thick muscle

so i decided today that i want to get back in the gym and start doing my workouts again. like i dont even want to be skinny anymore. i just want to be a curvy goddess and have men worship my big ass.

it’s funny.

in middle school i would throw up my lunch before cheerleading practice so i could be dainty and waifish and now i’m lifting weights to tone my thick thighs and chugging muscle milk.

i’ve always been really obsessed with controlling my body. and hopefully in 5 months i’ll have that perfect figure i’ve been dreaming about and be content and happy

anonymous asked:

im sitting here seeing everyone all over the place about ksoo's weight and im just like who the hell cares if hes gaining weight?? i just thought that hes been gaining muscle and bc muscle is thick it makes him look chubbier but others are saying its fat too so idk

i’m confused too and i don’t understand what’s so bad about gaining weight or muscle