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Since I started working out Ive learned to appreciate and love myself. Initially, my goal was to be teeny tiny, but honestly I don’t mind being a lil heavy. I appreciate and love my body now more than ever. I’m glad I can look at myself and see the beauty that I never felt growing up.

Im a big girl and I’m proud of it. I’m not for everyone and that’s cool 😊

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Imagine Kara and Alex both drunk at the alien bar, arguing over who has better abs and asking Maggie and her ex (cause i can totally see drunk kara making out with her and then them talking to each other in kriptonion) then the both of them just staring cause their abs look like they were cheseld from stone

Kara is amusing when she’s drunk.

Deeply amusing. To herself and to everyone who loves her.

And Alex?

Before Maggie, she got sullen when she was drunk. Sullen, when she wasn’t partying so hard she could have died.

Sullen, when she was drinking alone.

And she usually, before Maggie but after joining the DEO, drank alone.

But now?

Now, she rarely drinks alone. Now, she drinks at the bar, surrounded by people who love her. Surrounded by people who will keep her safe. Who will keep her drinking water.

Who will keep her happy.

And she is happy – so happy, as she snorts into her whiskey soda at Kara’s slurred pronunciation of everything from telepathy to chocolate to nebula – leaning into Maggie for support staying upright, support staying steady.

Maggie’s arm is draped around her, and Kara is laughing, and Kara is holding her hand across the table, and Alex is so, so, so happy.

“But you know what, Alex?” Kara wants to know, and she squints across the table at her sister like she’s concentrating on which of her faces is the real one.

“What, Kara?” Alex leans forward somewhat sloppily, slamming her elbow onto the table so she can rest her chin on her hand.

Maggie chuckles softly at her Danvers girls and hails Darla for two more waters.

“I don’t like competing with you, Alex. It makes me sad, you know? Because we’re stronger together – together, Alex, I love when we’re together – but you know what I do have that’s better than you?”

“The ability to fly,” Alex slurs, leaning sideways and slipping her chin off her hand. Maggie catches her, readjusts her, and slips the water glass into her hand. 

Darla hovers by their table, exchanging an amused glance with Maggie.

“Darla!” Kara splutters, and Darla raises her eyebrows and crosses her arms across her chest.

“Kara,” she grins cautiously.

“Darla, I have a question for you. I was just going to tell Alex – but I don’t want her to be mad, so I want an objective audience – I think I have better abs than Alex. I mean, she has great ones, but I mean, I’ve got Kryptonian ones!” 

She splurts the final part of her sentence with her hands in the air, spilling the water in her glass behind her, all over Brian.

“Sorry Brian!” she squeals as Darla swallows a laugh and tosses him the towel she’d had slung over her shoulder.

“Oh please, Kara, you haven’t seen me undress since college!”

“Not true! They made you take your shirt off last time you got hurt on the job – “

“Also that time you walked in on us last week,” Maggie chimes, a shit-eating grin on her face.

“Ahhhhh, nooooo!!!” Kara yells, putting her palms over her ears like she can retroactively block herself from hearing Maggie’s words. “She’s my sister, Maggie, no no no!”

Maggie holds her hands up in mock surrender. “Alright, Little Danvers, sorry to re-traumatize you,” she grins, and Kara nods imperiously, satisfied.

“Darla, Maggie, you have to be judges.”

“I’m not exactly objective, Alex,” Maggie points out, and Alex waves her away chaotically. 

“But you’re the best cop in all the land and all the air and all the sea, Maggie – “ 

“There are cops in the air and sea, babe?”

“Just go with it, Maggie, let me compliment you, jeez! So you know how to evaluate the evidence that’s in front of you!”

Maggie exchanges an amused glance with Darla as she kisses Alex’s knuckles.

“I don’t see any evidence right now, Danvers,” she teases, and, as one, Kara and Alex stand and lift their shirts in unison. Sisters to the core.

And core is right. 

Because Maggie’s jaw hits the ground, followed by Darla’s.

Maggie splutters – it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before, but god, god, god, her woman is so strong, so soft, so… 

“Well??” Kara demands, and Maggie glances at her ex, who shrugs.

“You’re doing nicely for yourself, Mags,” she comments off-handedly.

