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Perfect Gentleman (Joshua scenario)

Joshua pretending to be innocent but being the devil himself when you two are alone. Requested by @kpopadmin

Sorry it took me so long! I’ll post the other requests soon.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Joshua/ Reader

As it was tradition, you spent every Friday night watching movies with your favorite dorks. Being Joshua’s girlfriend, you saw the boys very often and they all considered you part of the family, always looking after you and babying you, specially Dino who saw in your and Joshua’s perfect relationship what he wanted for himself in a couple of years (fifteen years, Jeonghan would correct him).

You two were just so perfect for each other. You were smart, beautiful and a supportive girlfriend. Joshua, on the other hand was a perfect gentleman…or so everyone thought.

You couldn’t stop smiling at the way your boyfriend interlocked his fingers with yours. You looked at his beautiful features before turning your attention back to the movie when, completely out of context, they showed a very explicit scene.

Half of the group panicked while the other half couldn’t stop laughing and making jokes.

“JUST TURN IT OFF!” Seungkwan yelled over the loud moans coming from the screen.

“I’M TRYING!” claimed a very desperate S.coups.

“STOP LOOKING, DINO” said Jeonghan trying to cover the maknae’s eyes.

“Hyung , c’mon. I’m an adult” replied Dino but didn’t try to fight it, knowing it would be pointless.

“Pff…. We should show them how it’s done, don’t you think?” you said only loud enough for Joshua to hear but the room went suddenly quiet. All eyes were on you, the couple on the T.V. long forgotten.

“Wait a minute, surely that doesn’t mean…. That you two already… “mumbled DK only to be interrupted by Jeonghan’s fake gasp and Seungkwan’s real one.

“I knew it!” Jun said, turning to Minghao who murmured something in Chinese before handing him money.

Everyone started asking Joshua questions but he only sighed, looked and you and said:

“That was a very inappropriate comment, Y/N. Please refrain from saying things like that” then he turned to the others with a stern look. “I’m not answering private questions, guys. Please respect my girlfriend and our relationship.”

Most of them stopped immediately, apologizing in case they had offended you and the ones who continued making comments were soon told off by S.coups. You couldn’t stop blushing during the rest of the night, feeling Joshua’s intense stare on you.

Everyone seemed to forget about what happened after a week (or maybe they didn’t bring it up again because they didn’t want to get yelled at by the dad of the group). The boys were waiting to go onstage and you were talking to Mingyu, complimenting his outfit. That’s when Joshua came in and told the group that they needed to go get their makeup done.

“All of us?” asked Wonwoo.

“Yeah, apparently we don’t have much time” Answered Joshua.

“Did you get yours done already?” asked Vernon.

“Yes, so I’ll just stay here cuddling and telling my girlfriend how much I love h-“ Joshua started being interrupted by Minghao’s “EEEEEWWWWW” and Chan’s “That’s so cool, hyung” before they all left.

You laughed at their reactions but your smile vanished as the door closed and you were left alone with Joshua, his darkened eyes scanning your body. You already knew that look and this was certainly the worst place and moment to give you that look.

“Jisoo, we are-hhmmf” instead of wasting the little time you had, he attached his lips attached to yours, his hands wandering all over your body. “Jisoo, wait a second” you said looking at the door nervously.

“I can’t wait. I need you. Now” he said against the skin of your neck, his arms holding your waist forcefully.

“You’re going onstage soon” you reminded him but you were already giving up. His lips and tongue on your skin felt too good.

“We’ll have to be quick then” he said huskily next to your ear, sending shivers down your spine as you heard his jeans being unzipped. He took your hand and guided it to his clothed member. You blushed and looked at him with uncertainty. His hazed eyes, wet lips, heavy breathing and hard length were too much for you to resist… but you didn’t want the others to see you doing something that intimate. Even though you tended to crack up some dirty jokes, you were very shy…. Unlike Joshua, who most of the time just pretended to be a saint.

“Just… let me lock the door, ok?” you mumbled quietly.

“Oh, but why?” he asked stroking one of your breasts over your clothes while his other hand grabbed your ass.

“Jisoo…” was the only thing you could say, biting your lip and trying to look away when you felt a sharp pain on your butt. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your mouth.

“Answer me, princess. Why should we lock the door?” he asked rubbing the cheek he had just spanked, his voice low and teasing.

“…Because the others could see…” you replied while he pulled your pants down just enough to display your clothed sex and thighs.

“See what?” he asked pressing his hard on covered by his boxers against your wetness. You moaned as he pressed harder, releasing a shaky sigh and dry humping you.

“ U-us…” you managed to say moaning at the way his cock moved against you, making your legs tremble.

“But they see us all the time, princess. They see us holding hands, talking, eating. What’s the problem?” he faked innocence, pulling his boxers down to release his cock, which hit his stomach and bobbed up and down a couple of times. He stroked it and pulled your panties down too, running his finger through your slit.  

You glared at him but you knew how much of a tease he was and that he wouldn’t just drop it.

“They’ll s-see us doing this” you said through gritted teeth.

“Doing. What.” he asked again rubbing the tip of his cock against your clit, leaving a trail of precum. You moaned louder feeling a wave of pleasure but couldn’t say anything coherent.

“Are they going to see you getting fucked, princess?” he asked holding your hips and grinding hard. You could only nod. He seemed to get that you were in no condition to speak and he didn’t have much time left so he went back to kissing you and moving his pelvis against yours moaning heavenly. You whined when his lips suddenly left yours and he turned you around. You managed to press your hands against something to avoid losing your balance…. Was it glass? When you opened your eyes you saw your own reflection. A mirror. You saw Joshua’s eyes looking at you through the mirror, the tip of his cock pushing against your entrance.

“W-we really should lock the d-do-aah” you tried one last time but he slid his cock deep in you, his grip on your hips pulling you closer.

“I thought you wanted to show them how it’s done” he teased you, trying to push his length impossibly deeper while you moaned even louder. “Don’t you want to put on a good show for them?” he asked before pulling almost all the way out and slamming into you again. You whimpered and closed your eyes when he started fucking you fast and hard as you both knew you didn’t have time to waste. “Open your eyes” he commanded and you did just that finding the hottest view ever: his mouth slightly open, his eyebrows furrowed and sweat on his forehead.

“Who is fucking you good, Y/N?” he asked.

“Y-you” you sobbed, feeling your orgasm building up.

“I can’t hear you, princess. Who. Is. Making you. Feel. This good?” he asked marking every word with a sharp thrust.

“YOU-Only you make m-me ooh… f-feel like thi-aaAAH!” you managed to say before he fucked you so hard and fast you would have fallen if he hadn’t been holding your hips, his eyes rolling back in pleasure, both of you moaning loudly, forgetting completely where you were.

“J-Jisoo! I’m almost-“ your words were followed by a silent scream as you felt your orgasm taking over your body, your boyfriend cumming inside of you while breathing heavily at the same time you heard someone else’s voice.

“I’m telling you I’m not wearing this shirt. It makes me look like a-aaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Seungkwan from the door looking at you two before closing it quickly again.

“WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED?” asked S.coups from the other side of the door.


You two looked at each other and Joshua quickly pulled out but your legs couldn’t handle it and you almost fell, Joshua held you quickly with one arm, the other arm pressed against the mirror.

“Just let me get my- No. Nope. I’m out“ Woozi said opening the door and leaving immediately but before he could close it Hoshi rushed in and screamed even louder than Seungkwan, followed by Jun, who turned back to Minghao, who mumbled something in Chinese and gave him money again. Soon everyone was in the room while you tried to put your clothes back on, blushing like crazy.

“A mirror? That’s kinky as fuck!” Vernon said laughing to which Jeonghan gasped, hitting his arm and telling him that a baby shouldn’t be speaking like that.

“Watching anime really made you a pervert” complained Seungkwan fanning himself with his own hand and glaring at Joshua.

“I watch anime sometimes and I’m just fine!” yelled Vernon.

“Yeah, right. Define fine” said Dino.

“DINO WHEN DID YOU GET IN?! YOU CAN’T BE HERE!” yelled Jeonghan pushing him to the corridor and then glaring at S.coups while saying “YOU ARE A TERRIBLE FATHER.”



Okay, what happened?

BTS reaction when their bff is kicked out by parents

anon: BTS reaction to their best friend coming to them for help? Reason: They got disowned, hated, kick out by their parents and they need a place to stay?   

Before coming to their house:

Once again your parents start to pick on you. This time about something stupid like breaked glass. You told them that you’ll clean glass up and buy new one. While you were cleaning your mom and dad started to yelling at you- “How you can be this clumsy? You can’t make anything right. You’re no good enough to be named our child. How is this possible that I born someone like you?” You couldn’t stand how they are talking to you. It wasn’t first time and you had enough of this. You stand up and tell everything what you thought about them. How rude they’re, how they can even named yourself parents. They were hot and bothered. Your dad kick you out from house how you were standing, telling you that this isn’t your house from now and you couldn’t back. Also you can forget about them as a parents. You didn’y know what to do. There was only one person which came into you mind and that you knew taht he’ll help you no matter what.


