thick mats


Summary: Everything about Bucky Barnes drives you wild…that’s basically the plot…

Warnings: smut, sexual tension

A/N: I spent today writing my own mini thesaurus, by hand, and I came up with this idea during my breaks.

“Fuck!” Your back slammed down against the thick mat, air shoot out of your lungs.

“If you’re not paying close attention to your enemies you’re going to get yourself killed. What the hell has you so distracted?” Steve stretched a hand out, helping you up.

“N-Nothing.” You huffed, avoiding eye contact with the super soldier in front of you.

That was a lie, a big fat lie. You were completely distracted by the man across the room, the one with the glistening metal arm and the chocolate brown hair. Motherfucking Bucky Barnes. 

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Remus Lupin x female reader - His Awakening (Rated M)

Just some smutty smut!! Remus can’t sleep, a night before the full Moon appears and he feels restless while you tease him so.

Warning- SMUTTY SMUT SMUT!! I MEAN IT! Sex from behind, oral, forced strong Dom!Remus, Sub!Reader, lots of semen, many semen

Originally posted by givemeloveeff

The first few nights before a full moon always left Remus Lupin feeling irritated, twitchy and energetic. His sexual libido hit the roof and shot to the sky, a mix of emotions tore through him, something he thought he would have been used to after being a Werewolf since an early age, but his body could never control these wild urges. The older he became, the worse the side effects.

He lay in bed, on his back with a thin sheet strewn over his naked form. It was already a warm Summer night which enhanced his already hot sweats and after pulling off his sleepwear, he felt the cotton bedding cling to his moisture.

Remus’ eyes fixed on the ceiling and even though it were dark, his vision begin to enhance as he picked out details of the pattern above.

You slept soundly, light adorable snores left you, which Remus likened to the tiniest slumbering mouse and you whimpered gently from your dreams. He smiled, turning his body toward you and pulled himself gently toward your form. You wore a T Shirt and a pair of panties, and as his fingers trailed the waist of your underwear he buried his nose into your hair, enhaling your sweet scent. You were his favourite smell, a treat to his now feral senses and he began to ache for you.

“Remus” you moaned gently, dreaming of him and he wondered what images filled your mind as you slept “please” your begs were enough to send him over the edge. Remus was suddenly jealous of the version of himself in your dream and he worried he was fulfilling your desires far better than the real Remus Lupin.

Tugging at your panties, he wanted to tear the fabric and remove them from your body, without realising his strength right now he had already completed that task with little effort so he pulled them from between your legs and screwed the panties up in his fist, keeping a tight grip on them, before pulling them to his nose, inhaling the sweet scent from your pussy.

You let out a small gasp, and Remus felt your flesh shiver beneath his touch. You changed position, rolling onto your back and your arms spread above you, fingers grasping unconsciously to the top of the pillow you lay your head on. His blue eyes scanned you, a flash of green sparked within his gleaming orbs as his feral vision took you in, his breath heavy, rasping with need. Remus’ fingers gripped at your hips, one hand slid between your legs and parted your thighs which pressed together. Even asleep you teased him so, making yourself so unavailable to him sometimes, which made him want you more.

Your eyes flickered open at his touch, the vision of his silhouette in the darkened room taking position between your legs as he parted your limbs with force aroused you instantly.

 “Remus” you exhaled, a flash of green from his eyes sparked in the darkness. His breath now heavy, a slow, panting rhythm fell from his lips and a hungry growl burned deep within his throat.

“My beautiful ____________” he grunted your name, his fingers parting your cunt, pulling your lips aside “Why do you do this to me?”

“Do what Remus?” You asked, fingers grasping hard on the pillows still. His free hand pushed up your T Shirt, freeing your tits, nipples already hardened, protruding from your flesh. You gave a soft squeal as Remus flickered his finger over your clitoris rapidly.

“Turn me on so fucking much” he burned, another animalistic growl roared from between his lips.

Remus, usually such a docile, sometimes timid and sensible man, who never usually believed in cursing, turned his personality before the Moon awoke the other side of him. The wolf in him desperate to get out, waiting for the exact cycle of the month to burst from the skin which cocooned it. You had fallen for Remus in his natural state, the kindest, most gentle man you had ever know, but you had to admit you enjoyed this wild side of him. Many times you had woken with him looming over you, his thick dick throbbing, twitching to be inside you, to feel your begging pussy and give you what you deserved.