Maggie shrugs, beaming. “I usually go for thicker women, but yeah uh… this one’s not bad, huh?” she grins and Alex preens.

“Well???” Kara asks again, louder.

“I say both of you win,” Brian chimes, and Kara and Alex immediately slam their shirts down.

“No one asked you, Brian!”

“Seriously, Brian?”

“Drinks on the house if you mind your own business, Brian!”

“Go hang out with Winn and James, Brian!”

He laughs and he nods and he shuffles off to find Winn and James, chuckling to himself the whole time.

“Those Danvers girls,” he grins, shaking his head and looking back over his shoulder to see them laughing together, affectionate, happy, loving. 

As it should be, in their bar, their home away from home. Their happy spot.

Their together spot.

Anything for you

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/You

Warnings: Sex. Some dirty talk. Praise Kink

Summary: Hi! I just found your blog and love the stories! I’m big Dean Ambrose trash so I was wondering if I could please make a fic request about him? How about he meets somewhat shy,little timid,mousy like behind the scenes person somewhere,but he ends up falling for her and she’s a virgin (sort of a late bloomer cause I don’t want her TOO young LOL) and because of her having low self-esteem,he’s very praise kink (body and otherwise) and he takes her virginity with hot detailed smut and sweet romance?

Notes: My most sincere apologises for how long this took Anon. The writing of it gave me some trouble but I hope it turned out well. I tried my very best for you. - Dani

Dating Dean Ambrose was kind of a dream. It was a pinch yourself and make sure it’s real moment. When you’d started working for the WWE you hadn’t even expected to spend that much time around the talent, never mind befriend or date any of them. Now months later here you are. Some of the superstars you’d admired from afar can now be counted among some of your closest friends and Dean freaking Ambrose is your boyfriend. It’s like something out of a fairytale and you can’t believe this is your life.

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Example of fat discrimination vs. thin privilege...

There’s a popular social media name, and people were asking her what workout she did because they loved her toned body. And she told them repeatedly “I’m naturally muscular, I don’t do anything” and people insisted that she did and demanded she give them her fitness routine in a joking way you know how we do, and she said I don’t do anything I’m naturally muscular, and then there were comments of more praise.

But when thicker women say this or bigger women we’re met with tons of fatphobia. “Oh nobody’s naturally big, you look unhealthy” or “Oh well you need to start trying to workout because that’s unhealthy”. No one bombarded her with health tips or guessed her diet for saying she doesn’t workout or is naturally muscular.

Fat discrimination or fat phobia is never about health. It’s about appearance and that’s proof. I would post screen shots but she’s a great person and it’s not her fault society is still extremely crappy.

Sith Pureblood Biology and Headcanons

So, because @sonneillonv and I are Star Wars dorks we started talking about babies and the next generation for some of our characters. Sith purebloods are involved on both sides.

I don’t even remember where the headcanon came from (whether I picked it up from someone else or it just spontaneously spawned) but I like the idea that baby Sith purebloods have little sharp baby teeth. Like puppies. And they chew/gnaw on anything they can get their little mouths around.

I mentioned this to @horuset and the discussion… kind of exploded. XD So more headcanons and half-baked ideas spawned and I thought “y'know, I should post all of this for posterity.” Or something. I just want to share Sith pureblood headcanons with y'all because this species is so much fun. This is a combination of stuff @sonneillonv and I have come up with over time and the stuff @horuset and I discussed… Wednesday? Maybe Tuesday. Something like that. Anyway…

Sith pureblood babies:

  • have pointy baby teeth
  • chew on EVERYTHING
  • because of this there are baby biscuit recipes passed down in pureblood families and they are the BEST damn teething biscuits out there. They’ve got a little mild heat in them, like cinammon or something, to get babies started on getting used to the heat of pureblood traditional cuisine (which is another headcanon and I really don’t know where it came from either but it’s there).

Sith pureblood mothers:

  • purr at babies. (Purring is a whole other headcanon that I think comes up for a lot of people? Not sure.) They have a specific purr, largely instinctual, that calms pureblood babies and is probably something that stimulates bonding with momma. Personal headcanon says babies who weren’t held/purred at by their mothers tend to actually find the sound a little unsettling, though most of them don’t fully understand why unless they end up having children and witness the purring themselves.

