This is for the anon, yes i lost weight, yes my body is saggier in some places then others. Yes my body is imperfect. But instead of crying about it I am proud. Proud that I could lose the weight. Proud that I am finally content with myself when I look in the mirror. Proud that when ignorant people like you have something to say about my body I’m just able to laugh it off now.

And now a rant from me to you men. Just because I post a picture up like this does not mean I want you, I want to see your junk, I want to hear your disrespectful comments about how you want to wreck me. Now what I do know is if you do send me a junk pic most likely I’ll show it to all my friends and we will just laugh at you. So instead of being the laughing stock of the town, stop sending girl dick pics. We honestly don’t want to see it. Unless I’m asking don’t show it. Thank you from me and most women to you😘