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Gryffindor studyblr: Constantly pushing for the unique, different classes. Corrects other students, and teachers and text books. Thick rimmed glasses and alternative education. Bright colored stationary, everything is a different color. Organised chaos across desk, in backpack. Doodles and banners. Eats ‘non studyblr snacks’ and talks about studying with depression, running late after the bus the 'behind the aesthetic’. Pure discipline and energy. Posts 'my story’ and student discounts. Tries to tell whole family about studyblr and grades.

Hufflepuff studyblr: Tutors without giving answers, friends with teacher. Pictures done in morning light. Highlighters and mildliners have different uses and uses both. All types of paper for notes (graph, wide ruled, college ruled, blank). Encouraging crowded bujos. Sends asks, gives advice. Posts aesthetics. Makes sure people are absorbing information and not just taking it in. Writes in textbooks that 'edit’ history. Writes essays about how education needs to change and why dress code is useless. Aesthetic YouTube videos and doodles for notes. Banners.

Ravenclaw studyblr: Sits in class and ignores teacher in favor or reading something they seem more important. Takes bad grades as an insult. Seems like they aren’t trying to get A’s but secretly really are. Educates not necessarily in the school way. Coffee and water. Helps and gives advice to new studyblrs. Posts masterposts and advice with only a little aesthetic. Blue pens and black pens, very limited color coding but also strictly color coded. Posts resistance typography and constantly has to say 'Educate yourself!’. Feels like everyone should know the things they know without realising how smart they are.

Slytherin studyblr: feels trapped by bad education and mediocre class mates. Is either best friend’s or complete enemies with teacher. Reads advice and 'my story’ posts constantly. Writes risky essays questioning the system. Either top of the class or enemies with top of class. Cannot stand group work. Learns languages that they think will be helpful in life. Color codes everything: notes, aesthetics, planners. Can write in cursive and calligraphy. Constantly pushing to reach maximum potential: does yoga, drinks 9 cups of water, tries to sleep 8 hours- also fails at all these things because busy trying to change something.

Falling asleep on your brother Sam

You shut the thick book you’d been searching for hours. “You guys have any luck?” Sam stretched and Dean wiped his face, “Nothing. I’ll go get some more books.” You groan. It was already past midnight, you were exhausted.

Dean comes back with another stack of books and hands one to Sam. You stand up and move over to Sam who had already begun reading again and crawled into his lap. He chuckled, “What are you doing?” You shrug, “You’re more comfortable than the chair.”

You got settled in his lap and cuddled into chest. Sam’s arms wound their way around your small frame, one arm wrapped around you protectively the other holding his book. You plucked a book off Deans stack distastefully and began to read.

A couple hours later Sam noticed you hadn’t turned the page of your book recently and your body had gone limp against him, his arm the only thing holding you up. “Dude, she’s asleep,” Sam whispered. Dean laughed quietly, “She’s cute when she’s asleep.” Sam smirked.

After a while Sam said, “I should take her to bed.” He positioned you across his lap and scooped you up easily in his arms. You squirmed unhappily at being moved, Sam quickly shushed you and you settled back to sleep on his shoulder. He walked you to your room and laid you on your bed.

Your brother pulled up your covers to your chin like he used to when you were younger and kissed your forehead. He pushed your hair out of your face and took a second to simply admire the young women you were becoming. He smiled. “I love you, Y/n.”

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Lunch Break (Draco Imagine)

(A.N. Hello everybody! Its been awhile sorry I haven’t been posting lately I got really ill then I hade a couple of project/test for school. But since I get a week off of school I should be able to update! Anyways enough about me! This imagine is about how you procrastinate until the last minute to study your up coming O.W.L.S and Draco is being a little git and not letting you get any work done. Enjoy c:)

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I slumped over a thick dusty book feeling as if my brain was slowly pouring out of my ears. I sighed with frustration as I slammed the book shut and laid my head on the Cover, closing my eyes hopeful that it will make my headache go away.

