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u know.... Julia deserves all the love because no. 1 wow her art damn but that's not the point;)))) and no 2. she's so kind and a good person n she might deny this but,,,,,,,, she puts effort into answering all our asks every day and whenever you need advice or just need to vent she'll listen and give you good advice and comfort you and she just is a good in th world....

thi- tjhsi is too kind .. i m coughing up bloo d… 

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Conflicted – Sherlock made the message clear he did not desire to go anywhere else, he had been roaming around all day and the prior without a break that was willingly to allow him a spot. He simply wanted a lazy day – rare was it was for him to succumb if not a day off entirely in its proper term. Via his perspective, the other was practically bullying him by not considering on getting him something irregardless he forced himself to tag along or insisted to linger behind still. Nor did it seem trying to change his mind of his decision would help him in the slightest, he knew how stubborn Nahyuta can be with him. It’d truly be a waste of time on both their parts.  Even if I happen to ask you to get it in my stead for I do not wish to get up, it’d clarify as an invalid request – ? Uttering the question to make it clear for his understanding – meanie. Shortly, he groaned while stirring in his position. At first glimpse, there was no winning, the other went to the thought he could do it himself later time when he actually felt like relocating himself.  I’m deadCan’t you spare me and bring a caramel bar for me? ❜ 


Leo Fitz + Talking about Simmons

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i know thi is some 1st world problem type shit, but it super annoys me when i see those cool superhero t-shirt & Hoodies on the kids section, like MOTHERFUCKER I WANT ONE OF THOSE! make them on XL, like that dumb hoodie Jon wears as his superboy costume, i want one :(

I’d kill, KILL for that hoodie, oh how great, to have Jon’s zip up sweater (I don’t think it’s a hoodie, no hood) with a detachable cape! oooooh that’d be so good! 

Any Other Name (47): Smoke

God,” Shizuo groans as he takes the lead into Izaya’s apartment, barely pausing to kick his shoes off inside the door. “That was awful.”

“It was not,” Izaya says to his shoulders as he follows somewhat more sedately and lets the door swing shut behind him. “I know glaring must be physically taxing but surely you can handle a few hours of looking intimidating.”

“It wasn’t what I was doing,” Shizuo tells him, pacing across the floor of the apartment as if he’s trying to work off a full day’s worth of nervous energy instead of that pent up over the few hours of negotiation from which they have just returned. “They all looked like they were ready to pull a knife on you at a moment’s notice.”

“They did,” Izaya agrees. He braces himself against the wall one-handed, toing his shoes off with more care than Shizuo showed to his own; when he moves forward it’s more slowly, too, so by the time he’s made it to the edge of the couch Shizuo’s walked the distance to the far bookshelf and had pivoted to start his journey back. “They might have if things had gone differently.”

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 worldbuilding | no.4/x

I may not love to see our glory!
But I will gladly join the fight!
And when our children tell our story…
They’ll tell the story of tonight.

‘The Story of Tonight’, Hamilton (2015)

November 1973

“You don’t have to do this, Erik.”

Erik couldn’t help but sigh, a touch too fond perhaps, rolling up his left sleeve.

“That’s…I don’t even know how many times you’ve told me that,” he said. He nodded to Hank as he sat down, though Beast kept eyeing them warily even as he cracked open the film canister.

“Erik, look at me.” Charles wheeled himself to the spot in front of him, tugging gently at his face. “Once you do this it cannot be undone. You don’t owe the world a thi—actually, you do, quite a few things in fact, but not this—”

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warning! the end is almost too adorable for this world