thief and cobbler

10  Forgotten Animated Movies - Part 1

The criteria was simply “I keep forgetting this exists” or “I had no idea this exited until recently”. And that they were available on Youtube, obviously (but that could be for a limited time only, so I recommend checking these out ASAP!)

The Princess And The Pea (2002) USA

Help! I’m a Fish (2001) Denmark/Germany/Ireland

Princess Arete (2001) Japan

The Scarecrow (2000) USA

The Thief and the Cobbler (1993) USA

OBS: The quality in story and animation varies drastically from film to film. Some are masterpieces, while others have aged really, really badly. But if this makes just one person go “AH SHIT!! I thought this was a fever dream I had as a child” then this list will have been worth my time. ;D


The Thief and The Cobbler, ou Le Voleur et Le Cordonnier, de Richard Williams, à l’occasion de l’inktober 2015.

Oui c’est une fanart éhontée.

Je craque totalement sur le jeu du voleur et du cordonnier, justement. Ils sont “faits” pour être adorables.

Self-indulgent Thief and The Cobbler’s fanart, Inktober 2015

I’m so fond of said thief and cobbler. They were thought to be adorable.

Okay hear me out: 

Imagine an AU where all of the TTATC characters can transform into/are monster versions of themselves. 

Like, Tack is a giant, cuddly porcupine/bear thing. (I actually drew this earlier). 

Yum Yum is a sleek, shiny rainbow fox thing.

Zigzag is a motherfucking blue and black vulture

The Thief is a salamander/newt. 

Just think about it.