thick tires

Tbh im tired of seeing all these images of ‘slim thick’ women with small waists fat asses and big tiddies. Im tired of seein all these men with they perfect thick tummys broad shoulders and aesthetic tattoos with they perfect beard trim and top-knotch fades. I wanna see the regular folks, with different body shapes hair styles and unique looks cuz thats who they are. I just wanna see average people and see their beauty. Body positivity merely changed from skinny to slim thick and im tired of this same old shit.


August Flamme Rouge #1   2/2

August Flamme Rouge #1   ½

August Flamme Rouge #0.5

Onsa the cheetah girl was so upset, because there was no field and track club in high school she went. One day she notice about the bicycle race club, but it was lesser club with only two herbivore third grade members and about to be abolished.

It’s that kind of story.

My friend translated episode 0.5 and 1 so I uploaded it as test. He said he isn’t used to the comic translation, so if there’s obviously strange part let me know and my friend would be also glad to study from that.

What I explained as a “CITY BIKE” in comic, is called “MAMMA-CHARI” (MAMMA as it is, and CHARI is slang for bicycle) and is so popular in Japan. Thick tire, heavy but strong frame and basket or carriers to extend the loadage are the main features and is used for short distance travel by students, housewives and office workers.