So, babies have pointy little teeth. Well, @horuset pointed out that a couple things @sonneillonv and I had come up with might not make sense from an evolutionary perspective so we talked it out and tweaked shit a little.

  • adult Sith purebloods have thick skin, especially on their hands/feet.
  • new/first-time mothers tend to have little cuts and punctures on their fingers because they’re still learning how to get their fingers out of the way before baby fuss-bites. They’ve usually got it figured out by the second one so there aren’t nearly as many bandages involved. They let the babies gnaw on their fingers regularly, though. It’s just fuss biting that’s hard enough to do damage. (I feel really sorry for any non-pureblood nurses/nannies in this case. THEY probably have to wear gloves or something or just deal with bleeding a lot.)
  • Sith pureblood women have tough nipples. Still not sure if the nipples became tough to deal with the baby teeth or if they were tough to begin with and pointy little baby teeth developed to better stimulate milk flow. This seems like something that would be debated in the scientific community, too.
  • Sith pureblood females’ upper body ridges thicken in response to child-rearing. Babies nuzzle and since pureblood babies also gnaw the mother’s ridges thicken/strengthen in response so the baby doesn’t do her real damage and has something to get some of that gnawing reflex out on.
  • As an extension of that, when slings are/were in use, women who traditionally carried babies on their back would develop thicker back ridges while women who carried on their front would develop thicker chest ridges. @horuset and I theorize that pre-industrial Sith pureblood society would have taken this and run with it. It became a sign of socioeconomic status: lower/working-class females tended to have the thicker back ridges because they had to work while carrying their babies while upper/noble class females either developed thicker chest ridges or didn’t develop them at all (beyond the genetically present ones) because they didn’t work (or worked in “softer” jobs) and could carry the babies up front OR could afford to have nannies/slaves and didn’t have to carry their babies at all outside feeding time.
  • An extension of THAT would have been the effect on fashion. Torso ridges became status symbols, positive OR negative, so low cut and backless clothes became normal/popular among females. Upper class women could show off their wealth with the usual extravagant designs and materials alongside their less pronounced back ridges and their thick or unpronounced chest ridges.
  • After the death of a child a woman would cover her ridges in mourning.
  • High class new widows might also cover their ridges during a mourning period and start to show them off again when they’re ready to look for a new mate.
  • @horuset and I also think that the upper class mourning period may have been developed to allow estates to settle; in political marriages especially there’s a lot to work out after the death of a family head or even a lesser House member.

If anyone else has their own ideas please share! This is just what happens when I focus too hard on stuff that’s not work related while I’m at work.

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Idk why but for some reason I don't think cal would be into thicker plus sized women like me. He just seems like the kind of dude that would like skinny fit girls. He gives me that vibe

Actually…. all of his exes are curvy girls, I wouldn’t say they’re plus size, but they’re not “skinny fit” Calum is also not the kind of guy to judge someone’s size, if he likes you he likes you everything else be damned. He’s not the kind of guy that feels things for girls all the time like say Luke, so if he found someone he connected with, nobody’s size would be stopping him from being with her. I also just want to say try to refrain from saying stuff like this bc it can really offend people and upset them!!!!!! Because I mean in all honesty we don’t know their types and who they would or wouldn’t date bc we’re not them so please please please be very careful how you word things and yeah!!! 

"Love Yourself? Maybe You Shouldn't" by Rob Dyke, long ass text version!

Y'all better be happy because I typed all this for you.

There’s a huge movement going around right now which tells it’s punch-drinking inductees to “Love Themselves”. I think it started with fat people. Everyone must’ve assumed that thin and fit people must already love themselves because, look how lucky they are. But I’ve come to find that this “love yourself” movement isn’t at all about loving yourself. It’s about hating other people more than you hate yourself. Its not about lengthening your own line, but shortening others. Here’s why:

The internet is a breeding ground for inspiring pictures that go viral every other day depicting a “poor, helpless fat person” overcoming the “severe adversity” of being fat by lifting up their shirt and writing some useless phrase like “fat is beautiful” on their stomachs. Maybe that’s what you like to do but I tend to see, more often than not, those pictures circulating that I’m sure everyone has seen at least once where there’s a picture of thin and skinny women being compared to thicker and fuller women and text pretty much takes a dump on the skinny women simply because they’re skinny.