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It was rainy night. Storm and lightining. Jin automatically thought about you because he remember how scared you are when weather is like this. Right on cue he heard knocking on the door. He had bad feelings. Jin saw you all wet and shaking because of cold. He instantly took you inside, gave you his clothes and prepared something hot to eat and drink. You recount to him your argue with parents. He had devastation on his face, couldn’t believe how they could turn you adrift without any money or even luggage. He would be the one propose to you about staying with him. Jin knew that you’ll need him and he want to be with you every time when you’ll feel lost again. Your friendship is really important for him and seeing you hurt gives him pain too. After few days he could put situation with your parents toward. He want you to be in good relations with them and maybe convince you to talk with them. He would go there with you, knowing that you’ll feel better with him by your side.


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2am and he’s still up and working. When one of the boys told him to finally go sleep, he biddably listen to him. Yoongi was preparing something to eat when he hear knocking on the door. Suprised that at this hour someone came to visit them, he go to open the door. On the doorstep he saw you, crying, deppresed and shattered. He let you in, worried what makes you look like this. He quietly listened to your story. Suga make a tea for you and something to eat. After that he gave you his jammies and let you sleep in his bed. He get into bed besides you and told to not worry. He would promise to find with you some solution and till solving your problems you could stay with him. Yoongi didn’t show it but he was worried about your mental health and how you’ll be functioning for next days. Min was angered and shocked because of this situation. He wanted to talk with your parents with you after few days when you and them will be more calm. He will be there the whole time for you even when you’ll feel that he doesn’t care.


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You needed your hope by your side right now and you knew that he is the only person that you can count on. When he open the door and you saw him you burst into tears and hug to his chest. Hoseok was confused about all this situantion but he take you inside and gave you something hot to drink. While you were telling him what happened he sometimes interrupt you to air his grievances.  Behaviour of your parents was irresponsible and rude for him. He understand  when you told him that you don’t want to see them. When you aks if you could stay in his place for few days he immediately said yes to this.  Hobi would look grave while talking with you. No one wants to their bff feels bereft and small because of own parents. After a long and serious talk he would take you for a walk, to dinner and to all your favourite places. He wanted to have you near him so he would go and ask if there’s any free job in his staff. He wanted to know that you’re feeling fine and he knew that work is the best to forget about troubles. And Hope knew that you’ll need money so work in BigHit had a lot of advantages.


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Namjoon was watching movies with members, enjoing their day off.  They were comenting and having fun. One moment they were joking around the next they all were worried and scared. You showed in sitting room-shaking and shocked. Namjoon instantly come to you and with troubled eyes he asked what happened to you. All the boys see that you need only him now so they go to their rooms. After hearing your all story he get nervous at your parents. How they could treat you like this? He talked with you and try to calm you down. He told you to give them some time because you’re their daughter/son and they love you even if they say a lot of painful words towards you. The following day Namjoon would leave you in his house and go to talk with your parents. He want them to know how you feel and imply them that this what they have done yesterday is wrong and that they need to talk with you calmly. He want to make them guilty about that they kick you out. After this he come back to you and told you everything. He hope that he’ll be able to help you in every way that’s possible.


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He was worried for all day because he haven’t got any message or call from you. He send you like thousends messages and called to you for hundred times. You never do like this- there was always some messages that you leave for him or answer his. Jimin couldn’t wait for your answer, he dressed up and wanted to leave his home to go visit you but when he opened the door he saw you. Chim immediately hug you and take you inside. He wanted to know everything- why you don’t gave him any sing of life. You were still in shock. Jimin observed you carefuly waiting for you to say something. He knew about your bad relations with your parents and he surmise that you argue with them again. But when you finally said “They kick me out” his eyes would be wide opened, can’t believe in what he hear. He would prepare everything for you to stay. He promised that you can stay how long you need and you don’t have to worry about any thing. Jimin would spend all night with you talking, listening to your problems and trying to giving you advices. He wanted to be anchor for you in those difficult moments.


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Taehyung was sitting on the couch watching anime. He was chilling out after rought week of concerts,practice and fan meetings. His phone ringed and without looking who is calling he pick up the phone. When he heard your voice and sobbing, he immediately stand up and walking out to find you. You were outside his house. He came to you and hug you tightly. For all way to his flat you were telling him your story, how your parents treat you. He don’t want to see you cry so he was doing things in which he is the best.    Making you laught, trying to you forget about troubles for few minutes. He loved your smile and hated when you were sad because of close family like your parents. He’s in really good relations with his parents so it was hard for him to understand how they could disowned and kick you out. Tae would gave you a place to sleep and you could  stay for how long you want. You are his best friend so he wanted to give you everything what he have, to you feel better and loved. If you would give him permission, he would try to make you up with your parents, if not he would be happy to start living with you and he would try give you a lot of good memories and make sure that you won’t feel misarable anymore


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Someone said that it’s hard to wake up Jungkook and once we could saw thi but idk where it was  You and Jungkook are this “ridiculous” friends that can in 1am come in this second one house by window.
You knew that even when you’ll ram the door he won’t hear you (maybe after 2 hours lol). So you decided to enter by window (btw it’s open because it’s summer). You were in shook so your moves was clumsy. When you reach window and get into his room, you can’t hold your tears and just break down. Jungkook woke up and with his wide opened eyes, not knowing what happened, where he is and why you are sitting in his room and crying. He reach you and ask what happened. When you told him all story, he told you that you can stay how long you want in his place. He prepered mattress for you near his bed. “Y/n you are the best but my bed is mine, my dear friend”.  Jungkook sing for you because he knew that his voice will calm you and you will be able to sleep. When you finally fall asleep, he took you in his arms and put you in his bed. He lie down on mattress still singing and thinking what can he do for you. He was hurt seeing how you have to suffer because of your parents. You two always joke together and he really liked to tease you but you are one of the most important person for him and he hate when you are crying.

I’ve missed you ~ Fred Weasley x reader

Pairing! Fred Weasley x reader

Word count! 1362

Warnings! Mentions of death

You took a deep breath before walking into the school you used to call home. You hadn’t been back since the war and it hurt more than you thought it would. Yet here you were about to start your first year of teaching in the place that had taken him away from you. It was where you lost him and it hurt so much. 

Just think of all of the pranks we will be able to do here George, it’s massive” You heard a boy exclaim in wonder from behind you.
You turned around to be met with flaming red hair, well two sets of flaming red hair… Twins!

You smiled as you remembered the moment you first met him properly.
Fred Weasley” Professor McGonagall called a name up to be sorted and you recognised him to be one of the twins you had seen earlier on.Gryffindor!” The hat exclaimed, making the large table cheer. You somehow knew that it was a name that you wouldn’t be forgetting.

Tears started welling up in your eyes, remembering more and more things by the second.

Watch where you’re going” 11 year old you exclaimed as someone bumped into you, making you drop the books you were holding.
Sorry” The twins answered, keeping on running to wherever they were going you.

You felt a tear roll down your face at the memory, something so simple but so important. That was the first time you interacted with the boys you became so close to.

You decided to make your way to the dungeons, where your classroom was as you were now a potions professor. As you walked down the corridors you remembered more and more.

Wait up Y/L/N!” You heard someone shout out of breath, recognising the voice as Fred’s.
What do you want Weasley?” You answered feigning annoyance, struggling to keep the smile off of your face.
You and Fred were just friends but it was clear to everyone that something was going on between you two even though you wouldn’t admit it.
I was just wondering if you would maybe like to go on a date with me to Hogsmeade on Saturday?” He smirked, leaning casually against the wall.
Hm I’m not sure Weasley, why would I want to do that?” You answered trying to hide the smile that was slowly growing as you saw Fred’s hurt.
Oh you see I just thought… You know” He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, mumbling7
You thought what exactly?” You questioned starting to feel bad about your little joke.
Oh nothing, I’ll just, I’ll just go…” He started walking away when you caught up with, spinning him around and pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek.I’ll be waiting for you in the grounds” You said before walking off to your lesson.

You could remember the date as clear as if it happened yesterday.

You waited outside in the cool winter air for Fred. The snow surrounding you made the school look and feel even more magical than it already was.
Your hands were freezing despite the mittens you were wearing to match your Y/House/C. You were shivering, when you felt two arms wrap around you, warming you up instantly.
You looked a bit cold there love” He whispered in your ear and smirked.
So what have you planned for us then Mr?” You questioned him as you made your way to Hogsmeade.
Hmm it’s a surprise but I can tell you it’s none of that Madam Puddifoot’s teashop crap!” He replied making you shake your head with a laugh.