“Hands and knees” he ordered, his voice deep and strong “Now!” he ordered with reassurance you would do as he commanded.

With a swift whimper and nod, your pulled yourself from around him, flipping yourself onto all fours. Remus grabbed your hair, pulling your head back as he practically roared his command “Scream for me, tonight…” he paused to take a breath “I want to devour you”

“Yes” you gasped with command.

Remus released your hair, and pushed your head down, into the pillow and leant weight on you. His fingers parted your lips once more, massaging your clit causing your hungry cunt to flood over his fingers.

It wasn’t long before he pushed his thick, hard length into you, his weight still on your head to keep you down and he fucked you. Harder than he had fucked you in a long time, he howled gently as he felt the surge of pleasure run through him. Remus growled once more, bearing his teeth viciously and snarls left him as he fucked you with vigour, his thrust became more forceful until his dick filled you entirely.

You felt yourself close, your cunt pulsated against Remus’ cock as he pushed into you and he grabbed your hair once more. His fingers entwined around your locks as he pulled you back up “Scream!” he roared “Scream my name my love!” his command both forceful and desperate equally. You were his, and only his. He needed to hear you cry his name, to know you felt the hunger for him, and he felt for you.

“Remus” you gasped, your cunt juice trickled down your leg, merging with his own flesh as you soaked his cock, across his balls and matting his thick hair.

“Louder!!!” he snarled, his fuck harder than it had been, slow, strong thrusts burst into you and he tugged your head back further, arching your back and his teeth met the flesh of your neck. Remus held his arm across your chest, his fingers pinched your nipple severely, rolling your flesh between his fingertips and he sunk his teeth into your flesh gently, still fucking you like his own possession.

“REMUS!” You cried, squealing his name. The mixture of pleasure and pain seared through you as you cried an orgasm “REMUS!!!” you shrieked once more, followed by a string of grunts and moans, spilling your remaining juice across his thick cock.

Remus grabbed your waist, slicking his cock from your cunt and hurled you onto your back. He straddled your head, pulling your mouth apart, dragging your lips at the side with his fingers and pushed his dick into your mouth. The meld of your tastes danced on your tongue and you struggled to see Remus in the dark as he fucked your mouth. His hands grabbed either side of your head as he rolled his hips into you, banging the tip of his dick into the back of your throat. Your chokes and struggled aroused you both further, your entire body still tingled from your orgasm and it wasn’t long before you felt Remus throb wildly between your lips.

 He grunted, panted and let out a whimper as he spurted his white cum inside your mouth, thrusting himself deep, allowing it to trickle down your throat “Taste me my love” he whispered, running his fingers through your hair as he emptied everything he possessed into you as you swallowed, marking you as his own.

For some reason I am really attached to the idea of Adrien making bad first impressions on people because of the association with Chloe? And then blowing them out of the water just by being his cinnamon roll self. So this idea jumped out at me as inspired by the scene in Origins where Adrien literally flings himself off his climbing wall like an idiot who has definitely done that before and will do it again.

Like imagine early on, maybe the second day of school before everyone has figured out what a sweetheart he is, they have gym class, and no one knew they had to explain to Adrien about wearing gym clothes so he’s wearing jeans and impractical footwear. And of course, he appologizes profusely to the teacher, saying he didn’t know there was gym today and didn’t bring anything to change into, completely unaware that Chloe uses this excuse all the time. So the class is collectively rolling their eyes, and the gym teacher is aggravated, because the last thing he needs is another rich brat thinking the rules don’t apply to them, so he decides to make an example.

He says today’s lesson is very important and so he’ll have to make due barefoot, and that he can even come up first and help show the rest of the class what they’re doing today. And Nino and Marinette, plus some of the more kindhearted students are all wincing on his behalf, while everyone else feels pretty vindictive about getting to watch Chloe’s friend embarrass himself.

Of course Adrien is an oblivious sweetheart and is just completely thrilled that not only does he not have to sit out his first ever gym class for being unprepared, he gets to go first! And so of course he beams and agrees enthusiastically, to which most people present become suspicious over what he has planned, while Nino and Marinette bemoan that their new friend is too good for this world.