As a society, we should know better than to hand people such an open ended invitation as “love yourself”. Society in a large part doesn’t know how to love themselves, in fact, they don’t know how to love at all. They place love on material things such as clothes and video games, now don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy video games and I’m sure I’ve said “I love such and such a game” before. The truth is, I don’t love material objects because in order to love, I must cater to the growth and development of who I love. I must experience very dynamic events with who I love. Love is exclusive to living things, so if I’m truly going to love myself, it’s not enough to read a stupid meme online. It’s not enough to hear it over and over again from motivational speakers at 3AM on the television trying to pitch their newest book. It’s not enough to read a quote from my favorite actor, author, musician. That doesn’t set you up to love yourself. Anyone that tells you that society is the enemy and that you are beautiful in spite of it isn’t setting you up to love yourself, they’re setting you up to hate others.

You aren’t climbing up to the top of any mountain of self value, you’re just pushing other people to points lower than you are. To love yourself, you must challenge yourself, you must grow and develop yourself, you must stop looking out at whatever everyone else has and envying it. That is toxic motivation. Let yourself be inspired, realize that some people work hard for what they get and, yes, some people are just born with the ability to be exactly how you want yourself to be. But, everyone hurts inside. Everyone wishes something more for themselves, whether you’re fat, skinny, out of shape, or in shape, everyone has goals and everyone wants to do better for themselves. Use that as motivation. Know that if others have made the climb, you aren’t alone. Approach the mountain and realize that there are going to be people at higher points than you. The problem is, we want to be at the top while we’re still on the ground but, we’re not willing to do what it takes to get to the top. We want the easy route and hate is one of the simplest things we can do in life. It’s so hard to keep a relationship healthy, it takes work whether it be a girlfriend or boyfriend or just a friend. It’s so easy to reject all that work and spit at people and become and become jealous of others.

The whole “screw society, love yourself” does no favors. No one truly has the right to tell you to love yourself. That’s as stupid as somebody walking you out to a stranger and saying “love this person”. It should feel as awkward because they don’t know that person, they have no right to tell you to love someone that they truly don’t know. “Love myself as I am”? Myself always tries to get me to do things not necessarily good for me! If I wake up early to get a start on the day, myself tries to keep me in bed. If I try to avoid eating completely crappy food, myself tries to convince me to eat it. When I know I’ve done something wrong, myself tries to justify it so I don’t need to right the wrong.

If we live to serve ourselves, we’d lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to get what we want. It’s not about loving yourself in spite of society in spite of others, it’s about loving yourself in spite of yourself. And that, a lot of the time, starts outside of yourself.

A letter to the American Idiot:

If you voted for the evil orange blob man you disgust me to the core. What you have done for this country is inexcusable and irrevocable. He feeds off of hateful rhetoric. He is sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and an abomination of a human being. He is Donald Trump, and he will run our beloved country into the ground. The world will no longer respect us, and will instead pity the Americans who have to live under this demagogue’s reign of terror.

Our next president can’t form a sentence fit for a 4th-grade English test. He is one of the most unfit men to ever run for president. These next four years will undoubtedly go down in history as some of the worst America has experienced. Our children will ask us how we allowed such a hateful man to lead us, and we will look into their eyes with pity. We will not want to tell them that our citizens voted for oppression, for injustice and wrongdoing.

Instead of voting for an extremely qualified female President, Americans chose a reality TV star. Clinton, while she had her (many) faults was inarguably one of the most qualified people to ever run for president. She did one thing wrong, however: she was born a woman. The day America shut Clinton out, the glass ceiling got thicker. Women were shut out. Minorities were shut out. The LGBT community was shut out. In Trump’s America, white men are the only people who will benefit.

Now, we wait to see the results of our country’s inconceivably ignorant election. I have always respected the Republican party’s beliefs regarding politics and economics, however, this goes beyond the typical Republican-Democrat divide.

We elected a man who likes to “grab women by the pussy.”
We elected a man who makes fun of disabled people.
We elected a man who wants a mass deportation of immigrants.
We elected a man who, time after time, has proven himself to not only be unfit for office, but unfit for humanity.

I am genuinely scared for our future. If you voted for Donald Trump, congratulations.

You just made America worse again.