You smiled as you thought about that moment and the rest of the morning you spent with him.
So that is two butterbears!” He exclaimed placing the drinks down on the table where you were seated next to the warm fire.
You thanked him before picking the drink up savouring the sweet taste.
Fred and yourself had spent the morning walking and in and out of shops. You obviously spent most of that time in Zonkos planning out a new prank and now you were here in the Three Broomsticks.
Later on Fred took you to look at the shrieking shack, something that you had both seen before but it did not change a thing. The snow flakes were now covering most of his red hair an dhis heeks were rosy.
You looked out at the abandoned building watching the white specks fall around you. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed Fred looking at you, a small smile covering his face.
You turned towards the boy, blushing before asking him what he was doing.
He didn’t reply but instead cupped your cheeks before placing his lips on yours. The kiss was soft and didn’t last as long as either of you would’ve wanted.

You walked into the potions classroom and took a good look around.   

You felt something hit your head. You looked down to the floor next to your cauldron and picked the paper up.
‘Meet me in front of the room of requirement at 9’
You turned to Fred and saw the small smirk on his face and nodded.

You left the potions room and started making your way to the staffroom. On your way there you let the tears fall freely, trying to stop the sobs leaving your mouth with your hand but it was no use. By the time you got to your destination, you were a mess. You waited outside the door for a short while trying to calm down but it was no use.   

“Y/N? Are you alright?” You looked up and saw Neville, he had changed so much since you had seen him. 

“I-I-I did-didn’t think it-it would be thi-this hard coming b-back” You managed to mutter through your sobs.

“Oh Y/N, of course it’s going to be hard coming back to Hogwarts but he wouldn’t want you to be like this, Fred would want you to be happy” Neville said, lifting your body up into a standing position.

“You’re right” You breathed out in a whisper.

“Come on in, I know that professor McGonagall wanted to see you!”

You wiped your eyes dry before entering the room to be met with the faces of the other professors.

“Oh Y/N it’s so lovely to see you again, it must be hard being back here but I would like you to follow me! I have something to show you!” Professor Mcgonagall smiled in a compassionate way leaving the room.

She lead you up the moving staircases to the Gryffindor common room. 

“Fred we should go to bed now!” You yawned lying on top of him, on a sofa next to the warm roaring fire

“I don’t wanna move, let’s sleep here…” He smiled up at you, stroking your head gently.

And that’s just what you did, you slept in front of the warm fire with Fred, only to be woken up by a smirking George, throwing small bit of paper at your heads.

You knew that you would just have to get used to the memories coming back, if you were going to spend at least a year here.

You didn’t notice that professor Mcgonagall was waiting for you beyond the now opened portrait hole which you climbed through.

And there he was, he was there and you couldn’t believe it! He may have been a ghost but he was still your Freddie, the boy you had missed so much.

“Fred?” Tears welled up in your eyes for what felt like the millionth time that day.

“It’s me Y/N/N, you may not be able to touch me but it’s still me…” He smiled

“I’ll leave you two alone for a while” You heard the headmistress pronounce before leaving the room.

“Why did you do this to yourself Fred, why did you become a ghost?” You asked

“Because I couldn’t leave you! I couldn’t leave you behind on your own, and I needed to see you once again, that’s why I asked professor Mcgonagall to hire you, you always said that this was the job you wanted…” He explained

“I’ve missed you Freddie” 

“I’ve missed you too Y/N/N”


- mingyu as a neighbour

- let that sink in 

- so you’re moving in and you’re new but you know your way around the neighbourhood

- let’s start the story my friends 

- so yeah you’re moving in and mingyu is already outside, playing basketball

- and goddamn it’s such a glorious ass view gODDAMN

- he’s panting and his tan skin is glistening 

- frick 

- he’s the type to always run his hands through his hair continuously and always licking his lips 

- so yeah you start unpacking your boxes, always taking glances at him

- but he’s not even looking at you :((

- but you just shrug and finish unpacking in a short time bc you unpacked most of your furniture and stuff since u unpack in a span of a few days so you dont have to do it all in one day

- you know what im saying

- you know

- okay so when you’re done, you look at where mingyu would be playing his basketball on his drive way

- he’s not there lol 

- and you’re just a bit down bc like you didn’t get to say hi to the cute boy

- but it’s okay because you see him again in a few mins

- so you go up to your new room and open the windows for fresh air and slight sunlight and you just stop because

- in front of you

- was mingyu in his room

- shirtless

- f U CL K 

- and he’s just blinking lazily and his hair is a bit damp, but the clean damp 

- you know

- and he has a new shirt in his hands and he’s raising his brow at you, tilting his head slightly

- you widen your eyes and blush hard before closing your windows and blinds

- and you dont notice but mingyu’s just chuckling in his room, shaking his head lightly and sighing 

- you’re panicking like 


- BYE  E 

- okay time lapse to a few days later when you finally have the guts to see mingyu again because whenever you walked to school, you actually never really got to see him anyways because most likely he had basketball practice

- so like when you’re walking home from school, you see mingyu stretching on his drive way

-  and you just stop 

- and mingyu looks at you

- and damn he looks good again

- and you’re just nervously smiling, awkwardly waving

- “um… hi, i’m new– uh, my name is Y/N” 

- mingyu stares at you and blinks slowly before straightening up, making you even more nervous

- he just smirks slightly, and you see his canine peeking out 

- “the pervert next door?” 

- you reDDEN THE FUC c  U P 

- you stutter the fu  C  C  u  P

- he just raises his brow before chuckling breathily, 

- “mingyu.” 

- you just look at him and bite your lip, nodding with pink cheeks

- and you hurriedly run to your porch like trying to get in your house

- but then you hear mingyu 

- “it was finally nice to talk to you.” 

- you blush and blink, looking at him 

- and he has a cute smile

- “u-uh, y-yeah, you too…?” you would say

- mingyu smiles still, shaking his head before grabbing his basketball

- you just stare at him before slowly walking back inside

- and when you close the door behind you,

- you exhale the longest and loudest fu  c k ing exhale bc

- you got to finally talk to cute boy next door

- congrats reader

- the next morning you would just walk out of your house again, like walking out and eating something like usual

- but what you didn’t expect was, 

- “good morning, Y/N!” 

- you shoot your head up and look with wide eyes bc wtf like when did someone–

- and then you see mingyu wearing a sleeveless shirt, stretching

- you blush but greet him 

- he just smiles, “heading to school?” 

- you nod and he nods as well 

- “cool, then we’re walking with each other from now on.” 

- you almost choke

- and mingyu just chuckles at your wide eyes

- so yeah, from now on, you and mingyu would always walk to school together


- he wouldn’t forget to tell you “see you later” though :’’))

- and it really hits you

- and whenever you pass each other in the hallway, he always looks at you and catches your eyes

- and he flashes a grin

- and you’d just blink ????? like ??? what??? 

- and mingyu would always have his friends around him so even if you wanted to, you don’t really see him during lunch

- maybe bc hes playing basketball or taking a nap on his friend’s lap aka wonwoo

- and one more thing

- one morning, you opened the windows and you found mingyu without a shirt again and zipping his zipper on his jeans

- and you were just frozen

- and he looks up 

- aND FUCKI   NG  SM Irks 

- “good morning, pervert!” 

- “I’M NoT A peRVERT!”

- mingyu would always laugh but never forgets to say good morning and smile

- and every night, when you go to close your window, mingyu’s there to say good night

- never forgetting to flash a smile :’’’((((((((((((((((((

- and the longer you live there, the closer yall get

- like you would be close enough to bump shoulders and scowl at him 

- and he’d just have this goofy smile on his face

- and he’d make deeper conversations with you :’’((( what a good kid

- and the closer you get, mingyu actually doesn’t leave you when he sees his friends when yall arrive at school anymore

- he stays with you instead and talks to you still :’’((((((((

- and he would be the type to swing his arm around your shoulders and ruffle your hair

- and you scowling

- again

- so one night, after a few months of knowing mingyu and living next to him, you heard slow dribbling of a basketball and you just frown and roll around in bed 

- and immediately, you know where and who its from

- kim fck in g m in gyu 

- and you’d just sigh, put a hoodie on, and walk out with slippers

- and you were about to yell at him but then you see his gloomy expression

- and mingyu looks at you when he hears your door close behind you

- and he stops the dribbling

- “oh, hey, Y/N.” 

- you would just frown and be like, “why are you playing basketball? it’s like 12 am mingyu” 

- mingyu would just shrug and start dribbling again 

- you would just look at him with a disapproving look 

- “mingyu, what’s wrong?” 

