We went down to Cairns and went rollerskating. We went with Thiango and Cosi and Rafael and Julien. It was lots of fun.

We had fish and chips lunch together then Laxmi stayed to play with Cosmo while we went out shopping.

We came back for dinner before we all went to CoCA to see Cargo Club. The two performers from Indonesia were in it. There were lots of different languages being spoken. Parts of the show reminded us of the book we are reading: Captain Cook’s Apprentice.


Indy was talking about how cool a scary game kids at his school played is. Varsha got it on her iPad. It was so scary the kids all squealed when they played it. Varsha and Stella decided to make the characters from the game out of cardboard.

Laxmi went down to Kerrima for a play then Thiango and Cosi came over for a play at our house. There was lots of drawing and a game of sardines, Skylanders, hand stand practice and dressing up.


It was Mama Cat’s birthday today. Varsha and Stella and Thiango worked on the fairy house and garden together. Cosmo and Laxmi played Skylanders Multiplayers with the portal. John and Nic and Indi went and got the kiln. We made a cake and took it down to Kerrima and sang happy birthday. There was another big play down there.