thi s is my life now

Discovering things about yourself is so great ffor example I have always known that I will go for Old Hollywood aesthetic/slicked back hair/double breasted suit/Frank Sinatra crooning in my ear but now I understand that on the same person I would still go for 90’s sk8er jumpsuit enthusiast:/bunny teeth/ sockless heathen/ I Have A Hand-Crafted Beard Comb Which Is Why I Refuse To Shave What If I Make My Artisanal™ Beard Comb Sad aestheticc/ballgate is thi s me vagueing about Chr*s P*ne yes it is

I just recently started jogging and my dog is so annoyed by my incompetence as a runner.

Daenerys: dude. Dude check out thi–why are you all the way back there?

Me: I’ll be there in a minute. Just let me catch my breath.

Daenerys: it’s literally 20 feet that should take you 2 seconds.

Me: just. A minute. Hold on.

Daenerys: I was promised a working home why did I end up with a defective biped you are the worst I’m gonna go do some actual running now bye.

Tatiana Maslany's Emmy Acceptance Speech as the Clones.
  • Cosima: Uh, wooooow *waves hands*. Okay, like...this is totally incredible and completely, like, unexpected *waves hands*. Holy watershed!
  • Sarah: Bloody hell, this thing is heavy as shite; you could knock a shitty ex over the head with this thi- Uuuhhh...*clears throat* but uh, yeah. Cheers for this, really. It's great.
  • Alison: Holy fiiiishtiiiicks...Who do I thank!? Who do I thaaaaaaank? *taps forehead* I know there are people I should be thanking! Uhhhhh-
  • Helena: When I was child, my parents gave me a most wonderful life; with much love. I was very happy. So I thank them with my heart.
  • Krystal: And liiiiike, I am so totally, in shock right now *hyperventilates just a little*. Like, I can't even! This is sooooooooo incredible *fans away tears* Like, thaaankyew so much!
  • Rachel: *Deadpan* We mustn't forget the combined efforts of my fellow nominee's whom I regard with only the utmost respect.
  • Tony: *snickers* Damn, this is really something. Shiiiiiit.
  • Beth: *looking down at hands* And I know I'm rambling, so I'll wrap it up. Thank you. All I can say is 'thank you'. *looks up* Thank you, so much.