O.W.L.S were just around the corner and I am fairly confident that I going to fucking fail every test.So me being a idiot and procrastinating until the very last moment to study, has me about to pull my H/C out.

I was silently scolding myself about being a dumbass when I was interrupted by a voice.

“Love, are you alright?”

“Yeah,I’m just fine.” I mumble sarcastically into the dusty book.

I heard a chuckle as I heard footsteps across the wooden floors of the library.Within seconds the chair next to me was occupied.

“You know Y/N if you didn’t wait until the last moment to start studying you wouldn’t have this problem.” Stated the smartass sitting next to me.

 I could literally hear the smirk in his voice.Half hating. Half loving that smirk I raise my head off the book to meet the blonde hair boy next to me.

“Draco, don’t you think I know that” I groan as I throw my head back.

Once again Draco chuckles and stands up.

“Why don’t you take a break and eat lunch with me. Today is Saturday we can go to Hogsmeade and get some lunch.” He says holding out his hand for me to take.

“Tempting. But I have to study.” I frown not taking Draco’s hand.

“Come on Y/N. You can study later.” He presses still holding out his hand.I frown and shake my head.

“Sorry Draco.”

I turn back to my book and open the dusty front cover.

I felt the chair next to me get occupied again and a pair of legs go on top of the table.

I turn to see Draco leaned back hands behind his head, eyes closed, and feet propped up on the table beside my pile of checked out library books.

I looked at Draco confused and asked,

“What are you doing?”

“Waiting for my girlfriend to finish studying so we can eat lunch together.”

He replied casually with his eyes closed.

“You can go have lunch without me I might be a while.”

Draco just shook his head smirking,

“I’ll wait.”

He motioned me away with his hand so I hesitantly went back to study.

~ ~ ~

I don’t know how much time has went by with my head in books trying to soak up all the knowledge from the books when I felt a cold hand go on my exposed skin between my skirt and knee sock.

I look down in my lap to see Draco’s hand on my thigh.

 I get my right hand and take his hand from my thigh and scowl him about how I’m trying to study.

“But Y/NNN *Insert Whining Draco* you’re taking forever.”

“Then go without me.”


I shake my head and go back to reading.

 A few minutes go by that feels like hours when once again Draco’s hand finds the exposed skin on my thigh.

I ignore him hoping he would move his hand.

“Y/N, do you love those books more than me?”

I turn to face him confused.

“Of course not.”

“Then come eat lunch with me.”

I don’t know what came over me but the stress and anger of me procrastinating just made me explode. 

So I stood up and slammed my hand on the table and turned to face Draco.

“I’m sorry, Okay? I told you you could go without me so you wouldn’t have to wait for me. I’m sorry I’m not a perfect girlfriend who never procrastinates and never has to study because they’re super smart. I’m sorry I’m not that. So you can just leave because I’ll never be that.”

 I whispered yelled. Draco didn’t say anything but only frowned. There a few moments of silence. Just us looking into each other eyes.

Draco then abruptly stood up and closed the book I was currently reading and gathered the other books and put them in my book bag.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

I questioned.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m putting my girlfriends stuff up for her so she can go take a break and relax.”

 Draco replied slinging my bag over his shoulder.

“ I wasn’t done.” I state crossing my arms over my chest.

“I never said you were Y/N. But you’re working yourself too hard.

”He took his pointer finger and lifted my chin for our eyes to meet.

“You’re the best girlfriend I could ever ask for and for you to say that you’re not is absolutely absurd. You’re smart and beautiful. Yes you may procrastinate time to time but that is what makes you you. I love you and only you.” 

Draco whispered looking deeply into my eyes.

We looked at each other for a few seconds and then Draco placed his lips against my soft pink ones.

My hands moved to his jawline and his moved to my waist.

“May I take you to lunch now?”

I giggle and replied,

 “Of course.”

