thick chain necklace

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neck? (love the auburn by the way :) )

I dooo! I wear these two pretty much every day–

–so the one on the shorter chain is an image of the phase the moon was in on the day I was born. The longer chain is two pendants, one of them is a rose quartz point, and the other is a pentacle with all the phases of the moon around it, which my mother bought me when I was 12. I did also recently buy a necklace, I don’t have a picture of it, but it’s like this–

–just on a black cord. The pendant opens, and inside is a piece of lava rock, which is incredibly porous. So the idea is that you put a couple drops of a favourite perfume or essential oil on the rock, which will hold in the scent for ages, and then you just walk around in your own little scent cloud. Mine has peppermint oil on it at the moment.  :}

Careful... | Joker x Male Reader (Part 6)

Warnings: Gun Use, Sexual Content

Words: 1006

(Y/N) POV:

They started softly at first. Giving me a small amount of time to work through my head what was happening. I felt my cheeks tint pink as he pecked my lips over and over. I hooked one of my fingers around his thick, gold chain necklace and pulled him down to my eye level. I kissed him softly, but not for long. We both couldn’t be soft for long. Before I knew it, I had my hands gripped tightly on the front of his shirt as his pulled on my hair. It was all rough and passionate from there.

I opened the door to my room and we awkwardly staggered onto my bed. I knew where we were heading and I pulled his body onto mine. As rough kissed moved to dry humping, he pushed away.

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Make You Feel Good - Jungkook (Smut)

For ( @ibkp )

