thief and cobbler

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: I really, really wish that The Thief and the Cobbler got more love and that the movie could be fully restored and get more people interested. It would have been great if Richard Williams could have completed it, though I feel that at times he could be his own worst enemy because he devoted so much time to animating intricate scenes which weren't always necessary to the plot and the film was entirely independently funded. Even though what happened to the movie is tragic I can sometimes see why Warner Bros were anxious and impatient ti compete with Aladdin and why they lost confidence in Williams when he went overbudget and missed all of his deadlines. Be that as it may the film is honestly the pinnacle of animation and I recommend anyone who loves the art of animation to watch it frame by frame because HOT DIGGITTY IT'S SO GOOD. I mean they shot all of this on ones and it's all hand drawn for fuck's sake how could you not be impressed by that. I mean this fandom really needs to be bigger and this movie needs more love please do it for me.

Honestly??? I love Tack like personal goals look at him.

pale, shy, dark circled, raggedy ann bitch, too clumsy for words

gets color to his skin, has a happy and fulfilling relationship, gets what needs to be done so, keeping his sweet disposition and getting to live comfortably and safely with the person he loves

i support them

10  Forgotten Animated Movies - Part 1

The criteria was simply “I keep forgetting this exists” or “I had no idea this exited until recently”. And that they were available on Youtube, obviously (but that could be for a limited time only, so I recommend checking these out ASAP!)

The Princess And The Pea (2002) USA

Help! I’m a Fish (2001) Denmark/Germany/Ireland

Princess Arete (2001) Japan

The Scarecrow (2000) USA

The Thief and the Cobbler (1993) USA

OBS: The quality in story and animation varies drastically from film to film. Some are masterpieces, while others have aged really, really badly. But if this makes just one person go “AH SHIT!! I thought this was a fever dream I had as a child” then this list will have been worth my time. ;D