thick as thieves

Character Fan Art

This is my character fan art submission for the TaT ARC contest! This idea made me laugh an indecent amount when I thought of it. The crooked lines that you see are because I was snickering in an extremely un-ladylike fashion the entire time I was trying to draw this.


(It’s WHALEn as in: majestic sea creatures or WAILIN’ as in: I’m crying because Gen is a majestic land creature)

I am one of those people who’s art is probably the work of drunk adolescent squirrels. But I’ve always had this little picture in my head when I try to (gently) correct people’s pronunciation of MWT’s name. So I’m breaking my you’re-not-an-artist-stop-trying rule for my submission for the Thick As Thieves ARC contest.

Cause I just love these books and their author SO. FREAKIN. MUCH.

Irene and Eugenides.

My entry for Megan Whalen Turner’s ARC contest! To be honest, this was meant to much more fleshed out (I wanted to do full-body or at least waist-up… ha, pun!) but life is busy, so portraits it is.

…Okay, I’ll admit it. What really happened was that I meant to revisit some of my favorite passages from the series for inspiration, but I, uh, ended up re-reading all four books. Instead of drawing. Book 2 made me cry again as usual, so thanks for that. I don’t know how to put into words how much I adore this series - if I got started I think I’d end up writing an impromptu essay, so I’m just going to stop here and say that I’m so incredibly excited for the new book! Also, I’m so pleased that I get to show my art to the author and say, “Look at what I made because I love your books! So! Much!”

My entry for the Thick as Thieves ARC contest. I had actually planned this one out a while ago but the contest gave me the push to actually start it. I’m probably going to redo it again later but this is the start. I wanted it to have some symbolism of Gen and Irene’s relationship, but I’m not sure how well that came across. It was fun though!

Important Queen’s Thief PSA, please share if you can!

I wanted to give everyone a quick warning to please be very careful of tumblr searching either Thick As Thieves or thickasthives. That’s apparently a porn/porn-ish tag for some reason? So, please be aware that this user found out the hard way that searching either one of those will bring up a lot of, umm, questionable photos of women on your screen. 

I’m going to go back and re-tag all of my Thick As Thieves posts (including ARC contest posts) as #thequeen’sthiefbook5 in addition to all of the other tags. I’ll probably keep doing that until our fandom takes over the tag. 

Just wanted to let you all know! I’d really appreciate it if you could lend a hand in spreading this info. Thank you! - Queens


Thick As Thieves for BBC Radio 6 Lauren Laverne session (7 December 2009) - Tom performed the song on his own as Serge was ill that day.


Attolia and Eddis from the Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner. for the ARC contest!! gotta send the email in the morning…now I sleep

I tried to get something semi-realistic for the longest time but cartooning is the way to go for me…drawing royal-looking clothing is so hard!

(Also the colors looked good on my computer but look funky on my phone… Hope they are alright)

This is my Landscape Art for the ARC

I used paint because I own no art supplies, and it was hard without a stylus. It’s an Eddisan mountain with a temple at the top, and the heavens are shining down on it. I included silver trees at the bottom of the mountain, because that’s what this series always makes me think of.  And this is a relatively treeless mountain even though I know there’s a lot of greenery there, but this is far away and has a purple haze. It’s very rocky, though. 

Landscape Fan Art

As my fourth and final entry, I present and attempt to sketch the Irkes Forest in the country of Eddis. (aka Queens still is trying very much to learn how to art and doesn’t get how perspective works) 

Attolia uncharacteristically said the first thing that came to mind. “He sharpens his beard into points like a fork,” she said of her ambassador, “and uses cheap hair oil.”

“Well that is certainly frank on your part,” said Eddis, laughing. “I had thought you were fond of him.”

“So did he,” Attolia said dryly. 

Queen of Attolia by @meganwhalenturner

My entry for Thick as Thieves. I thought about using one my old art but I love drawing Attolia and Eddis and friendships so.

“‘My Queen,’ said Xanthe, ‘you are Eddia.”

Helen shook her head, still sorting through her newly returned memories. Knowing the consternation it would cause, and knowing she would overcome it, she said, ‘No, I am Eddis. The gods have told me so.’”

-Eddis by Megan Whalen Turner

A quick sketch I did of Helen for the Thick as Thieves ARC contest!

Why I should have a Thick as Thieves ARC:

This option reads like one of those essay question or story prompts from third grade. I always answered those with “I don’t know”. My mom was less than thrilled with that response.

My love of reading was inherited from both my parents, but my mom especially nurtured that gift by teaching us to read, reading aloud to us, and driving us back and forth to the library multiple times a week. On one of those trips, as a mid-teen, I picked up The Thief after hearing some friends online talk about it. After I finished it, I devoured The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia. I loved them; they changed how I thought about unreliable narrations, plot twists and reveals, and how to tell a story. I passed on the recommendation to my friends and sisters. I didn’t think to recommend them to my mom for some reason, but after a few years of hearing me and my sisters discuss them, she picked them up. It was one of the first times I introduced my mom to a book, and she enjoyed them a lot.

Since then, my mom has continued to encourage our love of reading and the Queen’s Thief books by pre-ordering A Conspiracy of Kings as soon as it had an entry on Amazon (and Thick as Thieves, I believe) and picking up spare copies of the books when she runs across them at booksales and secondhand stores.

So, I could go on about how long I’ve been waiting for the book and what it would mean to get an ARC, but I’d much rather “ask” for an ARC so I could pass it on to my mom with my thanks.

The lovely Attolians

My god. My god. I am trying so hard to contain my excitement. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time last night, I was innocently scrolling through my dash when I saw these words: “Thick as Thieves.” IT’S THE FIFTH BOOK. THE FIFTH BOOK, YOU GUYS. MY HEART STOPPED LAST NIGHT. I HAVE DIED AND AM NOW REBORN. MY GOD.