- mingyu would sigh and mumble, “it’s just… I have a tournament tomorrow.” 

- you would squint, “but you’re really good–” 

- mingyu would frown, “but not good enough.” 

- and you’d walk over to him, “but you’re one of the best players, mingyu.” 

- mingyu would just have this really sad ass face like a dejected puppy– like one that makes you put your hand over your chest and be like nO

- “but what if my best isn’t good enough?” 

- and you’d just stare at mingyu, who stops dribbling and looks at you

- “Y/N, go back to sleep– I just needa take some things outta my head.” 

- “no, you need sleep too mingyu– like you said, you have a tournament tomorrow so you need to sleep too.” 

- mingyu would just try to shoo you away and he’s so sad :((

- and you’d just be like, “mingyu, come on, let’s take a walk then.” 

- after like an hour of him trying to persuade you

- he’d just be like “….. fine” 

- and suddenly you just grab his hand, in which

- he’s shOOK BI c  TCH 




- and he’s lowkEY BLUSHING

- by lowkey i mean

- his ears are burning

- and he’s just staring at his hands and yours

- that are laced so warmly and awwwww

- and the hand size


- and you’d drag him to a local convenience store and like he’s like ???

- “pick your favourite snack– i’m paying. no complaints.” 

- mingyu just nods and blinks with shocked eyes

- and he picks chocolate aww

- and you pay even though he’s like

- “come on…. lemme pay..” 

- “mingyu i told you– no complaints.” 

- and so you walk to the park, holding his hand again

- and sit on the bench with him, watching him open the bar of chocolate 

-  he slowly takes a bite

- and literally it looks like all stress has evaporated from his body lMAO

- and you’re just smiling at him, yawning

- which makes mingyu snap out of it

- “oh… um…” 

- you’d look at him and he’s just sighing

- “sorry about everything– I’m just… so stressed, you know?” 

- you just listen to him rant about basketball 

- “you’ll do so good, mingyu… trust me… i watched you play many times– especially when you dragged me to your practices” 

- and your eyes slowly get heavy because it’s almost 2 am lmao

- and mingyu notices like holy shit 

- “we should… get back,” 

- you nod to mingyu’s words and he’s just like… 

- “let me carry you.” 

- you’d just look at him like ??????????????????????????

- and mingyu suddenly crouches down and looks over at you

 - ”get on, i know you wanted to ever since you met me.” 

- cue you lightly slapping his back before hesitantly getting on his back

- and his warm ass hands grabbing your thighs and you just blushing and hugging his neck

- but you just smile and close your eyes, lying your cheek on his shoulder

- and mingyu just smiles 

- when you get back home, mingyu helps you down and helps you get in your house and awww wait for it

- he tuckS YOU IN 


- and you’re just looking at him with soft eyes

- and mingyus smiling slowly 

- “thanks, y/n…” he’d mumble, looking at you and staring

- you just look at him, “i did nothing.” 

- he smiles, “you gave me warmth.” 

- “warmth?” 

- mingyu blushes and chuckles, shaking his head, watching as you looked at him with sleepy eyes

- “thanks for your words and lending me a…. i dont know, shoulder? what do they call it?” 

- mingyu would then just look confused and cute

- and you’d just chuckle, suddenly sitting up and putting your hand on his shoulder

- he looks at you and blinks when you leaned over and pecked his cheek softly, immediately making his skin burn 

- he looks at you with wide eyes 

- “good night and good luck.” 

- mingyu nods with a red ass face

- “and make sure to… lock my door for me? you know where the spare key is… i lent it to you before when you had to take care of me when i was si–” 

- and mingyu suddenly leans over and kisses your forehead

- “okay. thanks. good night.” 

- he smiles and pats your head softly as you just blushed but smiled

- “good night.” 

anonymous asked:

Hc on Ethan doing a makeup video with reader. It can be him putting makeup on her, or she's putting makeup on him.


•ethan just so CONFUSED

•"Whats primer water… am i priming your face with water?“

•stabbing you with a mascara wand

•"okay contour your nose with thi-oh shit thats not right”

•ethan trying to do a cut-crease on you?? Bc its fancy??

•" now were gonna go in with this uh…brush..what the fuck is this called"

•ethan making makeup jokes

•"concealer? They cant conceal this sexy look" *finger snaps*
“Ethan no”

•ethan genuinely trying REALLY hard to make it look good

•putting highlighter on your cheekbones

•"can i put this in my hair?“
“Theres hair glitter”

•ethan surprisingly doing a good winged eyeliner???

•ethan talking about the good eyeliner for weeks to come

Hes so cute can someone mail an ethan to me

Not Dead Yet (Part 24)

*HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Have some mild smut!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language, mild smut

As the days went by I, and many of the boys, were disappointed for the lack of conflict with the pirates. They just sat out there on their boat not bothering a soul. It was so boring! I was out sitting on the beach watching the ship from the sand and relaxing in the early hours of the morning. I felt a presence watching me.

“I wasn’t thinking anything, just wanted to look at the ship.” I said, “What do you want?”

“The truth.” I whipped around to see it was Felix. “You thought I was Pan.”

“Yeah, he’s the only other one that ever wakes up this early.” I pat the sand next to me, “Care to join me?”

He strolled in front of me not bothering to sit. I stared up at him waiting for whatever it was he wanted. “I want to know what’s going on with you and Pan.”

“Nothing’s going on.” I answered simply.

“I believe that as much as I believe that you two were off in the Enchanted Forest being whores.” he quipped.

“You didn’t believe his story?”

Felix scoffed. “I know Pan and I know you. However you ended up trapped in the Enchanted Forest it wasn’t a choice and it certainly wasn’t because you two wanted some alone time.”

“Okay, you’re right.” I shrugged, “Now what?”

“Now you’re going to tell me how you really ended up there and what happened that you two got all chummy since.”

“Why don’t you ask your best friend?”

“Because I know I can get more out of you. What happened? You should have been dead weeks ago when I caught you coming back from Skull Rock. Instead you and Pan disappear for a week and come back as if nothing ever happened. What are you?”

“A girl.”

“A witch.”

“Same thing.” I stood up, “You wanna know? You already know. You say you know us, then how about you think about the most likely course of action and roll with that? I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

He was silent for a moment, the gears in his brain turning as he figured it out. Then he smirked, a disbelieving crooked smile. “You…” he sighed, “You tried to run.”

“There you go.” I pat his shoulder, “Wasn’t that easy?”

“You, little miss confrontation, got into a battle you had no chance of winning so you fled. Fled like a coward.”

“I was saving my neck.”

“You pushed your limits too far and instead of facing the consequences you just tried to avoid them altogether.”

“What do you want from me, Felix? Want me to tell you you were right? Fine, you’re right! I ran away! I knew that I was gonna die if I stayed here so I stole a bean, pushed Pan over a cliff and ran! He followed me, we tried to kill each other when we landed in the forest, then…things got complicated.”

“Complicated how?”

“We stopped fighting, started talking and it all sort of morphed into this thing that’s happening now.”

“That’s it? You had a talk about your feelings and now everything is sunshine and rainbows between you two?”

“Don’t be so childish. We merely have an understanding.”

“Does this understanding include you two pretending to be best friends?”


“Now you’re being childish.” he shoved me playfully, “Anything happen that you need to tell me?”

“Nothing I’m going to admit to.”


“So, you see me as a Lost Girl again?”

“You’re a secretive, manipulative, cheating, lying, sadistic idiot. You never stopped being a Lost Girl.”

“Awe, Felix,” I held out my arms.

“Don’t get mushy on me, Y/N.” he pushed me back, “If anyone asks we had a fight to amend things where I won but took pity on you nonetheless.”

“How come I don’t get to win.”

“Because we want them to believe us.”

“Okay fine but I’m making it known I got a good hit in.”

“Whatever, give me your best shot.”

“Sure,” I unsheathed my dagger and stabbed him in the leg.

“OW!” he glared at me, “I meant punch me in the face or something!”

“You wanted it to be believable right?”

“Right,” he landed a hard hit to my jaw, “Believable.”

I rubbed my jaw. “Someone’s been slacking off on hand-to-hand again.”

“Shut up.”

“Maybe we can work on that during training today.”

“Shut up, Y/N.” he limped off back into the jungle.

I followed after him. “You should probably get that looked at before it gets infected.” I narrowly ducked out of the way of the rock he threw at me. “Shutting up.”

We got back to camp where Peter was addressing the camp. I sidled up next to Devin and asked what I had missed. Peter apparently decided the time for playing nice with the pirates was over. He made a deal with the mermaids to torment the pirates into coming ashore. Once they were on land then the real fun could start.

Finally! I wonder what Peter could have offered them in exchange to face cannon fire. What am I talk about, it’s Peter. He probably just threatened to dry up the ocean if they didn’t comply.