“Look Y/N, Jungkook isn’t a bad guy! Just go with him! It’s not as if he’d try to come on to you, he’s with me incase you forgot!” Your best friend said as she tried to persuade you to go on an overnight stay with her boyfriend, you had booked concert tickets around a year ago to see your favourite band with your best friend, but her family had to rush away to look after her grandmother for a few days so you had no one to go with you, until she persuaded her boyfriend to tag along with you. “It’s not that I think he’d try something, its that he physically hates me! He’s only going because he likes the band.” You moped to your friend, feeling sorry for yourself. “Stop complaining, at least you won’t be by yourself” She spoke on the phone to you, “Fine, but this won’t make me like him! Just so you know.” You replied, continuing to whinge and complain. “Yeah, Yeah… Anyway I said goodbye to him this morning before I left and told him to look after you. I’m not saying he was happy about it but never the less he promised me he would.” You groaned as you said your goodbyes, and beginning to pack your bag, You had been finished packing for around 10 minutes when you received a text from the man himself. ‘I’m picking you up in 20 minutes. You better be ready : |’ You rolled your eyes at how blunt his message was as you put your jacket on and tied your laces, walking down stairs and locking your door just as he showed up, tooting the horn in an ‘asshole’ manner, if there was such a thing. You hurriedly put your things in the boot before jumping into the car beside him. “Hey.” He spoke dryly, “Hi…How are you?” You spoke, trying to make a decent conversation with him, failing miserably when he responded “fine.” You scoffed at his attempt at discussions. The 4 hour drive to your hotel was anything but pleasurable, with only 4 or 5 lines of speech per every long hour. You hadn’t realised you fell asleep until you felt a harsh nudge on your arm, and an irritated Jungkook telling you to “Wake up.” You got out of the warmth of the car, and into the cold air of the out doors, shivering as you walked to the boot gathering your case.  You watched Jungkook in his full stance, wearing a pink bomber jacket, black jeans and timberland boots with a bag on his back and your small case beside him. “Here.” He said rolling the case over to you. “Thanks.” You spoke sarcastically as you followed behind him into the hotel. “I make a reservation for Jeon” He said to the nice lady the desk, being so much nicer to her than he ever has been to you.  “Of course, However sir I’m afraid the only room we had was a double bed, not two singles” The women said with a sorry expression on her face. “Thats okay. We’ll work it out” He said pleasantly to the women, who could only nod at him, handing him the room key. “Guess you’re on the couch” He smirked as he began walking to the room, “I am not sleeping on a couch” You defended “Awh yeah, guess you may have to sleep on the floor if there isn’t one” He said laughing slightly, you slapped the back of his head as he slid the keycard into the door and entered the room. Luckily there was a couch that you dumped your case on, sitting down where there was room. “I’m showering first” He said running into the bathroom. You got your outfit for tonight out of your case, and prepared for your shower. The bathroom door opened and out came Jungkook, in nothing but a white towel at his hips. You tried your best not to stare at his toned torso, before your eyes made there way to his V line, looking away quickly before you got caught. You grabbed your clothes and make up bag before walking into the bathroom and after a quick shower, making sure to shave your legs because you where wearing a dress. You blow dried your curled brown locks you began to apply your make up, a black smokey eye with a subtle contour and a pink lip. You put on a long sleeved grey dress that came to your mid thigh with a pair of thigh high black socks/stockings and a pair of black velvet thigh high boots, supporting it with a thick chunky chain necklace. You walked out of the bathroom to see Jungkook, his light blonde/brown hair covered with a red beanie. He wore a white shirt, black skinnies and burgundy timberland boots. You knew he looked handsome as hell, and he was aware of just how beautiful you looked, of course neither of you said any of these things as you ‘hated’ each other, so instead you intently worshiped one another appearances before you broke the silence saying, “Shall we go?” as you grabbed your phone and the tickets to place in your bag, He held the door opened for you whilst you exited, before following along behind you. You both began to loosen up around each other, however the dislike between the pair of you still prominent. The taxi to the concert went surprisingly well, he asked you about how long you’ve known your best friend and how you became friends in the first place. You where surprised he made effort to speak to you when he could have easily gave you the silent treatment. You handed him the ticket for entry into the building, it wasn’t a massive concert. More like a ‘friendly get together’ with around 150-170 people there. You found a spot to sit your things, turning your phone on silent. Jungkook walked up beside you “What would you like to drink?” He asked sweetly, you pondered your choices before responding to him “I’ll just have a bottle of soju please” You asked pleasantly, he simply nodded and walked off to the bar. You sat patiently waiting for him to return, however when he did he handed you a pinky red cocktail. “Whats this?” you asked confused as he sipped his beer. “A WooWoo, Y/F/N loves them! I thought you might too” He spoke encouraging you to drink the unfamiliar drink. You took a sip, tasting the sour yet sweet alcohol that flowed over your body. You weren’t much of a drinker but you enjoyed the drink, giving him an approving nod. Many people began to scream signalling that the band you had came to see was appearing on stage, both you and Jungkook walked over to the stage area, you began “Wooo!”