“Chicken mimic”
Late Cretaceous, 70 million years ago

This dinosaur had a thickset body, long legs, a flexible neck, and a toothless beak. If not for its three-fingered hands and stiff tail, it would look very similar to modern-day ostriches and emus. In fact, it was basically just an emu. Of which we already have plenty.
Go away, Gallimimus.

In stature Col. [William Stephen] Hamilton was of medium size, thickset and of swarthy complexion. In dress he was exceedingly negligent, I might say almost slovenly. He wore generally a white blanket coat, faded to a dingy yellow, some times one, sometimes two suspenders, a pair of coarse brogans, which were never laced, never any boots, & an old dilapidated hat, or fur cap in winter, in fact he displayed an utter disregard of the rules of polite society. His long intercourse & daily association with the miners & backwoodsmen, who were composed in a great measure of hardy, daring & reckless adventurers, had worn off the polish of city life, & given place to a abruptness of speech & dictatorial manner which would have been offensive if he had not tempered it with a genial smile & kindly words. He had the instincts, if not the manners of a gentleman; he could be frank, open & cordial & hated all ceremoniousness. He was a confirmed batchelor, and did not seem to care much for female Society.

Larry Gara, William S. Hamilton on the Wisconsin Frontier: A Document

William Stephen was Hamilton’s and Eliza’s fifth son. And apparently a “bachelor”.

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MAYWARD 4!! >:DDD Kidding...FitzSimmons 22!

22. Caught in a Storm

“Oh!” Jemma said, holding out her hand, palm up. She tipped her head back and stared wide-eyed up at the Scottish sky, as though taken aback that the thickset gray clouds had finally taken it upon themselves to produce rain. “Ugh, I knew I should have brought an umbrella. Didn’t really think we’d be out here long enough for the sky to open up on us. We were only looking at the two cottages!”

“It’s all right, I have one.” Fitz dug into his backpack and produced a standard S.H.I.E.L.D-issue umbrella, a slim black instrument tightly wrapped and bound. He shook it out and pressed the button, holding it over Jemma’s head with a little half-smile. “Looks like it’s only big enough for one.”

“Oh, don’t be silly!” Jemma huddled her arms around herself, lips already turning a dusky purple as the rain rapidly progressed from a misty patter to a full-fledged deluge. “Fitz, you’ll get drenched!”

“Already there.” He shrugged as though being soaked to the bone was a normal everyday occurrence. Raindrops tumbled off his matted curls and dripped down his face, clinging to his chin and the tip of his nose. “Ready to make a mad dash for the car? I’ll keep the umbrella over your head as best I can.”

“Ugh, you’re being ridiculous.” Jemma stepped up close to him, closing her hand over his fingers on the umbrella’s shaft and yanking it over both their heads. “We can both fit, we just have to squeeze in a little.” She waggled her eyebrows and wrapped her free arm around him, heedless of the state of his shirt, already sopping wet and clinging to his skin. 

“Well, if you insist.” Fitz’s small smile broadened to a grin, and he closed his eyes as Jemma leaned forward to kiss the rain off the tip of his nose. His eyelashes glittered with water droplets, and she leaned up to kiss those too, pushing herself up on her tiptoes. 

“Don’t blink,” she ordered between kisses, her lips fluttering all over his face, darting to catch each raindrop before it dripped to the ground. “Ugh, Fitz, you’re already freezing. You’re going to catch your death of cold out here.”

He chuckled, but obediently kept his eyes closed. “Is that so? Sounding a bit like my grandmother there, Jemma.”

“Oh, lovely, just what a girl wants to hear while–mmph.”

The words were cut off as she found herself being soundly kissed, Fitz’s cold hands warming themselves against her back, and the rain’s drumming against the umbrella faded to a dull, meaningless roar. 

“Mmm,” she said at length, her forehead pressed to his. “Weren’t we going to run to the car?”

“Well, I don’t know about you,” Fitz said, sounding a little breathless as though he’d already run a significant distance. “But I’m feeling quite a bit warmer now.”

Jemma tipped her head back and laughed, the sunny sound canceling out the pounding of the rain. 

Nordic body headcanons

Denmark: The only one who actually looks like a stereotypical model. He has abs, muscles all round, but not buff, more lean and athletic. He has freckles on his chest and not his face, and tans surprisingly well for a Nordic. Basically an all round sunshine child.

Sweden: Tall, obviously, and thickset, with less chiselled muscles than Denmark. His strength lies in his core rather than his exterior. His skin isn’t as pale as the others more a mellow pink tone.

Norway: Thin to the point of waif-like, and a pale pink skin tone. His body is androgynous, with gentle feminine curves and a flat chest, peach fuzz covering his whole body. He bruises very easily and is always littered with little marks.

Finland: Obviously, chubby, round, soft; Finland is a human pillow and he knows and is proud of it. Not all fat though, he has hidden muscles that allows him to surprise people with his strength. His skin borders milky.

Iceland: Like Norway in the summer, he is thin and gangly, but gains weight every winter so that he has pudge on his stomach and thighs. He has the palest skin, flushes easily, and is littered with freckles from his face to his torso.

Boy here looks primed for weight gain, thickset but with his weight in control up until recently where a bit of extra jiggle has found its way to his middle. Only a couple of pounds which have covered up his taut stomach and made a few rolls and slightly grown his chest. Not really showing yet but his friends and partner have noticed a little softening when he takes his shirt off. Opened the floodgates towards future weight gain, he might want to start to spending his gym membership that he doesn’t use anymore on new clothes that are going to fit his growing tummy

In honor of a recent thread on body acceptance and the joys of having thickset/bigger characters to cosplay, here is…my short curvy self. This is the night I did a half-assed Immortan cosplay for a cabaret show.

I should’ve gone with a white shirt, symmetrical guns, better wig, beltpiece, etc. Still, people got it. On stage, a woman spontaneously ripped my microphone away and asked to be one of my wives. Angharad got the biggest hand of the night when she gave me the finger. Despite my cosplay being MEDIOCRE, it was lots of fun. 

I’ll do a better version at some point and find a Furiosa cosplayer to rip my face off!

Looks like someone has just pointed out the gut guy on the rights got growing on me, perhaps he’s noticing it for the first time and having a bit of a ohhhhh crap moment. Really beefy looking dude, probably a thickset fit and muscular rugby player who loves his food, Primed for weight gain, soon those jeans won’t even fit