As luck, and Narrative convenience, would have it, the first activity for that day is the Climbing Wall. (Their school is fucking fancy they would definitely have one) Everyone fears and loathes the Climbing Wall, because it’s difficult and terrifying, and there are no harnesses, just thick mats to break your fall. No one’s ever actually been injured on it, but there are plenty enough urban legends going around the school to convince the general student body that it’s a deathtrap.

There are collective looks of sympathy, because not even one of Chloe’s lackeys deserves the Climbing Wall (so dreaded that its name is always capitalized) on their first day in gym.

Adrien is understandably completely thrilled because he has one just like it at home and he is gonna rock this. Pun definitely intended.

The gym teacher explains the rules (start behind the red line, run when the whistle blows, go as fast as you can, timer stops after you’ve hit the roof and made it back down to the ground) Adrien is practically vibrating with excitement, Marinette thinks she’s about to die of second hand embarrassment, Nino is biting his nails, Chloe is trying to hide a smirk and no one knows why (she’s been to Adrien’s house, after all), and everyone else is sitting back, ready to watch Adrien fall all over himself.

The gym teacher blows his whistle and Adrien is off like a fucking shot, sprinting to the wall and then making his way up it just as quickly. His class is half certain that he is somehow part monkey, and Marinette and Nino have just enough time to share a relieved look before he taps the ceiling and then launches himself into open air.

Several people shriek in horror, but Adrien rolls expertly when he hits the mats, and comes up grinning, only a little out of breath, and asks what his time was.

There is a moment of silence before the gym teacher let’s out a terrified and furious screech of “AGRESTE!”

Adrien turns red with shame and guilt, and because he is a cinnamon roll to his core, completely misinterprets what he did wrong.

“Sorry! Is that not allowed? I should have thought- sorry.” He rubs the back of his head sheepishly “I can go back up and climb down again properly, if you want sorry.”

At this point he is under the inspection of the baffled stares of everyone in the room and the gym teacher is put in the position to explain that no, the problem wasn’t that that was cheating, it’s that you flung yourself into the air with no regard for life and limb and gave everyone a collective heart attack, and you are never going up on that thing again for all our sakes.

Which prompts Adrien to be like “Oh! But there were mats, I thought that’s what they were there for, plus they’re a much better target than my couch back home and I’ve only missed that twice.”

“You’ve done this before? With a couch? WHY?”

“Because the floor was lava. Uh, Sir.”

And that is how the entire class found out that Adrien Agreste is a precious sunbeam with no regard for his own safety who must be protected at all costs.

BioShock Builds: How to build your own desk-sized Pneumo Tube

Last year, we created a real-world vigor bottle based off one awesome fan’s suggestion. That inspired our resident sculptor and DIY-er, Jason Babler, to kick off 2017 with a new series – “BioShock Builds.” Every month, we’re spotlighting fan art, DIY crafts, recipes and all sorts of crazy fan builds inspired by the BioShock series.

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Summary: You and your boyfriend break up and you use Bucky to release your pent up frustrations. 

Warnings: Smut (including masturbation and penetration)

Word Count: Almost 3000

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged in any Bucky smuts in the future

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cornfield gothic aesthetic, because i fucking hate cornfields and i can’t escape, there is no escape, the corn, it grows;