-ing as they played their first set. It began to get later in the night and you’d had a few more drinks than you cared to admit, not completely drunk, but tipsy. You told Jungkook that you’d go to the bar whilst he was at the toilet, however when you got up there someone nudged you. Looking round you saw your ex-boyfriend. “Hey, Y/N how are you doing?” He asked you smugly, you attempted to ignore him until he roughly grabbed your arm and swung you round to him. “Ouch! I’m fine, leave me alone” You said trying to shuffle away from him, however he shuffled along beside you. “So, are you still a whore or have you calmed your act down since we broke up?” He asked you, feeling a dagger in your heart obviously a minor feeling for him still existing after everything he put you through. “I never was!” You defended, “Sure thing, you slutty piece of shit” He said smirking at you, after that you lost it. You grabbed your bag and stormed away, tears streaming down your face, you bumped into some one on the way out not even looking back to say sorry. You crouched down outside, crying your eyes out. After a few seconds you felt a reassuring hand rub your back. “Hey, whats wrong” the voice asked, straight away you could tell it was Jungkook. “He’s here” you cried into your arms. “Who’s here?” He asked confused at who could have got you in such a state. “M-my ex-boyfriend.” You cried, trying to speak with a lump in your throat. “Just ignore him!” He said as if the task was easy. “I can’t not after what he done to me” You whined, Jungkook not knowing your backstory was very confused “He used to call me a whore or a slut and abuse me for it” You cried, you felt Jungkook tense in anger, he did secretly care about you and he always had a soft spot for you, because he was your best friends boyfriend you where always strictly off limits. “Stand up” He spoke seriously. You did as he commanded, looking at him, your make up had ran down your face from the tears that had just fell. He latched his hands onto your waist, you placing your hands on his shoulder, confused as to what was going on. “Y/N, I know this might seem wrong but just for one night, let me show you how you should be treated. Let me take care of you, make you feel good.” He whispered sensually into your ear, you where vulnerable and over emotional because you had been drinking, maybe you needed this, so you nodded. He held you close in the taxi, before walking you up to the room you where both staying in. He brought you in and closed the door, pushing you up against it. “Jump” He whispered, you did as he asked. He held your thighs as he began kissing you, you wrapped your arms around his waist and kissed him back. He began to squeeze your ass ever so slightly, being gentle with you. The subtle feeling causing you to moan into his mouth. He slid a tongue over your lips asking for entrance which in time you granted, allowing him to taste your mouth as you did with his. He carried you over to the bed, softly laying you down as he throws his shirt away, as you slide your boots off. He crawls on top of you pulling at the hem of your dress and lifting it over your head, he admires your beautiful body as you do to his, “You are beautiful” He sighed as began to kiss you again, your hands began exploring his chest, then unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans. He slid them of in one swift movement, before moving his kiss from your lips to your jaw, he ran his hand from your rib cage all to way down to your heat. He then unclipped your black lacy bra, and threw it across the room beginning to kiss your neck nipping and sucking, then moving down to your chest, massaging one of your breasts and licking and biting the others nipple, earning yet another moan from your needy body. He made his way down to your women hood, spreading your legs. He began to kiss up your thighs, leaving a few minor bruises from where he sucked the skin for a little too long. He ran a finger along your soaked wet panties making you gasp. He smirked at the effect he had on you, as he removed the panties and threw them on the floor. He ran a finger across your entrance as you groaned, growing more needy for him as the time passed by. He slowly slid a finger into, as your head fell back onto the pillow. He began to slowly pump in and out of you and when he felt you loosen up he added another, the full time you where a moaning mess. He added the last finger he could fit before you became too tight around him, then he brought him thumb to your clit and curled his fingers into you, the intense pleasure caused you to have an untimely release “Ah Jungkook…”  you moaned out as he rode out your orgasm. Once you had release for his fingers it was time to clean you up with his tongue, his head disappeared between your legs then you felt his wet tongue, licking directly up your entrance to your completely drenched heat, he took his tongue and began curling into your heat, lapping up your release, it was amazing what this boy could do with his mouth, finishing up by sucking on your clit to receive another moan. “Are you on birth control or do we need protection?” He asked before he got himself ready, “I’m on birth control” You said. “Even better” He said smiling as he lined himself up at your entrance, slowly sliding into you. It was slightly painful at first as you’d never taken anyone as big as him. “Okay, you can move” You told him, with that command he began to slowly dive into you, you watched his beautiful body, rolling his hips into your wet core moaning his name over and over again. You felt him twitch around you, you where both close. He began to speed up, taking his thumb to your clit once more and causing a fantastic orgasm for both of you. You where so tired and emotional that after that you passed out, Jungkook soon falling asleep too. The next day was somewhat awkward, you had a casual conversation on the way home, whilst you contemplated what you did last night. You knew it was wrong but I’d never happen again. You made it back, and turns out your best friend had returned home late last night too so you headed to her house together. The door opened and Jungkook stepped into the house, he walked up to his girl friend and pulled her into a kiss, holding her tight. You felt a sense of jealously as she received the warmth that you did last night, your heart dropped when he gave you a serious glare as if to say “Don’t say a word” You felt crushed as you soon realised, you where in love with your best friends boyfriend…

BOSS TWEED - model: Erika Linder - photographer: Beau Grealey - fashion editor: Alison Edmond - hair: Maranda at the Wall Group - make-up: Darlene Jacobs - manicure: April Foreman - Marie Claire September 2015

  • Simone Rocha dress, pearl necklace - David Yurman thick chain necklace - Jacob & co. ring - Roger Vivier boots