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Poor Hanji is always depicted by the fandom as having bad hygiene lmao. why is it so easy to imagine it being true tho like how do u feel about this

well we get quite a few hints that hange doesn’t really exercise much care over her hygiene; in isayama’s original character notes for the animation team he pointed out that hange’s hair is messy, tangled and greasy/oily from lack of being washed. 

and in her character interview and in levi’s character interview they both mention that hange gets so dirty sometimes that levi coordinates these bathing/water attacks on her with her subordinates.

and her room was described (by isayama or in a character interview, I cant recall) as being full of books and dust. 

it just kind of fits hange as well; she gets so wrapped in her research and experiments that cleanliness and self-care becomes a much lower priority. so she has moblit and levi to keep that shit from getting too out of hand.  

This dressing is so … Minimalist … 😂😂


“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

Walk walk fashion baby …

I’m going to bed, I said. I’ll just fix something real quick, I said. An hour later here I am. Moving and considering my various goalposts in terms of what and how much I want to invest energy-wise into this new mini-book endeavour while I work. After much thought in evaluating my processes for material like these reinterpretations, “polished” is not what I want for this “proof of concept” idea. Refined sketches are more appropriate than what I had originally been considering, which were full-investment pieces that would ultimately take weeks to finish with my current schedule. That’s really not a worth-while investment of my time - for a follow-up books, yes, but not this. I would like to see this belted out and sent off to the Shutterfly printer before mid-May; a decrease on the quality bar to meet that isn’t really going to hurt something so simple.

Anyways, a WIP of Kabuterimon! Minus armour. Foot’s broke, I’ll fix it in the morning. Not really “pushing” on these designs as much as I otherwise would, since I want this done and out the door with as much expedience as possible. I’ll give Kabuterimon some legit attention after the mini-book is done. Not having much fun with Tentomon on the opposite page though, not much I’ve tried thus far has been working particularly well. May or may not be because I’m not expressly fond of Tentomon’s design in comparison to the Digivolutions.

I promise to not flood you lot with WIPs of this book. This should be the last for a while.


But I can feel these spoilers
Should I sit through it all? Or should I leave now?
There might be a plot twist
[ ]

AU where Levi can see people’s future if he touches their hands. Levi’s power can’t let him see his own future, so since he and Eren’s fates are intertwined, he only see bits and pieces when they hold hands. Though his visions don’t forbode well, he can’t help but hope a little. (Oh god ;w; sorry, some angsty idea that I will never write; came up while i was doodling and listening to music)