  • dusty barns with half-rotted roofs and vines creeping up the side, JESUS SAVES and WILLSHIRE DIARY, JOHNSON & SON PRODUCE, EVERETT FARMS in peeling paint. flowers grow through the foundations and over rusted tools.  
  • the corn rising over your head and waving in unison, the shhss of stalks, the sound of things growing.  the cornfields ripple like water, and you don’t notice any wind. 
  • the feeling of relief when it’s the off season and you’ve planted soy instead.  soy only grows up to your shins; for once, you can see what’s out there. 
  • clumps of forest in the middle of seas of corn.  the woods are dark.  you never go anywhere without a flashlight.  
  • six ‘grandpa’s cheese barns’ between waterville and dayton; all six are run by the same old man who has too many teeth when he smiles. he is not your grandfather, and his cheeses taste like wine and hot metal.  
  • ponds and streams and lakes filled up with thick green mats of algae, dotted with shining horseflies, dragonflies, tadpoles the size of your thumbnail.  algae clings to the birds and to your ankles.  you pretend not to notice the smell. 
  • crosses made out of toothpicks and matches.  your great aunt leaves them under your pillow, and you keep finding them in the fields.  
  • that back half of trail you can’t convince your horse to go down.  the last time you tried she threw you, and when you woke up on the ground, arranged neatly on the very edge of the corn, you could swear that something was holding your hand. 
  • lights in the fields at three in the morning.  ancient songs.  strange patterns.  “just old man peterson gettin’ an early start on the harvest,” you tell yourself, and go back to sleep.  
  • corn mazes every october, colored flags, clues, your flashlight held tight in your fist.  during the day you run through the maze with all your friends, trying to memorize the best way in and out.  at night you fill your pockets with salt and walk through the maze slowly, eyes on the ground, careful not to piss anything off.  
  • HELL IS REAL signs every hundred miles going down i-75.  hell is real; mrs. bennett brews it in the still behind her shed and trades it for apples the size and color of fresh hearts.  
  • the emptiness after the harvest, when the corn is gone and you’ve burned everything and the earth is black and clean underneath your feet.  safe, you tell yourself, i am safe.  
  • there is something that walks behind the cornrows.  you give him your blood and your sweat and your reverence, and you do not look him in the eye.    
When We’re Human Again


Rating: K

Word Count: 2,900~

Summary: Based on @artsycrapfromsai‘s Beauty and the Beast AU. In which Ford becomes human again after years spent cursed as an enchanted journal, and Stanley and the kids realize happy endings are often a lot more complicated and messy than one might initially perceive.

The fading laughter was what let him know the onslaught had finally ended. Ford sensed the distant pelt of vibrations against the stone, moving towards the balcony, towards-


An insidious tendril of dread began to suffocate him as he realized his cursed form was wholly unable to come to his brother’s aid. And worst of all, the young man— Gideon, his name was?— abused him enough that his binding was starting to unravel at a dangerous rate.

Wild gales assaulted delicate parchment, threatening to cleave these pages from his trampled spine and leave him barren. He feared this wind was bitter enough to seep through even his brother’s thick fur, but as he didn’t possess the nerve endings required to differentiate temperature, there really was no way to tell.

Stanley mentioned playing in snow on the castle grounds with the children the other day, though, hadn’t he?

He lay sprawled on his back, trapped within his roving thoughts and functionally helpless without his brother or one of the young siblings to pick him up. The long years had chipped away at him, cruelly stripping bundles of parchment from his binding with each passing month— each page representing a portion of his memory. He’d already lost so much of his childhood and early life to this unstoppable decay. In fact, in his present state he found he barely recalled how he’d been cursed into this form to begin with.

What was it like, Ford wondered, to be human? To have strong limbs extending in every direction? The ability to contort and move his form by deliberate choice? What did it feel like to hold an ink quill and write manually for once? To consciously express emotion in more than simple text on page? Faintly, he thought he recalled a time when all of these actions and properties were overlooked mundanities— but he’d been imprisoned within this leather bound journal for so long that sometimes the thought of anything else but this existence faded into obscurity within seconds. And this frightened him.

I can’t even remember… what I once looked like, he realized in a pang of panic.

How much humanity did he have left to spend?

The few pages still bound fluttered endlessly in the wind, and he desperately struggled to keep ahold of them. He imagined his own thoughts appearing on pages in written word, frantic pleads for help, in the futile hope that continuing to mark his own parchment would somehow retain his connection with it. He felt another page tear away. Heard it as it cut through the air like a thin blade.

N-no… please…

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like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die

Tony is still furious at Steve over the events of Civil War. But when Steve gets kidnapped using Stark technology, Tony feels responsible and figures out a plan to save him - by getting kidnapped himself.

Tony had designed the restraint tech in a hurry, after he’d been told he had 24 hours to bring in Cap and his team. The design was a rush job, lacking override controls, not his finest work. When they’d fought, the ankle restraints had lasted all of about five seconds before they were smashed apart by Cap’s shield, and Tony hadn’t thought about them since.

He hadn’t thought about Rogers since then, either.

So he told himself.

Rogers had made his choice. He’d chosen himself and his nostalgia for the past over his team and a present which needed him. Over Tony.

And that was fine. It wasn’t as if Rogers owed him anything (for the house, the funding, the moral support, the fami… the team). And it wasn’t as if there was any way he could have got through the man’s goddamn stubbornness. Tony had tried arguing, he’d tried cajoling, he’d tried threatening and begging and compromising.