The boys and I raced to the beach to watch the ship. Peter was standing out on a rock near the shallows. A couple of heads bobbed in the water. The last time I had seen a mermaid they were trying to drown me. Seeing them now I could make them out more clearly. They had beautiful faces but dark dead eyes that reminded me of a shark. The mermaids and Peter discussed a little longer before they disappeared beneath the waves once more.

Peter blinked into the tree I was sitting in. “So,” I peered up at him, “What made you want to torment the pirates?”

“Bored,” he pulled out a pocket telescope, “What’s the use of having new toys if they’re so far away?”

“Permission to kill?” Nick asked next to me.

“Sure, just no mass slaughter. Looking at you, Y/N.” Peter answered.

“Just wanna take the fun out of everything.” I knocked the bottom of his boot with my club.

“Keep it up and I just won’t let you fight any pirates.”

“How ya plan on doing that?”

“You ever been to the Echo Caves, Lost Girl? Inescapable.”

“Ben would break me out, wouldn’t ya?”

“Do not drag me into this.”

“I would contemplate it at the very least,” Devin said, “Sorry, Pan.” he muttered after he caught Peter glaring at him.

“See, Devin’s a real friend!”

“I’ve already gotten into enough trouble because of you!” Ben snapped.

“You were locked in a cage.” I reminded him, “I don’t think he’s ever tried to kill you.”

“I can still kill you, Y/N.” Peter hissed.

“Please,” I scoffed, “When has threatening me ever worked out for you?”

“Can you at least pretend respect me?” he sighed.

“Who says I don’t respect you?”

“Everyone.” Nick said.

“You stay out of this.” I jabbed him in the ribs.

“Hey lovebirds,” Devin piped up, “If you’re through squabbling I think you’d like to know that the mermaids are attacking the ship.”

“Devin, I swear to–wait, what?!” I snatched his telescope and aimed it at the ship. He was right. It was difficult to make out but from the way the ship was rocking and the distant sound of cannons, the mermaids were giving the pirates hell.

“A good start but how about we make things a little more interesting?” Peter grinned to himself.

Dark storm clouds started to roll in across the sky. A fierce wind that bent the trees caught us all off guard. I clenched to my branch as rain began to pour in sheets. The entire island grew darker only to be lit up by the blinding crack of lightening. The waves rose to heights I had never seen before.

I pulled myself closer to the trunk of the tree and glared up at Peter. “Problem, pet?”

“A little much, don’t you think?” I shouted over the rumble of the storm.

“I say not enough.” his smirk grew wider.

“Peter, don’t you–” Another powerful gust of wind shook the trees. My grip in the smooth trunk of the tree slipped and I fell from my perch.

“Watch it.” Peter blinked down below and caught me, “What’s with you and falling out of trees?”

“What’s with you being an arse!” I bit back.

“Don’t yell at me.”


“Cause then I’ll be forced to shut you up.” his face got closer to mine, “And I don’t think you want the others to see that, do you?”

“Sometimes I really hate you.”

“I know.” he had set me back on my feet but hadn’t let go of me. If anything he pulled me closer. “I also know that I am really liking seeing you soaked.”

“Have you any shame?”


“Well good for you.” I shrugged his arms off me, “I am going to find a cave to hunker down in and try and dry off.”

“Or we could kill some time before the storm lets up.” he whispered in a hot breath in my ear.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, that’s why I suggested it.”

“Eh, I have nothing else to do until the pirates are here.”

“That’s my girl.” he grabbed my wrist and the next instant we were standing somewhere in the jungle.

Peter grabbed me by the hips and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I mentally rolled my eyes as I kissed him back open mouthed, tongues tasting each other. His lips moved against mine with an increasing roughness I had come to expect.

Rain poured down our faces and slipped between our lips. The rainwater mixed with anticipation proved to be a heady combination. By this point my clothes were so soaked I couldn’t tell if he was touching my bare skin or not. My hands rested on either side of his face keeping him close and raking my fingers through the wet tangle of his hair. We pulled back for air and I blinked rapidly trying to keep the rain out of my eyes as I took in the boy in front of me.

The naked want in his dark green eyes staring right back at me made me falter. He smirked at me before backing me up into the trunk of a tree. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy this.” he pressed his body closer until I felt something hard resting against my thigh. I froze in my spot. He wasn’t expecting me to–to– “Relax,” he whispered in my ear, “It’s not what you think.”

“Then what is it?”

My answer was the roll of his hips against mine. My breathing hitched and saw his smirk widen. My face burned so hot I was worried the rain would turn to steam against it. “If this is making you uncomfortable then all you need to do is say so.”

I shook my head. “It’s not…bad.”

“Not bad, hm?” he pressed into me again. My hips bucked against him on instinct. He let out a small moan in my ear. I was biting down hard on my lip and he continued to grind up against me. Was this really happening? Things had gotten a little frisky before when we made out but never to this extent. I liked it.

“Stop that,” he planted his mouth back against mine prying my lips open again. My breath came in quick huffs, senses overloaded with the delicious vulgarity of what was happening right now. “I want to hear you.”

He gave another slow scorching thrust and I moaned against his lips. I could feel him smirking but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to leave this position for anything. His mouth left mine to nuzzle my neck kissing and sucking every inch until he found the sweet spot that made me moan again. He was enjoying this far too much.

I brought my lips down to his own neck and clamped down hard on his own sweet spot. He grasped me tighter as I drew out a long moan from him. “You learn fast.” he mumbled in between breaths.

“And you talk too much.” I mashed his lips back to mine. A part of me felt that maybe I should be a little ashamed of how quickly I just gave into him. How I gladly let him grind against me like some kind of animal all the while panting and moaning and bucking my hips right back at him. Maybe I should have been a little embarrassed, but I’ll be damned if even the entire camp walking in on us could have moved me from that spot.

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Can you do a smutty Jason one shot where you two have been dating for awhile, but one of you has to go on a trip for a few weeks/months or something, and you welcome the other home in a smutty way?

