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i'm going to townsend next year and i'm excited yet nervous. I'm coming in as sophomore and was overjoyed when i found that i was accepted because they had rejected me the first time :(. I know it's the school I want to go to but i'm not looking forward to the workload... do you have any advice for me? Btw i love your poems!

hey, congratulations on getting into townsend harris! it’s a really big deal and you should be very proud of yourself - it’s tough getting in as a transfer student, so there shouldn’t be any doubt about whether or not you’d be able to manage the workload. i love hearing stories about people getting into a school or getting a job after being rejected from it first, there’s so much resilience there, there’s so much hope and hard work there. really, good for you, honey. i’ll be honest: the workload at townsend harris is intense. those four years were the hardest four years of my life and i went to swarthmore college. my first month at townsend harris, i used to come home and cry because everything felt like too much and i didn’t understand why i was there. but, i had this nightmare one night, about transferring out of townsend harris and going to another high school - and it felt like this big mistake. i’m really glad i went to townsend, even though it was so tough and so hard, even though it wasn’t the typical high school experience, even though i didn’t date at all in high school, even though i didn’t have a date for prom, even though there were some nights when i slept maybe four hours a night, even though some classes felt like a blur of assignments and projects and tests. some of my best friends were young women i met at townsend harris. i grew into a better writer there. i grew into a better student. all the good things that have happened to me, so many of them can be traced to entering that really bleak looking building. my advice is to take each day at a time, to make good friends, to take your work seriously but not personally. i’m 22 years old and i didn’t always love high school, but, townsend harris was the place for me. i couldn’t have learned what i learned there anywhere else. i know you’re gonna do great things. these next three years are gonna be full of so much, learning and growing and working. trust me, you’re gonna be just fine. 


These past four years has created lifelong memories. When ordinary people say, “One time at band camp…,” they never finish the sentence, but I can complete the sentence: “One time at band camp, I got to squirt Brittany with water using the gap between my teeth.” It may sound weird, but hey, we’re bandos and WE LOVE IT. Each graduating class has somehow found a way to bring the band closer together, and I can say this year, we have done the same. Thank you to Class of 2009, 2010, 2011 for being role models for our Class of 2012.

2008 – Of Legend and Lore, WBA 4A 3rd Place
2009 – Scenes of Trepidation and Tranquility, WBA 4A Champions
2010 – Military Flight Plan, WBA 4A 2nd Place
2011 – Phobias: What are you Afraid Of?!, WBA 4A 2nd Place

senior schedule (=

0/1 - Physical Conditioning (W&F)
½ - Humanities Seminar (TUES&TH)
3 - AP Statistics
4 - US Government
5 - AP Environmental
6 - AP Environmental (F)
7 - Senior Meeting (M)

So basically free 6th on Monday and 2nd on Friday lmfao FML but I get to leave 6th Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I also get to come in 3rd band Monday. I’m content, I got all the classes I wanted, hopefully they don’t change it!