And he’d ended up alone, abandoned in a freezing bunker in Siberia, his chest caved in and pain blooming throughout his body as the light from the arc reactor faded. He’d been ready to die. Would have welcomed it, even. But no. His punishment was to keep living, with yet another scar ripped across his heart by someone he thought he could trust.

He didn’t care if Rogers was on the run or in hiding, and wasn’t inclined to use what little precious influence he had left to protect him any further. Rogers had made his bed, now he could lie in it.

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Animus [V]

{{ noun // strong dislike or enmity; hostile attitude; animosity }}

It was hatred at first sight.

Fluff. Demon AU. 3,031 words.

Catalyst Series: a collaboration with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi / Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

The first time you met Kim Taehyung was a complete accident.

Granted, the first meeting only lasted a few seconds, but his impression on you was deeply engraved in your mind.

To put it lightly, he was a grade A, certified asshole.

That day seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. You were successfully melding in with the rest of the mortals on earth with the use of a temporary black spell, hiding your ebony feathered wings from the rest of the world for a few hours. Strolling down the crowded streets, your heart quickened when you brushed against a hunter, feeling the slight bulge of a shiny, curved weapon hidden beneath his worn jacket. That scythe-like blade had reaped countless wings of your brothers, sisters, and natural enemies alike, robbing them of their immortality and good graces. Forcing yourself to breathe normally and stopping yourself from trembling in slight fear, you willed yourself to not break out into a run right then and there.

Millenniums ago, humans had revered the angels and feared the demons. But in present time, they had gotten smarter, more violent, more vicious, more dangerous. They crafted and wielded sharp weapons of the darkest metals encrypted with the deadliest of poisons and curses. They called themselves hunters, and although they were a small bunch out of the entire mortal population while the rest remained oblivious to immortals, they were deadly and multiplying fast.

You had only relished in a few minutes of freedom passing between the cracked buildings and lampposts under the guise of fairy lights and the strumming of nearby street performers when a sudden shout had you widening your eyes in fright and panic. A male demon who seemed to be around your age came barreling towards you, a wicked grin slithering across his face as he grabbed you by the arm and shoved you into the direction of an angry mob of hunters currently scattering the panicking crowd of people.

“Take her wings instead!” he screamed before breaking out into a sprint and disappearing around the corner.

That little fucker.

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anonymous asked:

My lover & I met at the gym we both work at. The other day I told him, let's do something crazy tonight! He was all for it lol. It was a rainy night. I was closing the gym. He met me at the gym after everyone left & I locked up. We were both excited but nervous of getting caught & losing our jobs. I laid out one of the thick tumbling mats in the yoga room & coved it with towels. This was the safest location since there's no windows to the outside. The room does have a wall of mirrors tho! Cont.

Sakhalin Island Sea Wolf

Region of origin: Sakhalin Island, Russia

A Russian island situated between its eastern shoreline and northern Japan, several unidentified animal corpses have washed ashore on Sakhalin Island over the years, most recently in the summer of 2015 when the “sea wolf” was discovered by Russian soldiers. So named because of the canine appearance of the skull, the remains were mostly skeletal save for what appeared to be a thick mat of fur and other rotting matter along its back. The body was removed by the soldiers and never positively identified. Despite its overall serpentine appearance, the remains seemed mammalian, hinting at the creature being a cetacean, most likely a juvenile orca or beluga.

Anonymous said:

 n.6 for the prompts for days thing? Btw your writing is GOALS!

Omg anon, thank you! I’m glad you like it and I hope you enjoy this!!!

6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.”

I’m ignoring the Volcano erupting. The Edge is fine. Everyone knows Hiccstrid is a thing.

“Let’s lay him down here.”

Astrid directed Fishlegs to put Hiccup down on the low bench. The young Viking lay still and unmoving. His eyes were closed. Blood matted his thick hair and trailed down towards his jaw, the deep crimson stark against his unnaturally pale skin.

The other riders trailed into the clubhouse slowly, coming to stand beside Astrid and Fishlegs.

He’d been knocked from Toothless while they had been herding a group of wild dragons away from the outpost. At first, it hadn’t seemed like a bad fall, but then Hiccup failed to get back up again, to brush himself off like he usually did and climb back onto Toothless.