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I'm a cisgender female make up artist and over the years I've done several mtf makeovers. Men have thicker skin than women and male bones structure is typically wider and flatter than a female. Also typical foundation application may not cover thick or dark beard stubble. Would it be inappropriate or insulting to host a trans make up tutorial night? Not drag make up just everyday, femmenising (so?) make up for trans women who are starting their transition? I want to be supportive not patronising

If this is something you’d want to be hosting locally, talk to people (especially leaders) in your local trans community about it. Find out if there’s a need for it, and whether they’d want /you/ to do it.

EDIT: You’ll also need to work on your trans-sensitive language.

Ok so one of the things I absolutely loved about Deadpool, is that both Angel and Negasonic Teenage Warhead weren’t skinny, tall women like you usually see. They’re both thicker women who were fucking badass people. Angel kicked the shit out of Colossus and Negasonic blasted the shit out of stuff and helped Deapool. She’s a teenager (as her name points out) for Christ’s sake! I just really like that. It makes me feel better about my body and how thick I am and that I could be badass even though I’m not tall and skinny.

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Why do skinny blk women shame thicker blk women? They shouldn't be each other's competition. Thick women are never first options, so I don't know why skinny girls are so mad. Also why is it good to say "every blk girl doesn't have to be curvy" but it's not cool to say every blk girl doesn't need to be skinny or in shape? Ppl seem to support BW needing to be skinny or have abs and stuff, cause ppl already hate fat BW. Why do skinny bw take joy in making big butt BW seem inferior? We need 2 stop.

Jealousy, misogynoir, fat and/or curve-shaming and the idea that because some of us didn’t come out visibly black, we need to be treated special. It seems as though people do encourage black women to be skinny and have smaller features but we don’t encourage black girls to be visibly black because it’ll hurt the delicate, little skinny black girls’ feelings for not having a big butt, full lips, wide nose and nappy hair that some black men or women may actually find attractive and a marker of black beauty. I think skinny black women also take joy from black women who have big hips, big breasts and butts from embracing and doting on their body shape because it’ll hurt the black women who don’t have those features. I’m not upset or hurt if people put “stereotypical” black features above recessive features associated with Eurocentrism considering those black women will be seen as beautiful first. They most certainly do see thick black women as competition. When has a black woman with a big booty and thick thighs ever been paraded as “beautiful” outside of black men magazines or porn sites that almost always fetishizes and objectifies those features? You don’t see that in mainstream, glamour outlets unless they’re white, non-black, mixed and/or light-skinned.

I’m Worried that Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” Might Be Problematic

I know, it sounds insane and you probably think I’m just nitpicking. How, you might ask, could a man like Sir Mix-a-Lot (a knight, no less!), a man who says “I won’t cuss or hit ya” be in any way problematic?

The answer’s a long (and strong) one but first, let’s talk about what the song does right. “Baby Got Back” is still held up today as an example of progressive art that has positive messages for all genders (women are celebrated and Sir Mix-a-Lot’s steadfast refusal to lie is refreshing, especially in hip hop music where honest male role models are hard to find), body types (everyone is accepted even if their butts are big. Especially, in fact.), nationalities (even white boys, a traditionally excluded group in rap music songs, are explicitly encouraged to join in on the fun of this song) and ages (at no point in the video/song does Sir Mix-a-Lot say “No old people or children at this party, please,” suggesting that this is an all-ages affair). Sir Mix-a-Lot’s general body acceptance is a breath of fresh air in the rap world. Plenty of rappers will describe butts as “big” and Sir Mix-a-Lot certainly does, but you know what OTHER adjective he uses to describe these butts? Healthy. Yeah. Sir Mix-a-Lot doesn’t want you starving yourself; he likes you just the way you are, women of planet earth.

And it needs to be mentioned again: Sir Mix-a-Lot’s repeated insistence that he is against domestic abuse (he says “I won’t cus or hi ya” and another fellow is described as one who “had game but chose to hit [his woman]” and it is the point of view of this song that he was foolish for behaving that way) is exhilarating and lovely. Rap is and has always been plagued with misogyny and a casual (at best) relationship with physical attacks on women. Sir Mix-a-Lot, pioneer rap knight that he is, chose to stand out from the crowd and not get swept up in the current of rap violence. He stood, proudly, atop a mountain that looked like a butt and let other rappers know “I don’t think it’s good to beat women.” As someone who also shares this stance, I have to applaud Sir Mix-a-Lot from my albeit much smaller butt mountain (technically a butt hill).

