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Hello, it's me, the star thief lonely lips pick up lines gal. I wanted to say I love your blog!!! You are super amazing and just..::gah! Have a lovely night/day (i don't know the time zone you're in so whichever one it is)!!!! <3 <3 <3

Thank you munchkin ❤ I’m PST :) so it’s night for me! Have an amazing night :)

Open starter

College textbooks were highway robbery, he thought, and that’s even after Ryou had lived with an actual thief. 
The corners of his lips tugged downwards in a frown, paper bag with the books he needed for next semester. There weren’t a lot, and yet his bank account was sorely, sorely running low. He idly wondered if perhaps he should pick up a job- Student loans were really starting to pile up, and Ryou wasn’t looking forward to them gathering interest, making him owe more then he took out.
It was due to his being lost in thought that he didn’t see the other person walking his way, and wound up running into them, falling flat onto the ground, books spilling out of the bag.
“Ouch..- Ah, my apologies!” He quickly stammered, looking up to see who he had run into.

Rev Up - CLOSED RP with icexandxcool


A lot of things had changed since Lian Yu… Namely, Barry Allen. Even Cisco had picked up on his newfound confidence, noticed the little swagger to his step that hadn’t been there before. He’d asked what had happened on the island, but Barry had merely shrugged and made up something about being pleased with how his powers were growing. But he knew the truth, he knew what- or more who- was behind this change.

Leonard Snart.

Thoughts of him stirred something in Barry and his lips curled, deciding to see if he could track him down. No suit this time, he ran out, dashing along the streets. He stopped by the bar, and Snart wasn’t there. That said…

He was just pulling out, his motorcycle revving. Barry grinned, running alongside the motorcycle for a moment before settling himself up behind the thief. “Hey Len,” he greeted, lips brushing Snart’s ear as he leaned close, pressing himself completely against the man, one hand wrapped around his chest, the other settled on Snart’s thigh.