Leaving on a business trip and not being able to take your boyfriend with you is defiantly one of the hardest experiences ever.
I got a call from the company I work for this morning, asking me to go on a three weeks trip to Europe to do some work there.
“Ughhhh”, I shrugged.
“What’s wrong babe”, Jason replied.
“I have to go on a three week trip. Which means I can’t be with you for THREE FUCKING WEEKS”.
Jason and I have been dating for a while now and this was our first time staying away from each other.
I had to pack and leave in 5 hours so I didn’t even have time to spend with him.
“No. This is gonna be the toughest thing ever”, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me.
“I know baby, I know”.
“I’m gonna miss your gorgeous face, your sexy body, your lips, your voice, your laugh, your caring”, he removed my hair to the side and softly kissed my neck.
“Don’t make this harder Jason”, I cried.
“Can we at least do it before you leave?”
“I wish but I really don’t have time baby”, I kissed him and asked him to drop me off by the airport.
We arrived there and I felt like crying so badly.
“Baby”, I hugged him tightly and gave him a passionate kiss.
“I’m gonna miss you so much, (Y/N)”.
“I’m gonna miss you too”.
“Take care okay? I love you”.
“You too Jase, don’t cheat on me. Use your hands”, I joked.
“I love you too”, I pulled back from the hug and we waved goodbye.
“Hi, may I speak to Jason Dilaurenits”, I tried prank calling Jason when I was on my way back.
“This is Jason speaking”, he played.
“Your girlfriend can’t come home today and she’s stuck for 3 more weeks”, I replied using a deep voice, trying my best not to sound like myself.
“How come it says that she’s a couple of blocks away from our house?”, he replied.
“What? Are you stalking her?”, I laughed.
“I guess you could say that”.
“Jason, why can’t you play along with me”, I said angrily on the phone.
“Can you just get your ass over here asap?”, he laughed.
“You better have food or else I won’t make you happy at night”, I laughed back.
I parked my car in the garage and walked over to knock on the door.
“Oh my god”, he grabbed me in and carried me and kissed me like we’ve never kissed in decades.
“Relax”, I giggled, wrapping my legs around his waist and playing with his hair.
“I can’t baby girl, you can’t believe how hard it was without you. I really need you in my life. Don’t ever leave”, he put me down.
“I know Jason”, I grinned.
We walked to the dining room and he had everything perfectly set up and the food smelled so delicious.
“Sit princess”, he dragged the chair allowing me to sit.
“Thank you for this baby”, I replied.
“Anything for my one and only”, he smiled.
We sat and ate and talked about what we’ve done these past 3 weeks and caught up with everything.
We finished eating and Jason wanted to wash the dishes.
“Awww, how sweet of you? I’m gonna go shower okay?”, I kissed him on his cheek.
“Alright babe”.
I went upstairs and I couldn’t be happier to see the comfy bed. Finally I was home.
I took a shower and then wore my over sized shirt.
I was brushing my hair in the mirror and Jason came and grabbed my waist from behind and rested his chin on my shoulder.
“God, I missed you so much”, he smiled as he stared at me in the mirror and I could feel him hard.
“I missed you too, but what’s that thing against my butt”, I laughed.
He pushed me closer to him so I could feel him even more.
“you made this happen, (Y/N)”, he made a sad face.
“Awww”, I giggled and turned around and kissed him.
His big hands covered my entire face and I loved it when he held me like that.
His tongue begging to entire my mouth, I let him and we began making out hungrily.
Slowly he started moving his hands on my body, until he reached my butt and he grabbed it and pushed me hard into him.
I grabbed his neck and climbed on him so my legs were wrapped around his waist.
“Oh my god, you’re so hard”, I laughed feeling him on me.
“Shhhh”, his lips found their way back to mine and he threw me on the bed and got on top of me.
“I missed every single inch of you, (Y/N)”, he said as he began to kiss my neck and my ears.
As he was doing that, I started removing his shirt and I ran my fingers on his abs, “I missed every single inch of you too”.
He quickly removed my oversized shirt, exposing my tits, he buried his face in them.
“I missed these two babies”, he squeezed them in his hands.
His eyes looking into mine, he began sucking of my nipples and rolling his tongue around them.
I gasped, and pulled him up to kiss him.
I felt his hands slide into my underwear and he began teasing me with his warm, soft, fingers.
“Babe, you’re so wet”, he grinned.
My hands on his hair, I pulled it hard and closed my eyes when he started moving his fingers on my clit.
“Fuck me Jason”, I moaned.
“We have the entire night to fuck as much as we want. But first lets just do the foreplay”, he whispered in my ear, his breath making me feel tingles everywhere.
He crawled down and took off my undies. He opened my legs wide and placed his lips on my inner thighs and kissed softly, until he reached my centre.
“Tell me how much you missed me fucking you?”, he stared at me from that angle.
“So fucking much Jason”.
“Use complete sentences baby girl”, his lips so close to my area, his warm breathing while speaking making me wetter.
“I missed you fucking me, so much. All I need right now is for you to fuck me as hard as you can”, I gasped.
“I will, as long as you promise you won’t leave for this long, (Y/N)”.
“I will never leave for thi— JASON”.
I moaned hard when he placed his tongue on my clit and started rolling it around.
I put my hands on his head but he removed them and told me to not touch him until he was done pleasuring me.
It was the hardest thing because I wanted him to be in me, closer but I had to keep my hands away.
He licked and sucked into my vagina, and I was grabbing the bedsheets really hard in my hands.
He inserted two fingers inside of me and as he ate me out.
He wrapped his hand around my waist and pushed me closer in his mouth.
I moaned his name loudly.
“You can’t believe how much I missed these moans”, he smirked.
I started getting that feeling and I knew I was going to cum very soon.
He started going harder and I let it all out and he licked everything up.
“And you also can’t believe how much I missed your taste”, he crawled up to kiss me.
“Shut up”, I got up and removed his shorts and boxers and held his hard cock in my hand and started moving up and down.
I spat on it and I started sucking on the tip only at first.
“God”, he grabbed my hair.
I slowly shoved his entire thing in my mouth as I was making eye contact with him.
I moved my tongue all over and sucked to my best abilities.
He moaned my name a couple of times as pulled into my wet hair.
“Baby, I’m-”
I nodded allowing him to cum in my mouth.
Seconds later, I felt him explode in the back of my throat and I swallowed.
“Now it’s time to fuck you”, he turned me around and gave my ass a little slap.
His hands around my waist, he shoved his still hard dick in me.
“Ahhhhhh”, I moaned hard and my head leaned back.
The sheets were no longer straight because of how much I held in to them.
“Faster”, I gasped.
Jason leaned in and placed his chin on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “what’s the secret word?”.
“Please”, I pleaded.
He pulled out and turned me so he was on top of me and he inserted himself back in me and started going faster than ever.
His hands on my hips, my back arched.
He leaned in and placed his lips on mine and breathed heavily on my skin.
My nails scratching his back and my legs wrapped around his waist.
Our moans were all over the house. Thank god we didn’t have neighbours that were close to our house and could hear us.
“You’re so sexy like this”, he whispered.
“Me too babygirl”.
He let out his 3 week worth cum in me.
He kissed and bit my lips as he pulled out and laid back.
“Welcome home, (Y/N)”, he smiled and pulled me closer.
I giggled and snuggled up with him.
“I’d go on a trip every week so when I come back you’d fuck me like this”, I laughed.
“You leave me one more time and you won’t be able to walk the next day when you’re back”, he threatened.
“I’m kidding, I can’t and I won’t leave you. Never again”, I moved my fingers on his chest.
“Round two?”, he asked.
“Sure”, I got on top this time to take control.
We finished the second time and we out of breathe.
“I love you, (Y/N)”
“I love you too, Jason”.
We fell asleep and we couldn’t be happier to be back in each other’s arms.

Unfinished Business Part 8


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material 

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:2316

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Love Doctor (Wonwoo)

type: fluff and a bit of comedy =w=
pairing: wonwoo x you
synopsis: mingyu turns into the love doctor and tries to get you and wonwoo together
words: 1123


“Mingyu, I’m here!” Came Wonwoo’s voice from the entrance of the practice room, bringing him from his thoughts once more. A small smile made its way to his lips as he walked over to his best friend, who was busy trying to close his umbrella. Mingyu laughed, shaking his head at Wonwoo’s weak muscles, taking the umbrella from him and closing it with ease.
“Thanks.” Wonwoo smiled breathlessly, pulling Mingyu into a bro hug.

“Y/N should be coming too.”
Wonwoo tensed, “W-what? Really?”

A laugh rumbled from Mingyu’s chest,“Don’t act so surprised, it’s not like this is the first time they’re coming over.”

Wonwoo wasn’t sure what was wrong with him. Nowadays, he was more cautious of his actions around you, careful as to not hurt your feelings or offend you in any way. He found himself smiling like an idiot at simply the thought of you, he found himself wondering what you were doing, who you were with and if you were thinking of him. He found himself always making sure you were okay, attending to your every need, doing everything you asked him to. Wonwoo wasn’t sure what was wrong with him, nowadays, his heart beat faster when you were near, his face turned Beetroot, his words got stuck in his throat. What was happening?


//a few minutes later//

You made your way to the front door of the practice room, desperately trying to hide in the little shade provided, wanting to keep dry and well from the rain. Quickly, you raised your fist to the door and knocked… And knocked and knocked and knocked. There was NO way your were staying in this rain any longer.

“Yah! Kim Mingyu! Jeon Wonwoo! Freezing to death out here!” You yelled, pounding on the door loudly. Suddenly the door opened, making you pound hard on the chest of the person in front of you, “Y-yah, Y/N?” Came Wonwoo’s deep voice, making you freeze immediately. Your heart began to pound in your chest, even louder than your knocking on the door. Had you seriously just embarrassed yourself like that? But the real question was, why did you care?

You weren’t sure what was going on with yourself either, you found yourself wanting Wonwoo closer, but going shy and quiet when he was near. You found yourself making things awkward between the two of you, not wanting to say anything that could potentially embarrass you. You found yourself getting mad and upset whenever he talked to someone else, what was happening?

“Ah, Wonwoo, sorry about that.” You stuttered, wanting to get away from the awkward situation you put yourself in. Quickly, you dropped your fists to your side and tried to work your way around him. But before you were fully passed him, a hand reached out and grabbed your wrist stopping you from going any further, “Do I not even get a hello?”


And there the two of you stood, staring at each other for what seemed like forever. Your heart was inside your throat, his heart had exploded. Neither of you knew what was happening to yourselves, neither of you knew how to stop it, but neither of you thought the warm feeling you get was a bad thing. A cough broke your gazes with each other and left a weirded out Mingyu standing there. “Hey Y/N, Wonwoo, I got um the movie ready..” He mumbled, confused as to what he witnessed in front of him. Both you and Wonwoo walked away, trying to keep away from each other in order not to feel like that again. Mingyu smirked, nodding knowingly to himself.

Mingyu noticed it before the two of you even did. He noticed the lingering stares, the longing looks, the extended hugs, he noticed the feelings bubble up in both you and Wonwoo without you two even noticing. At first, he left it as it is, not trusting his own judgmental skills.. Who was he to say if someone loved someone or not? But as the days prolonged and turned into weeks, the same lovesick look stayed in both of your eyes and there was absolutely no denying it any longer.

The two were slowly, but surely, falling love.
After years of friendship, after years of insulting and cussing to one another, after years of saying how much you hated each other.. You two were falling in love.

