thick brow

why is it that when a latina overfills their lips they are a “chola” but when white girls start to do it, its a trend?

how come a black person’s dreads automatically make them look like they smell like patchouli oil and weed and are branded dirty thugs, but when a white person does it, it’s boho chic, a style statement and representative of a love for nature?

why is it that so many little ethnic girls had to spend their childhood being called a monkey because of their thick eyebrows, but suddenly since white beauty made the switch from thin to thick brows, its what everybody wants now?

and when latinas draw on their eyebrows to make them look thinner, or when black girls relax their hair, or when asian girls pop in contacts and wear their eyeliner and false lashes, or when any WOC tries to change their look to conform to white beauty standards, they are still made fun of???? 

appearance and astrology
  • the traits we inherit is determined by our chart; the sun, moon, first house, dominant sign and most importantly dominant planet. this is a brief list of the archetypical features for each sign:
  • aries: strong brows, 'strong' bones but bones that don't show no matter their weight, naturally more muscles, fierce yet innocent looking, eyes that stand out, long eyelashes,
  • taurus: long eye lashes, eyes that stand out, 'unconventional' but classic, medium to thick hair
  • gemini: pointed features, button nose, freckles, clear eyes, thin to medium (thick) hair, 'small-ness' (e.g narrow shoulders), large forehead
  • cancer: large and water eyes, big eyelids, thick eyelashes, big teeth/smile, roundness of features
  • leo: clear eyes, thick eyelashes, thick hair and brows, stand out, appear strong but feminine (because of thick eyelashes etc),
  • virgo: pointed features, thin to medium (thick) hair, small features but large eyes in comparison, clear eyes, wide smile
  • libra: conventional, plain, symmetrical and proportionate features, medium thick hair, medium sized teeth
  • scorpio: strong bone structure, full cheeks, thick brows, large and watery eyes, big mouth and eyes in comparison to nose, square face
  • sagittarius: large eyes, long nose, long face, large teeth, thick hair, full cheeks, plumper lips than most, nose bump
  • capricorn: strong bone structure, bones that stand out even if chubby, high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, small features, flat forehead
  • aquarius: unconventional, asymmetrical, stand out, large forehead, features that's don't 'match' but complement each other, unusual lip shapes
  • pisces: large and water eyes, long eye lashes, round or triangular faces, full cheeks, long and 'triangular' shaped nose - often pointed downwards

Hello, daily reminder that hairy girls are beautiful. Those thick brows, that hair on your upper lip, your wispy leg hairs, armpit hair, forearm hair, hair on your belly or chest are all lovely. You don’t need to shave, pluck, or burn your hair off for society’s standards. You deserve to feel like a work of art in your normal state; casual, in sweats, or less. This goes doubly for trans women. I love you, you’re gorgeous, and I’m glad you’re alive.