Now comes the hard part. Most casual listeners won’t even notice some of these problems, but if you really pay attention and do what in academia is known as a “close reading” of this song, I think you’ll start to see what I’m talking about. Let’s just get into some quotes that would likely even make Sir Mix-a-Lot himself cringe if he looked back on them:

So I’m lookin’ at rock videos/Knock-kneed bimbos walkin’ like hoes

In a lot of cultures including ours, neither “bimbo” nor “hoe” are actual terms of endearment. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Sir Mix-a-Lot doesn’t JUST listen to rap, and that he’s broadened his musical horizons to include rock videos, but would it have killed him to say “I’m lookin’ at rock videos and the women featured are also pretty in their own way”? I sure don’t think it would. I sure don’t think it would have killed him.

So Cosmo says you’re fat./Well I ain’t down with that.

A lot of kind and hard-working people work at Cosmo. I don’t see why he couldn’t have swapped out “Cosmo” with the name of a made-up magazine. The song as it stands now is alienating to anyone who works, has worked or will work at Cosmo, and that is the same as bullying. Why would Sir Mix-a-Lot want to punch down on all of those hardworking Cosmo writers, copyeditors, editors and design specialists? We all know that checking yourself is important because doing so is the only way you can be sure to avoid wrecking yourself, but do you know what you should maybe check first, Sir Mix-a-Lot? Your privilege.

To the beanpole dames in the magazine/You ain’t it Miss Thing.

Body acceptance is a huge part of modern feminism, but it needs to go both ways. Feminism isn’t about just assuring women that they don’t need to be as skinny as Kate Moss to own their sexuality— though that IS important— it’s about being accepting of ALL body types. So while I appreciate and respect Sir Mix-a-Lot’s encouragement of “thicker” women, I can’t condone his BODY SHAMING of skinnier “beanpole-esque” women. Some women will have curves and that’s okay, and some will be thin like a… uh, beanpole, I guess, and that’s okay too. I don’t think it’s too out of line to say that this song would have been improved with a verse where Sir Mix-a-Lot lists all of the other different kinds of body type and says that he also likes them, and then followed up with an additional verse that explains that even if he didn’t like those body types everything would still be fine because it is not a woman’s job to design her body with the sole purpose of pleasing some man.

Further (and it took me a couple viewings to even realize this) the music video for “Baby Got Back” does not feature a single transgender person, which obviously means there’s no scene with a transgender person being nice to or even shaking hands with an Asian-American. It would be criminally naive to assume that this omission was accidental; Sir Mix-a-Lot CHOSE not to show transgender people and Asian-Americans being friends because he obviously is trying to create new and harmful stereotypes about the transgender community (that they do not like Asian-American people). I know it’s “just a music video” and artists can and should express themselves however they want, I’m not part of the “PC Police” or anything, I have a sense of humor. Do I really think this music video would have been better if it featured not only black and white but also Latino people and Native Americans and perhaps a handi-CAPABLE person and at least two transgender people taking some time to hold open a door for or give a thumbs up to an Asian American? Yes, with all of my body I believe that, AND I think it stays true to what I feel was Sir Mix-a-Lot’s intention with this song.

I still don’t think this is a bad song or that Sir Mix-a-Lot is a bad person. In fact, it’s specifically BECAUSE I think this song is so important that I’ve written this essay in the first place. Sir Mix-a-Lot is so close to having a perfect, problem-free, all-inclusive anthem. I’d really like to see him take those extra few steps towards being the #change he wants to see in the #world so we can all #heal. Together.

OH, and one more lyric I wanted to bring up.

My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hon.