Knowing you and Wonwoo, nothing was going to happen by yourselves… Not unless the love doctor came in to the rescue. Right then and there, Kim Mingyu began formulating his plan, his plan to get his two best friends together.


“No way! This line is wAY better than Thi- Yah!” You yelled, feeling a sudden push from behind. Mingyu stifled a laugh as your whole body got shoved towards Wonwoo, making your face go bright red. Slowly, you looked up, afraid of what facial expression was staring back down at you. Your heart leaped, however when you were met by a small smile on Wonwoo’s face and small circles on your back. “Are you okay?” Wonwoo whispered softly, a look of concern in his eye. You gulped, gently pulling away from him,“Y-yeah… Thanks,” you whispered shyly.

Heart, would you stop beating so hard?

Mingyu grinned, 1 point for the love doctor. Now for phase 2. “Jeon Wonwoo, isn’t there something you wanted to tell Y/N?” He asked, getting a look of confusion from Wonwoo. There was nothing he wanted to say, he thought, there was nothing in his mind that he felt he had to share to you. Mingyu groaned, obviously not happy with the way Wonwoo was cooperating, “okay, fine. Y/N, don’t you have something to tell Wonwoo?”

You stared at Mingyu as if he was insane, what was going on inside his tall boys head?

When silence engulfed the room once more Mingyu ran his hand over his face in frustration,“Aigoo, are you two stupid? Can’t you see the feelings you have for each other? If I can see it, then you two should be able to too. I honestly can’t stand it when you two get all cute and pretend like nothing’s going on but there is! You, Wonwoo and you, Y/N are hopelessly in love with each other!” Mingyu yelled, a pout forming on his lips, this was not the way phase two was supposed to go.

Your eyes went wide, was there a chance that what Mingyu was saying was true? Were the many times those butterflies erupted in your stomach not from some weird sickness, but from love? “Wonwoo-ah… You love me?”

Wonwoo nodded, taking your hands in his. “I do.”

Mingyu smiled, folding his arms across his chest, the love doctor wins again.

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What's the point of giving 3 trailers for Vol 5.?Just make it one trailer or is it gonna be like the trailers Monty did prior to release of the show?

I’d imagine it’s trying to replicate the original trailers, however I feel like that would have been done better? last season? which is why the idea of wby getting trailers before v5 all at once feels weird. ruby already broke the pattern with her own trailer last volume, why shove them all right in the middle of it all

i feel thi is just because they fucked up last season so hard they now need trailers to fucking establish shit for next volume

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Hi sorry to bother you and don't reply to this if you have too many other requests, I don't want to add more work load, but if you could and are willing to could you please do RFA+ V & Searan reacting to drunk MC I thought this might be a funny fluff, btw I love your blog so much it's the bees knees!! Thanks for creating this blog Have a lovely day!!

No trouble at all! ^^


  • “MC how much did you drink”
  • struggles to keep MC in place 
  • probably ends up half carrying half dragging MC to their room 
  • thinks it’s really cute that MC is drunk 
  • but also very worried for tomorrow morning 


  • laughing
  • probably ends up in the same state 
  • takes several moments to just breathe 
  • “MC no stop drinking you’e already drUNK”
  • takes the bottle away after MC spilled it on him 
  • “No more drinking for you”


  • he will video tape thi s
  • laughing so loudly and hard that his stomach hurt s
  • will most likely play the video in the morning for MC to see
  • probably joins MC in drinking 
  • he’s having a hoot 
  • can’t even talk because he’s laughing so hard 
  • just makes those dying seal noises


  • “MC please stay still you’re drunk”
  • finds that MC is very cute and endearing when drunk 
  • ends up just holding MC as they ramble 
  • ends up making MC some coffee first thing in the morning for the hangover


  • probably ends up getting someone to take pictures 
  • drunk MC is an adorable MC
  • has to remind himself to hide the wine better next time 
  • doesn’t care about the stains  his clothes 
  • ends up having a drink or two with MC


  • he’s drunk too 
  • they’re singing really off key 
  • the neighbors will probably complain 
  • both end up passing out on the floor 
  • killer hangovers the next morning 
  • they both comfort each other 


  • spends the entire time MC is drunk watching them 
  • they probably both end up drunk and slow dancing 
  • there will be a ton of selfies taken
  • he demands memories of this damnit!
The Masculine Virgo Archetypes and Love

Recently I reblogged a post another zodiac blog got about Virgo males (although my post was simply about all individuals who identify as masculine for inclusion and accuracy purposes, and this post will be as well) and I added on to the other blog’s answer offering masc Virgo “archetypes” with a short analysis for each. And a sweet anon suggested I analyze them further, more specifically, how they behave in love. So, here goes!

~~This post works for Virgo Venus, sun, and (to a lesser degree) moon and mars~~ 

The Virgos:

The alt-druggie Virgo: (weird music, weird complexes, talks a lot or hardly at all. Judges you right from the start. Into conspiracies and the paranormal but NOT interested in religion, sometimes spirituality but usually they’re just curious and not looking for faith) this Virgo is a passionate lover physically and intellectually, while also being somewhat emotionally distant. They will lie to you, a lot. They offer criticisms passively, as in they’ll ask you a question like “do you do _______? Because I think that’s bad” setting themselves up in a subtle authority position, and you the subject of judgment. They’ll only tell you what they really think of you after a break up or after you’ve been together for a long long time. When they love they really feel it deeply and while they lack some basic romantic instincts and prefer casual partnerships and the more physical aspects of a relationship, they also do try to respect your feelings. It’s just they have a hard time with impulse control sometimes. 

The terrifying Virgo: (distanced from the norm yet partakes in the darker/crueler societal norms, unable to process other peoples’ pain, proud, loses the people around them and it’s all their fault but it can take years and years until people see them as what they really are) they are abusive. Do not try to fix this Virgo, they are vile and take advantage of any kindness and empathy. They will ride on your back to the top then refuse to admit they didn’t do it all by themselves. The only redemption for this Virgo is in old age after losing everything and being forced to fix their ways. 

The magnetic Virgo: (charm personified, confident with hidden weaknesses and a LOT of complexes (many male Virgos experience problems with masculinity), they keep themselves locked away and only allow the surface to be seen, fast on their feet (street smart/conversationally) but not necessarily smart, have some habit to lose themselves in (soft drugs, casual sex, alcohol, reading, movies), lots of friends, don’t like to burn bridges all the way; there’s always a way back. And they do NOT like being “pigeon-holed”, which is what they call any analysis on their personality, so they’ll really hate this) Oh my god… The magnetic Virgo will pull you into their web every time. They are confident and high energy personalities, not that they move or act fast, but it’s like they run on a higher frequency; it’s like being near them is a spiritual experience. But they are players and they’ll play you too. The only way to get anywhere with this Virgo is to be a long-term friend with benefits, and they’ll pick you when all their bridges finally collapse and they’re faced with entering old age alone or settling. These Virgos are cursed by their own reckless ways but you can’t resist them because it’s a spectacle just to get a glimpse into their rich inner world. 

The bookish Virgo: (very fast talker, nervous laughter, means well but can get caught up in societal norms and shallow beliefs, book smart with no real street smarts, can sometimes be just plain obnoxious/clingy (“what do you think about this minuscule problem of mine? This one? What about this one? That one? Oh and thi-” etc.)) O B S E S S I V E. They fall into infatuation so hard and fast and while it doesn’t look like usual infatuation (rather it’s more like they can’t fucking shut up about it to everyone but the person they’re infatuated with). They seek endless information and opinions about that person until they have a wealth of it that supports the relationship, even its all wildly biased. However, they often have a very idealistic sense of love that usually misses the mark which makes actual relationships very difficult for them to navigate. They need a very patient person to teach them so they don’t get hurt. 

The Rock: (no not Johnson, generally responsible and calm, has anger issues occasionally, caring and empathetic (with clear limits), strict, good hugs, funny, can attract people who use them which can unfortunately cause jading.) simply the ideal, to be honest. They are level-headed lovers and, while usually not the most passionate, they love deeply and loyally. They can find several different soulmates but it takes someone to light up their soul for them to be truly satisfied in a relationship, usually an opposite personality. 

The loser: (has no prospects, doesn’t want to have any, or they lost them because of unruly and unkind behavior, blames the world for their problems and claims no responsibility for their own shortcomings) they’re actually extremely sensitive and sweet. They have dishonest tendencies and often seek affairs on impulse, even if they’re really in love with their partner. They have a hard time supporting anyone, however, which would make it hard for them to have an equal relationship with conventional (not patriarchal, I mean in the “doing equal work as the partner/holding a job” way) ideals. However, if they manage to find a way to contribute equally with a specific personality they could really find true and healthy love (if they found a way to stop being upset at the world and acting out on that emotion with cruel tendencies) It wouldn’t be a conventional relationship, but it could be good. They could have luck with online dating.

