Is there an established timeline of the series?

Well, yes. Yes there is.

It’s impossible to classify all the events Lemony Snicket describes in a neat, unified timeline, but SOME of these events do fit in an organized chronology. We can therefore make a list of them, determining how many years separate them. Feel free to use it as reference for any theoretical article or fanfic.

A few rules before we start:

  • Year 1 has been established as Lemony’s birthyear.
  • As we’ve previously discussed, there is much ambiguity about the age Lemony believes himself to be. We assume for the sake of chronology that he was, indeed, taken from VFD as an infant. He may have been thirteen or twelve during “All the Wrong Questions” depending on the quotes you believe.
  • The only date we fixed arbitrarily is the age Lemony was when he had to leave Beatrice: 23. They were assumed to be young adults at that point, but the event may have occured earlier or later. Let’s also keep in mind that Kit is older than Lemony and yet has to give birth to a daughter much further down the line.
  • Some events (such as Fernald’s birthday) cannot be calculated with precision though we can rule out some years as too early/late.
  • It’s very difficult dating the assassination of Olaf’s parents. Because of its controversy, the matter has been excluded entirely.

Many thanks to Détective Denouement from the “La pente Glissante” forum for his invaluable help in referencing this article.

This chronology is nothing but and informed opinion: the Sleuth advises extreme caution and criticism. The timeline starts after the cut.

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Ultimate Talk Action
Dangan Ronpa
Ultimate Talk Action

So I was just curious what would happen if you layered all the BTB/PTA themes over one another and…I’m really pleased with the result….hopefully it’s actually half decent and not just pure noise I managed to like?? If that’s the case feel free to yell at me…

Songs used:
Super M.T.B. - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
P.T.A. - Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
New T.A. - New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

I do not own any of the songs used in this mashup


“Does it hurt?”
“A little, but I’d do it all over again in a second.”
I smiled up at my twin, so grateful for him
(On Ahren punching Jack for Eadlyn)

holy shit it’s messing me up to think about how tony was wearing civilian clothes under the suit during the cap 3 final battle

like he’s in his civilian clothes. he finds out about broussard, immediately goes to ross, ross won’t tactically back him up, so he goes to the avengers, and sam says “go alone” and he does, with zero preparation, he just sticks himself into the suit and goes

when he crawled out of the suit after the battle, he might have had shitloads of internal injuries and shit and he was still wearing that same black jacket and his jeans like this is supremely messing me up and i know it’s happened before, but this time he was specifically asked to come to steve as a friend, with no badges and no officially sanctioned people standing behind him, and he does

and at the end of the day after steve and bucky leave and the suit is in pieces, that’s who you have, tony stark and how he came help steve in his civilian clothes and that’s actually tony’s answer to steve, who one day asked him who he was behind the suit and steve went away and??? and??? and??? TONY’S IN HIS CIVILIAN CLOTHES UNDER THE SUIT this is fucking me UP