I’m not calling this out for being problematic, I just thought I’d give some unsolicited lyric advice to Sir Mix-a-Lot, from one artist to another. You refer to your penis as your “anaconda,” so to suggest that your penis is very big indeed. While an anaconda is certainly nothing to scoff at, it’s still just the SECOND longest snake. It is the largest, no doubt about that, but if we’re discussing length like men, which I think we are, and you’re going to compare your penis to a snake as a way of impressing/terrifying people, my humble suggestion is that you really go for it and make your metaphorical penis snake the longest: Reticulated Python. Why settle for second longest? Where’s the confidence, Sir? Because as long as you’re the rapper boasting about having a penis that is as long as the second longest snake, you leave yourself open to ridicule from a young, enterprising rapper who sees an opportunity to one-up a legend by comparing his penis to the LONGEST snake. Think of it this way: Ghostface Killah recorded a song about himself called “The Champ.” He didn’t write a song called “Champ’s Friend” or “Second Runner-Up to Being Champ,” because if he had, you could bet your beans that some other rapper (Shaggy?) would have immediately gone out and recorded “The Champ,” thereby making Ghostface irrelevant.

It’s the same as your situation. Any minute now, a young rapper trying to make a name for himself (or herself!) could write a song about how their penis is like the reticulated python, and then whomever this rapper is (Asher Roth?) will seem more impressive than you in everyone’s minds, eyes and hearts.

I really think you should consider re-releasing this song with the progressive adjustments we talked about as well as an amended verse where you call your penis your Reticulated Python. You accomplish two things by doing this: 1) You establish that your penis is the longest thing there is, as any dope who knows the first thing about snakes will tell you that the reticulated python is the longest. 2) The door to rhyming opportunity gets flung wide open. In your verse, “anaconda” is buried in the middle of a line, likely because it’s difficult to rhyme. Python is a lot more lyrically malleable. Here are some opportunities that you missed because you humbly decided to give yourself the second longest snake penis:

“My penis is a python/Let’s make love with the lights on.”
“My penis is a python/A tasty, healthy meat, like bison.”
“My penis is a python/Nice stockings are they nylon?”
“My penis is so reticulated/You’d think it was matriculated (in Big Weiner Sex University)”

You’re the rapper, so your brain is no doubt FLYIN’ (note: soft rhyme of python) with ideas, I just wanted to help get you started.

God bless America.

I have a topic to talk about that really breaks my heart and personally affects me. Day to day, I see men, whether they’re thin, fit, chubby, or fat, with girlfriends. Holding hands, kissing them, you get the deal. But what I notice every single time is that the girl is moderately thin or fit. Not kidding, almost every couple I have seen involves a slimmer female.

Why is this? Are guys “afraid” to date a bigger girl? Will they be judged by society for being with someone who’s larger than a typical girl? I don’t understand why guys aren’t always physically attracted to bigger women. Yes, I understand sometimes guys like thicker women but it’s not fair to those who don’t have “those curves” in the right places. As a girl, I don’t judge a guy for his body, but the guys that I know from 16-26, that’s generally what men care about when focusing on females.

It’s not fair. Even if we’re working really hard and we’re still bigger they take a look and they’re like nope. I want people to know how much it kills as someone who wears a size 8/10 and is considered too fat for a boyfriend.

I feel like guys like to SAY they like thicker women like they like big ass or big thighs or big titties but I think they only like the concept, like the idea of thickness, because sure they like flattering pictures of thick thighs but as soon as they see these women in real life and their thighs actually jiggle and that big ass has cellulite and stretch marks on the titties they aren’t really so pro thickness anymore?? the pro thickness perpetuated by a lot of dudes stops at nice soft smooth pictures of women with nice thighs and small waists and doesn’t transcend all types of thickness and how that thickness actually looks when it moves

My personal problem with SOME “Body positivity” blogs.

Honestly, there are many…But the one I wanted to talk about today was the “let’s support chubby women” one. Please don’t take it as if I didn’t like chubby women, not at all, they’re just as gorgeous as everybody…It’s just that whenever I see the whole “chubby women support” I usually only see images of women who have this body type.

And there’s nothing wrong with their body type, they’re absolutely wonderful but my point is that, at least in 7/10 blogs supporting thicker women I only see thicker women with an “hour glass” shaped body being supported and called beautiful. What about body types like this:

I never see draws showing “thick, chubby” women that don’t have a tiny little waist being clasified as gorgeous, or sexy. So this is my problem with some of the “Body positivity” blogs. 

If you truly are gonna support body positivity, support all body shapes, not only hour glass one or the ones that look “sexy” to you, everybody is beautiful, even if they’re stick thin, and no, you don’t need an hour glass shape to be beautiful either.