How they react to you using Chopsticks for the first time - BTS


 He would smile innocently at you, stifling back a laugh at how uncoordinated your fingers were as you helplessly flung different pieces of food onto the plate as you couldn’t grasp the utensils properly, until he would soon give up, placing the piece of food between his fingers, cupping his other hand beneath it as he leant over and started to feed you himself. 

“Jagi, you use them like thi- no Jagi like- you know what, stabbing them into the plate is just as effective, so just keep doing that…ugh, I can’t watch this anymore, just open your mouth and chew.” 

Originally posted by jimiin


He would just stare at you as if you just offended himself as well as his entire family, his face deadpan, even though on the inside he would be majorly keen to teach you properly if it meant he could be closer to you. 

“It’s not that hard as you’re making it seem Y/N. You’re picking up noodles with 2 wooden sticks balanced between your fingers, not stabbing a steak with a toothpick." 

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You would continue denying his offers to help you, persisting the illusion that you would master the technique as if it were counting to 10. But 5 minutes later, with the food flung halfway across the room and little remaining on your plate, he would ask you a final time, smirking a little as you gave in, then laughing his head off as he leaned closer towards you, eager to teach you the master of the chopsticks. 

“Will you just let me teach you this once? It was funny to start off with, but now it’s just getting sad.”

Originally posted by jiminjuice


He would grab your hands, intertwining his fingers with yours as he tried placing the sticks in the right position, staring at you as you slowly managed to figure it out, soon forgetting the main reason why you were even using chopsticks, secretly using this technique as an excuse to be close to you. Especially since he can hold your hand easily too. But if you showed any sign of improvement, he would immediately deny it, desperate to buy more time for holding your hands. 

“Hey I can do it now!…That means you can let go of my fingers now Jimin..“ 

"No you haven’t Y/N. Don’t you know? You have to hold 2 pairs of chopsticks in both hands. So lemme just grab your hand, and we’ll start learning more. Psh, silly girl.

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Jin being Jin, he would smile sheepishly as he smoothly made an excuse to hold your hand in his, completely forgetting that he was teaching you something, while smiling like a child on Christmas. Even if you were flinging the food he made, he would diminish that and any commentary you made on the development of your techniques and just focus entirely on the fact you were holding hands. 

"We’re holding hands. Can you believe that? We’re holding hands." 

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Jungkook would stare at your sharp movements, slightly flinching if you were to flick the stick a certain way or drop them accidentally. He would try to interject to offer help, but would soon close his mouth as he watched you silently curse to yourself, afraid that he would be your next victim in your careless throwing chopstick fight you were having with your hands, smiling nervously as he would try not to get in the path of the flying utensils. 

“Y/N do you want some he- um okay then.. Oh do you want me to- oh okay there goes that stick. Are you sur- you know what, you seem to kind of know what you’re doing, I’ll let you handle it from here.” 

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His mannerisms would be similar to Yoongi’s, with his facial expression not altering from deadpan as he would sigh from time to time. He would get so fed up with you flinging your chopsticks across the room, by you trying to pick up pieces of food that didn’t even need to be handled by chopsticks, that he would purposely drag you to a food stand where you had to handle the food with your bare hands, and not attempt to stab the food with the sticks, humouring you by taunting your incapability of not being able to grasp the utensils, with you retaliating that he was being hypocritical claiming that people don’t label him as ‘God of Destruction’ for nothing.

“I don’t know why you’re doing this to yourself, since you don’t even need chopsticks to eat a burger, Y/N. Stop embarrassing yourself woman and just use your hands.”

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Diabolik Lovers Radio
Ayato vs Raito
Diabolik Lovers Radio

Translation made by

Raito: Bitch-chan?  Bitch-chan~  Wake up~  C’mon, it’s already nighttime.  You have to go to school.  —Hey, come on, don’t close your eyes.

Hm?  You’re still sleepy?  -laugh- Well yeah, you did try so~ hard last night, guess there’s no helping it.

Eh?  Is something wrong?  Your eyes just shot open.

What do I mean by “try so hard”?  Oh, right~  You were in a dee~p sleep because of Reiji’s medicine, so you don’t remember anything, do you Bitch-chan?  -laugh- You’re face is so~ red.  You’re so cute, Bitch-chan~

Eh?  Don’t avoid the topic?  I’m not really trying to do that.  You want to know how you tried so hard when you were sleeping?

Hm~  It’d be easy to tell you, but do you think you’d be able to stay sane after hearing it, Bitch-chan?  -laugh-

Ayato: -yawn- You’re so loud.  What’s with that, making all that noise when I’m sleeping.  -Tch-  Raito, what is it?

Raito: Hm?  Bitch-chan’s asking about what happened last night.

Ayato: Oh—just tell her then.

You did thi~s and tha~t with the two of us—it even surprised (me).

Raito: Yeah, yeah.  You were su~per cute yesterday, Bitch-chan.  Licking me, being licked by me— -laugh- Like this—

Ayato: -laugh- That’s not all.  It was more intense, like this—

Raito: -laugh- Ah~, you’re feeling that?  When you get aroused, I just can’t help but go along, too.  Bitch-chan, come closer.  C’mon.

Ayato: Hold it, Raito.  You trying to have fun on your own?

Raito: -laugh- So you’re feeling it too, Ayato~?

Ayato: Quit acting gross.  I’m just not letting you have all the fun.  Stupid.

Raito: No helping it~  Then I’ll give Bitch-chan’s top half to you, Ayato.  As long as her bottom half is mine.

Ayato: -Tch- Make sure to switch later.

Raito: -laugh- I don’t kno~w—even if it is onii-chan asking.  Besides, there’s also the possibility Bitch-chan gets too excited by my techniques and decides to not let go~

Ayato: You think so?  She might get excited by my kisses, too.

Raito: Ah~  Ayato got a head start.  Oh well—then if we take this tongue and Bitch-chan’s pretty legs—

So sweet.  It’s one of Bitch-chan’s best parts—this sweetness overtaking my tongue.  Next is here—what’ll happe~n?

Ayato: —Yeah, your skin really is sweet.  Is it because of the blood flowing underneath?

Raito: -laugh- You think so too, don’t you, Ayato?  Ah~ sharing something so special with my sibling—I’m so~ kind, aren’t I?  But well, even if we share your body between the two of us, Bitch-chan, your heart is mine.

Ayato: You think so?  Look at her expression.  She’s completely out of it because of my kisses.

Raito: Bitch-chan, if you don’t look at only me, I’m gonna punish you.  C’mon~

Ayato: Hey—what’re you doing, sneaking a kiss from her??

Raito: Hm~?  It’s fine isn’t it, onii-chan?  Just a bit, okay?

Ayato: Dammit, quit hogging her!  Come over here!!

Raito: Hey, Bitch-chan’s mine—

Ayato: Stupid, there’s no point in just talk.  If you’re a vampire, you have to— make a mark that won’t go away.

Raito: Ah!!  Sucking Bitch-chan’s blood before me—I won’t forgive you.  Me, too— Bitch-chan’s blood, it’s so good—

Ayato: -Tch- what’re you doing, going ahead and sucking it??  Besides, you, don’t go making that face like you like it!

Raito: -laugh- That’s my line.  Even though Ayato’s only interested in Bitch-chan’s blood—I’m different.  I love Bitch-chan’s blood and body, too—all of it, right?

Ayato: -Keh-  Love, my ass.  I show with actions, not words.

Raito: Wo~w, that ticks me off.  We’re siblings, but I could kill you right now—biting my precious Bitch-chan

Ayato: Shut it.

Raito: -laugh- Look at Bitch-chan’s face~  She’s completely out of it. -laugh-  So scandalous~ Cute.

Ayato: Hey, say I’m the best.  You’re making that face because I’m— biting you like this.

Raito: Ayato’s wrong, right?  Bitch-chan’s feeling it because of— my fangs, right?

Ayato: Then it’s on—go until she says which is better.

Raito: -laugh- Just what I want.  The night’s just started, right?

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To distract from the overwhelming topic. Imagine this great headcanon: red is autistic. It would explain why he's mute. He doesn't like the pokeride gear because it's too heavy. It's why it's hard for him to do PDA bc it takes away his focus and overwhelms the senses. And his special interest is Pokemon lmao. Listen this is my favorite hc because a lot of the Pokemon culture is autistic and the original face being autistic makes me so happy pls add on if you'd like.

THI S IS SO GOOD?? sorry for cqaps but im !!!! yellign aaahhh !! i like these and i dunno what to add on but fam.. fam bless you like i love this? i f you have a specific scenario you like.. i might draw (but finals are next week