scorched. “There’s only with me or against me.”

Which was ludicrous. It had always been Ronan against Kavinsky. There was never any possibility of with.

“It was never going to be you and me.”


Swanfire Appreciation Week
Day 7: (Free Day) AU– Bandit Princess!Emma and Merry Man!Baelfire

Exiled by Queen Regina after her sleeping curse was broken, Snow White and her Prince Charming lived as bandits and fugitives, aiding their former kingdom and protecting them from the crown in any way they could, raising their daughter to do the same.

After escaping Neverland, Baelfire found his way to the Enchanted Forest, and once again in hiding from his father. Following an accidental run-in with the Merry Men, Robin Hood takes Bae under his wing and welcomes into his band. 

Eventually, the two fugitives meet and fall in love. 


It’s time for another Swanfire Appreciation Week! Since I got so many great ideas from you awesome cupcakes I realized that 7 days just isn’t enough. So we decided to do 12 days instead. You can make anything you want to during each day just make sure you stick to the theme. Also be sure too add sfweek17 in the first 5 tags so we can see and reblog all of your posts. The start date is Monday May 1st and it ends Friday May 12th. Don’t worry if you have to skip a day or can’t start right away, the point is just to have fun and enjoy our ship so feel free to start whenever you have time :)

Day 1: Friendship
Make something that shows what makes Emma and Neal such a good match. How do their individual character traits/strengths compliment each other.

Day 2: Favorite Happy Moment
Make something that shows your favorite time that they were happy together.

Day 3: Only You
Make something using their song “Only You” by Yaz. Can be anything you feel like making but be sure to incorporate the song in some way.(if it’s a fanvid covers of the song are fine)

Day 4: Colors
Pick one color that you feel best represents their relationship or that you most often associate with them and make something that shows it.

Day 5: Favorite Outfits
Which of Emma and Neals outfits are your favorite(any season or episode)

Day 6: Henry
Make something to show your favorite swanfire family moments.(or you could make an au showing what you would have liked to see had they been able to keep him)

Day 7: Swanfire Things
What is your favorite object associated with them.

Day 8: Enchanted Forest AU
What if Emma and Neal had met in the enchanted forest instead of our world. What if they both fell through that portal in s2,what if they had both been wished back there in s6 or if they had both been present during the season 4 AU episode. Make something showing what you think would have happened during any of these times or come up with your own story.

Day 9: Favorite Funny Moment
Which of their scenes together did you think was the funniest?

Day 10: Dark Swanfire AU
What would have happened if both Emma and Neal were the dark ones? Or if Neal had become the dark one to save Emma or the other way around. How would Neal have felt if Emma became the Dark One just like his father? Get creative again and make something showing what you think would have happened if Neal had been around in s5.

Day 11: Favorite Emotional Moment
Emma and Neal have had some pretty intense scenes together. Make something showing your absolute favorite moment between them that made you feel extra emotional.

Day 12: Favorite Touch
Make something that shows your favorite way that they have touched(for example,hands,face,kissing,hugging,ect)

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I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I have been reading most of the fics you recommend. I was wondering if you knew of any thief!killian fics? Maybe even ones where Emma is a cop or investigator.

The Agent and the Art Thief by @the-marvelous-jolly-roger​ (complete trilogy)

Special Agent Emma Swan is tracking down the notorious art thief known only as the Captain, who has begun to leave the FBI agent flirtatious notes at the scene of every crime.

Love’s Bounty by @captainswanluver (complete)

Emma Swan is a bounty hunter tasked with finding the thief, Killian Jones, who has jumped bail and fled to Vegas. Once found, the two embark on a road trip to transport him back to NYC.

The Wicked Winding Streets by @natascha-remi-ronin  (complete)

Emma Swan is an insurance investigator, investigating Killian Jones for art theft.

A Ghost in Me by @madjm  (complete)

AU. Killian Jones is a master thief, known only as Hook. His life is complicated when he’s asked to steal a necklace from security expert Emma Swan, and it opens up their shared past. Captain Swan.

Undercover by emilylovesouat  (complete)

Killian Jones is a high class thief and Emma Swan is the agent who caught him. They go undercover together to take down the infamous mob leader, Mr. Gold.

Catch Me If You Can by @fox-trotting-in-club-medieval (unfinished)

FBI agent Emma Swan has been hunting master thief Killian Jones for the past year. But his charms haven’t failed to outwit her and slip from her grasp many times. When Emma believes she can finally lock him away, Jones does the unthinkable and seals a deal with the FBI for his freedom. His task? Help the FBI hunt down a wanted thief at the side of his previous pursuer, Emma Swan.

Accidentally in Love by @captainswanluver  (complete)

Emma Swan needs to be married by 30 in order to receive the money from her trust fund and save her failing business. Killian Jones is the thief who just tried to rob her store. The two strike a deal: Killian will pretend to marry Emma and she won’t send him to jail.  

and an exciting WIP

All In A Days Work by @victorias-tales

Just when it seems that international crook Killian Jones has been captured for good, he pulls off his greatest con of all: he convinces the FBI to offer him a job, working side by side with Special Agent Emma Swan. Problem is, teaming up to stop a corrupt investment banker who’s hiding on a private island in Indonesia is going to test Swan’s patience and Jones’s skill – if the two don’t kill each other first.


season five au

Zelena comes about resurrecting Rumplestiltskin in a different way, therefore Neal is spared. Neal and Emma developed their relationship together once Zelena was defeated. When there’s a looming threat of darkness consuming the town, Emma steps up to the plate in order to save the lives of everyone in Storybrooke. When she becomes the Dark One, Neal and all of her friends and family do everything in their power to try and save her before the darkness fully consumes her. Emma and Neal’s relationship gets put to the test during these trying times. Even though Emma gets fully pulled into the darkness, Neal is still certain that he can save her from it.

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We All Know What Would Have Happened if Neal was the Dark One instead of Hook
  • Emma: I turned you into a Dark One.
  • Neal: Okay I'm really pissed but hold that thought.
  • Neal: *poofs*
  • Rumpelstiltskin: Finally a minute of quie-HOLY CRAP BAE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM??
  • Neal: Hi Dad. So I'm a Dark One now and I'm having these really strong urges to kill a bunch of people. Advice?
  • Rumpelstiltskin: First things first, eat a Snickers. You're not you when you're hungry.