thief catcher ringtail

A little while back @dalchan made a theme song for Thief Catcher RingTail. So, I took a couple of hours and threw together this black & white sketch storyboard. It’s….very rough. Which is also why I wrote a bunch of notes at the bottom in red.

Hopefully, I’ll make some time some day and grab some scenes from the comic, maybe add to them, and make a more nicely drawn version.

My gawd why did I design Rose’s hair pulled back like this? It’s so hard to draw a hairline without it looking like mini bangs or something weird. >_<

On the plus side though, I saw a girl at church the other day with the same kind of hairstyle, with a little bow and everything (not as big, and hair not as long or pink but w/e) and she was even heavier set and stuff. I was all like “Rose! You do exist in reality!” in my head. True story.