Thiazi stops the Æsir from boiling food. 

From 18th century Icelandic manuscript of the Prose Edda.

“According to Skáldskaparmál, the gods Odin, Loki and Hœnir set out one day on a journey, traveling through mountains and wilderness until they were in need of food. In a valley they saw a herd of oxen, and they took one of the oxen and set it in an earth oven, but after a while they found that it would not cook. As they were trying to determine the reason for this, they heard someone talking in the oak tree above them, saying that he himself was the one responsible for the oven not cooking. They looked up and saw that it was Þjazi in the form of a great eagle, and he told them that if they would let him eat from the ox, then he would make the oven cook. To this they agreed, so he came down from the tree and began devouring a large portion of the meal. He ate so much of it that Loki became angry, grabbed his long staff and attempted to strike him, but the weapon stuck fast to Þjazi’s body and he took flight, carrying Loki up with him….”

In traditional Nordic witchcraft a ‘Thor’s Hammer’ or ‘Thunderbolt’ usually referred to an ancient stone hammer-ax. However, it could also be manufactured, as the picture above and the passage below indicates:

“If a man owns a ‘Thor’s Hammer’, he will know who it is who has robbed him if he loses anything. To make this hammer, one must have copper from a church bell, three times stolen. The hammer must be hardened in human blood on a Whitsunday between the reading of the Epistle and the Gospel. A spike must also be forged out of the same material as the hammer, and this spike one must jab against the head of the hammer, saying: ‘I drive this in the eye of the Father of War, I drive this in the eye of Thor of the Æsir.’ The thief will then feel pain in his eyes; if he does not return the stolen good, the procedure is repeated and then the thief will lose one eye; but should it prove necessary to repeat it a third time, he will lose the other eye too.

Another method is for a man to steal a copper bell from a church between the Epistle and the Gospel, and make a hammer from it. When he wants to know who the thief is, he must take a sheet of paper and draw a man’s yes on it, or, better still, a whole face with two eyes, using his own blood, and on the reverse of the sheet draw a suitable magic sign. Next, he must take a steel spike and set one end of it on the eye and strike the other end with the Thor’s Hammer, saying ‘I am giving eye-ache to the man who robbed me’, or ‘I am knocking out the eye of the man who robbed me’. Then the thief will lose one eye, or both, if he does not give himself up first.”

There is scattered lore that further study and speculation might be able to string into something more coherent or sensible. Is there a connection between sorcerous practices involving spear-like objects and hammers, idols of Thor having iron nails driven into them, the North Star being considered a ‘nail’ at the centre of the progress of Thor’s ‘wain,’ Þjazi eyes being set as stars, Thor and Odin appearing together in medieval spells, etc.?

Quote source: Simpson, Jaqueline. (1972). Icelandic Folktales and Legends. London, UK.

Picture source: Smith, Christopher Alan. (2015). Icelandic Magic: Aims, Tools and Techniques of the Icelandic Sorcerers. London, UK: Avalonia.

Overlooked archetypes?

Having been drawn to or, if I weren’t afraid of being presumptuous, drawn by Skadi of late, I’ve had an epiphany or upg if you prefer.  We can disagree on hard-core vs soft-core beliefs, but there’s value in them either way.

And Skadi has proven it.  Whether you view Her as Entity or Archetype, there’s value, value in the whole idea that avenge is a totally different concept than revenge, aside from one being a verb and the other a noun.  With revenge the focus is on striking out in anger; with avenge the focus is on honoring the victim.  

Or at least that’s what Skadi has taught me, or, if you prefer, the lesson of the story of Skadi.  Either way there’s value.

The Marriage of Njord and Skadi.

Beyond the girdle of flint-grey water and the loveless lava flows, beyond the burning blue crevasses, lay Thrymheim, the storm-home of Skadi and her father Thiazi. It was a wonder that the hall withstood the charges of the wind and the batteries of hail.

Thiazi was not there; he had gone in pursuit of his prisoner Idun, the goddess who had escaped him. Skadi waited for them to return and, as the sun slipped over the horizon, the sky in the west seemed to catch fire and blazed.

The white night dallied and yielded; another dawdling day passed and still Thiazi and his captive did not come back. Then Skadi was alarmed and thought the gods must have ambushed him; even as she waited, she knew in her heart that she would never see her father again.

Skadi’s pale eyes gleamed. She grew cold with anger, then icy with fury. She swore vengeance on his murderers.

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