Draco took my hand smiling as we made our way to Hogsmeade for a much needed lunch break.

(A.N. Okay I’m so sorry! There might be parts that repeat and some typos because of auto correct. I think I took care of the repetition in the imagine. But if you find some comment or message me please! Hope you have a good day!)
to be quietly devoured

so i wrote something for killing stalking

it’s not much but…ya know. 


Is it better though, when in the clutches of the devil’s claws, to try and outwit the monster or be quietly devoured?

He’d read that quote somewhere before, sometime ages ago, in a thick book whose characters had blurred together after hours spent crammed in a study carrel, eyes straining against the harsh fluorescent lighting. Who’d said it? Yoonbum wondered to himself, his hands chopping and slicing and sliding rounds of carrots into a stainless steel bowl on the kitchen counter. Some philosopher, probably, whose bones had turned to dust long ago.

Sangwoo had left ages ago. Three hours and fourteen minutes and, a glance to the clock, going on thirty-four seconds now. Thirty-five. Thirty-six.

His legs ached, a dull slow throb seeping into leaden limbs. He wondered if he’d ever walk again, and then decided, no, probably not, and it was better to stop thinking about the things he couldn’t have or the things he’d never do again.

Chop. Chop. Slice. Slide. The sharp scent of chives tickled at his nose, and his stomach growled in anticipation. Sangwoo hadn’t said when he’d be coming back, hadn’t thought to offer him the privilege of that information, but it would be presumptuous, foolish of him, even, to eat without the other man sitting next to him.

He’d rolled himself over to the sink and filled a pot with water before he heard the knocking. The pot overflowed, bubbles of cool water cascading against his bruised knuckles and the calluses on his palms. Stinging.

Sangwoo wouldn’t knock, he knew that much. Kings of the castles don’t bother with such trivial things.

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Sleepy Drawings

summary: Dan is drowning is textbooks, and he can’t help it that he falls asleep in the library. Phil, an art major, can’t help it that he draws the sleeping boy, and neither of them can help the relationship that blooms.

word count: 5.1k idek i thought this would be a lot shorter oops im not sorry

tw: i think none, unless you count voyeurism as one

genre: fluff and a lot of friggin smut

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I’m starting to feel like if I made a book out of my retail hell posts it would sell really well. xD

I mean, I wanna do that but I also wanna fictionalize it. 

Do you realize how thick this book would be?

So many. 

I have heard a lot of things regarding the study of the law. Professors would usually reiterate that it is not made for smart people, but for those who are passionate enough to waste four (or more) years succumbing into thick books and getting too dependent on caffeine. Upperclassmen would usually encourage and remind the lower years that it will never be easy, that you’ll just get used to it, and that the daily grind will be of second nature. Usually, you get uplifted from these people not only because you know how much it inspires you to work harder but because you know that finally there are people who get you.

In the past year that I have been studying law I realized that you don’t just need a good study habit or a reliable highlighter to get through law school, you also need people to support you and listen to you, a group who won’t judge you for staying up until 3am to read that super long case for a minor subject, someone who will totally understand why you need to buy that certain brand of highlighter and not make fun of you because you’re too “picky”.

Law school is already toxic, it’s like being sentenced to death every single time your professor shuffles the class card, and we don’t need more people telling us what we cannot do or must do.

Studying is hard, staying up late and waking up early is harder, and keeping up with your professors’ demands? The hardest.

To cut this short, you are not alone in this battle. If your non-law school friends cannot understand your “new shitty lifestyle”, don’t feel bad. You can’t force them to get it. Just remember that, you have your blockmates, law school barkada, law school orgmates or teammates, willing to hug you if you forgot your yellow highlighter or when you failed to buy a refill for your .5 pilot G-2 pen cause the only thing available is a .6.

Law school is a tough place where professors will eat you alive and where some overly competitive blockmates will roll their eyes at you when you misquote a Judge. But always remember, you don’t have to endure it on your own.