Andre Elliot, ‘Acoluthic Redux’ Series, In Progress

 ac-o-lu-thic, adjective \¦a-kə-¦lü-thik\

Following immediately (as a visual afterimage) upon the primary activity aroused by a stimulus. Origin: Greek, akolouthos

Andre Elliot is 19 year old photographer from Elk Grove, California. He shoots using  a Nikon D5100 for digital shots & a Nikon F5, Canon AE-1 or expired disposable Kodaks for 35mm film. 

sure calum is enjoying his down time before the slfl tour begins and he deserves to relax but also consider this: i now have to sell my farm because my crops rotted and the land is unusable so now i have to relocate my entire family and timmy was really looking forward to getting braces this year but his ass will just have to continue having his teeth looking like a weather vane for another year and the baby cries a lot because we can no longer afford to feed it and everyone is sad and this all could have been avoided if someone would just take a damn selfy every once in a while


Depois de um tempo sem posta nada trago para vocês POSEBOOK. Três poses acompanhadas de três estilos diferentes com as roupas incríveis da indistrict-12.

After a while without posting anything bring you POSEBOOK. Three poses accompanied by three different styles with incredible clothes for indistrict-12.


1. ELA_Ipod
2. a3ru_ymAcc_Iphone5
3. BlackCraft Cult Set
4. Denim Shorts
5. Pose by SeforaSims (me) - Traço Geek
6. Child’s Thic Round Glasses for All
7. Atropa Dress
8. Pose by SeforaSims (me) - Traço Amante da Arte 
10. Seven Seas Set. MERMAID INSPIRED
11. Pose by SeforaSims (me) - Traço Criativo

Espero que gostem! I hope you enjoy!