Astrid had sent Stormfly diving down to check on him, scared to touch him as he lay there in the dirt.

She pressed a square of fabric to Hiccup’s head, watching anxiously as Fishlegs catalogued his injuries.

“You can’t die.” Snotlout was muttering. “Please don’t die.”

“I’m not going to die Snotlout.” Hiccup rasped, scrunching his eyes shut tighter against the pounding in his head. “But I’m touched that you care.”

Astrid let the tension seep out of her shoulders. Sarcasm meant Hiccup was going to be okay.

Tuffnut leant against his sister, his elbow propped up on her shoulder. “Hey Hic, if you die, can I have your hut?”

“Uh, if he dies, I believe Astrid, as his grieving widow, would receive all of Hiccup’s worldly possessions,” Ruffnut pointed out, ignoring Astrid’s eyeroll.

“Oh, of course dear sister.” Tuffnut slapped his palm against his forehead. “Actually-”

“What part of ‘I’m not going to die’ are you not hearing?” Hiccup muttered through clenched teeth. He felt Astrid squeeze his hand… at least, he hoped it was Astrid.

“Astrid, you won’t need your hut if you take Hiccup’s.” Tuffnut continued on anyway.

“Good thinking brother.” Ruffnut laughed.

“I guess that would be all of it.” Hiccup sighed. He lifted his hand to press it against his aching head.

“Okay, everyone out.” Astrid shooed Snotlout and the twins out of the clubhouse. She sat down beside her boyfriend as Fishlegs finished up.

Hiccup peered up at Astrid through squinted eyes. “What happened?” He asked.

“You don’t remember?” She glanced down at him in concern, carding her hand through his hair.

“You got lucky Hiccup,” Fishlegs informed his friends. “Bumps and bruises and a nasty concussion, but you’ll be okay.”

“You came off Toothless.” Astrid explained. “It looked like one of the straps on your harness snapped.” She helped Hiccup into a more upright position. He groaned at the movement, letting his eyes fall shut again.

“I knew it needed repairing,” he murmured, swallowing down his nausea. “But we’ve been so busy, I didn’t get the chance.”

“Well, it will have to wait now,” Astrid told him. “You’ll need to take it easy for a few days.”

“I think I can manage that.” Hiccup cracked one eye open. “At least until the room stops spinning.”

“You think you could make it back to your hut?” Astrid asked. “You’ll be more comfortable there.”

Hiccup considered it. “Will you come too?”

“Of course.” Astrid stood, helping Hiccup to his shaky feet. “Come on.”


I ate like a crazy person yesterday.
I pretty literally ate almost 1k calories in brownie and then went after some Cheez it’s and Naked popcorn. I blame hormones, lol.
But I count calories good or bad and it’s pretty interesting to see what I can pack away when I’m in one of those moods. And then today! Omg today I am loaded with stamina! I honestly could’ve just walked/ran/trotted forever, but kids and stuff. Still wish I made it to 50k steps, but I’ll get there!
Side note: You can eat like a crazy person every now and then and still lose weight. It’s just important to tighten back up and get back into your better eating habits right after.

Tonight I made my favorite go to meal since the kids went with grandma to dinner and Paul had to go to bed at 5:30pm. It’s nothing special I warn you, it’s just my giant salad with chicken. There is also tomato, celery, carrots, mozzarella, green snap peas, and I smash tortilla chips on top because I want the salty crunch sometimes. 🤗

Oh yeah! Bought a thick yoga mat the other day to get back in to that. It’s been… years. But my lower body is in great need of the flexibility!

Changing Wings

Cas One Week Writers Challenge: @deanwinchester-af @sis-tafics

Prompt: Not a Typical Sunday

Word Count 3123

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Tags: Soulmate AU - Kinda, I twisted it. You’ll see. Reader injury.

First of all, can I say wow. Thank you all so much for your support! It’s making my day to jump online and see all the likes and reblogs so thank you all so much!! Secondly thanks @deanwinchester-af and @sis-tafics ’ for running another prompt week. I’ve had an absolute blast, and can’t wait for the next one to roll around. Are we going with Sam or Crowley next time? ;P

Also, this one ran kinda long, and I forced myself to stop. If you want more/ a continuation lemme know? Thanks!

