PEPSI: oOOoh! the big bad scary vampires are going to drink you all~ up!

PICKLE: y-y’know what! i’ve changed my mind! i’m going home!!!!!!!

SONG: hehe, you know you shouldn’t tease him like that, Pep. i’ll make sure Pickle gets home safe and you don’t stay out too long, okay?

PEPSI: yes mum, i just wanted to explore a bit anyway…

Each house as: a fairytale
  • Gryffindor: Hop-o'-My-Thumb – nice stroll outside with ur bros :))) fun times
  • Hufflepuff: Beauty and the Beast – "I will love u no matter how much facial fur"
  • Ravenclaw: Alice in Wonderland – first of all it IS a fairy tale so hum yeah pretty much. Also why is a raven like a wwriting desk ?
  • Slytherin: The Snow Queen – bitch ain’t gonna touch my pal *hisses*