James Rodriguez Imagine

 It was a late night and you were waiting for your boyfriend to come home from interviews. It made you sad that he never spent any time with you anymore. You loved him more than anything; he was your world, but it seemed as if he was never with you anymore. You decided to take a shower and go to sleep considering that you were just tired and sad. Tears rolled down your cheeks as you started thinking about everything; your relationship, your career, and your education. Your eye lids became heavy and you were drifting off to sleep when all of a sudden you hear a door closing. It must be James.  You think to yourself, you wipe your cheeks so he doesn’t noticed the tear stains. You pray that your face isn’t red anymore because you don’t want James to worry about you.

“Princess where are you?" You heard James’ voice echo through the house.

"Here…in our room.”  You reply and all of a sudden you see James walking towards you. He sits on your bed and engulfs you in a hug.

“I missed you so much baby.” James said into your hair while rubbing your back.

“I missed you too…more than anything." You whisper. James pulls away from your hug and stares into your eyes.

You okay? babe…you seem…sad.“ James questioned starring into your eyes.

Yeah I’m fine.“ You reply forcing a smile.

Stop lying…I know there’s something bothering you.“ James replies while playing with your fingers.

I don’t know…I just feel so alone sometimes. I feel like we’re growing distance because you’re never here. I feel like we never spend time together anymore…and I love you…you’re my everything. I don’t want to lose you" You say while not making eye contact. James lifts your chin up and stares into your eyes.

“Princess…baby, I love you more than anything; I’m so sorry I never meant to make you feel like that. I’d take a bullet for you. It breaks my heart to see you like this. If you ever need me here or want to talk please tell me. I don’t want you to feel that we’re growing distant because just the thought of losing you makes me want to cry, because I can’t afford to lose you, you’re my everything." James replies while giving you a tight hug, his words made you melt and in that instant you know you guys weren’t going to breakup anytime soon


Hello everyone! Since the world cup is unfortunately over I’m sure a couple of new fans are joining our fandom, I decided to gather together a list of Bayern blogs, this is not a personal follow forever or such, the blogs that are incluided here are because they reblog, post, edit, gif about Bayern Munich (along with other content) so if you are looking for new blogs to keep updated about the upcoming season, you should take a look of this ones! (Im sorry if anyone is left out I did my best by searching however this list can get bigger, so dont hesitate to message me to add you, some of this blogs might already changed their urls back) 


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Hey guys! It’s world cup and I’ve decided to make a follow forever. Everyone in here is very special for me and thanks for everything.

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I’m very sorry if I forgot someone. Thank you very much for EVERYTHING. 


Hello hello here we go!! First of all I just really want to praise everyone who can put up with my daily amount of shit ( that isn’t easy btw) and thanks every single one of you cuties that follows me, you guys have been amazing for me for so long and gladly I’ve made such amazing friends, but certainly everybody have a place on my heart. And finally I just want to thank to the amazing people who makes my dash a better place (bolded ones are my cuties)

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