You groaned, raising your hand to your face. Letting it drop when you felt the warm trickle of blood hit your fingertips. You knew you were rusty, but not quite this bad. Sam’s face swimming in front of yours as he knelt beside you. Dean’s shoulder in your spine. Propping you up. You were aware Sam was trying to talk to you, but you couldn’t hear him. Unable to read his lips as he spoke. Your head swam, and your vision faded to black.

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Name: Otoroshi, Odoroshi, Keippai
Area of Origin: Japan

The Otoroshi is a yokai from Japanese Mythology. With a name possibly derived from the word, Osoroshii, meaning “scary” the Otoroshi are large hunched monsters covered in a thick matted mane of hair, with protruding tusks and large claws. Despite their name and grotesque appearance, they aren’t particularly dangerous unless provoked. The beasts sit upon the tops of Torii, the great gates at every shrine that separate the human world from that of the divine. They are said to be guardians of these shrines, and will crush and/or devour those that bring disrespect to an otherwise holy site and will eat intruders if they pass through. 

Cryptic ABCs: Capelobo

The Capelobo is a Brazilian cryptid. It is essentially a vampiric tapir creature with a very foul stench.

The Capelobo takes two main forms. The human form is a large human with an anteater head. In its animal form, he resembles a large tapir. Both forms are covered in thick, matted red fur. Both forms also carry large claws and large fangs. It has an unearthly scream that can be heard for miles.

The creature is known to be very aggressive, but not usually towards humans. Their main choice of prey seems to be goats and cats. However, humans unlucky enough to encounter the beast can be stunned by its horrid stench, which can cause dizziness and nausea for days. Temporary impotence has also been reported. If a human is unfortunate enough to be attacked by a Capelobo, they can expect to have their brains sucked out and their neck artery completely ripped out. Sometimes they will rip their prey apart using their massive claws and fangs.

The Capelobo has a few strange qualities unique to its kind. The first is an imperviousness to most forms of attack. It’s fur can act as an armor, repelling everything from spears to bullets. The other is the fact that the transformation can be willing. If an elderly or sick person chooses to spend the end of their life in the woods, they will turn into a Capelobo. The only way to kill the beast is to stab it in the eye.

One of the more notable sightings took place in March of 1937 after over 100 heads of cattle were slaughtered. The men of the village were going to hunt the creature down, but upon hearing it’s terrible scream from the forest, they decided it was best to back down.


a/n: smut was supposed to be endgame but it didn’t seem quite right so i removed it ,, don’t kill me and i hope this meets or exceeds the expectations of whoever requested it !

The plush material of Kendall’s comforter kisses your bruising feet, the pain subsiding significantly at the touch. The culprits are sitting haphazardly by the entryway, Louboutin‘s trademark red soles peeking at the bottom. Chantel’s drunken steps, made heavy by the alcohol, can be heard outside the bedroom door, her voice muffled by the phone she keeps pressing to her mouth, thinking the proximity will increase volume to her voice and aid her in the ongoing screaming match with her good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend.

“She’s so loud,” Hailey groans, reaching beneath you to grab two small embroidered pillows. “I can barely hear myself think!” Directing her words toward the door, she presses the pillows to her ears, the depiction of a spoiled child on the verge of a tantrum so spot on, she must have some practice under her belt.

Kendall, the sole one in the group who can somehow hold her liquor, despite her thinner frame, has her phone angled above her, head tilted to the side, lips jutting out. You thank the Gods above she’s far too inebriated to be selfless and include anyone else in her Snapchat stories, because though you haven’t glanced at your reflection since your departure from the club (that was a half hour ago), the thick strands of hair matted to your forehead and the heaviness of your eyelashes hint you’re in need of a touch-up. Pronto.

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Where there are cables….
There are endless possibilities 🍑 #BootyMaker #MandyCFit
I use the Bosu Ball, not for stability reasons, but for my knee. Depending on the weight, it can create quite a bit of pressure on the isolated leg and the last thing you want is to damage the joints. Let the muscles work 🍑 without compromising the joints 😉
You can do this same exercise in numerous ways. Using cables, as opposed from the smith machine etc, you are forced to control the movement upward more — not better, just different 😉
If you are using your own body weight or ankle weighs, there is no need for the bosu ball, just a thick yoga mat or something comparable 💪🏽 #MandyCFit #fittip #fitgirlvideos #wshhfitnes #fitandthick

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