ZULI (Vent,Wonderful Morning,Quit Together/Cairo,EG), Sub Human Bros (JP), Cozmik Onion Express 2.91414 (JP/DK) + DJ Cazpera

Sub Human Bros & Cozmik Onion Projects presents Techno x Noise x Non-White from Egypt,Japan,turkey feat.

ZULI is a member of Egyptian electronica pioneers Wonderful Morning and Vent, as well as the genre-bending Quit Together. A multi-instrumentalist and producer, he also makes Hip-hop under pseudonym Swag Lee- most notable for his work with rising Egyptian rappers, and as XULI on his left-field techno excursions, making fans out of some of the most unorthodox DJs and producers across the globe. When he’s not collaborating with other artists, ZULI is the co-founder and music curator at VENT, and co-founder of KULTKAIRO.

Sub Human Bros / subhumanbros,Eintakt Records (JP/DE)
Sub Human Bros are Electronic techno band of Sakamoto brothers. Sub Human Bros reminds a middle school techno, house music,Detroit techno,80’s-90’s Disco sound!
Their tracks contains real time compose and arrangement mixing with MPC control, Synthesizer filled emotion with Auto synchronization of real brothers.

Cozmik Onion Express 2.91414 (JP/DK)
Cozmik Onion Express is an life-long (if my life is long) project since 2006 in London by Taishi Nagasaka aka DJ ONONiiONIONIION.As 2.91414, Taishi plays Trigger with analog percussion synths with bass pedals and italian keybord syetem 5 with a danish drummer Jonas plays energetic drums.

my one of my favorite Berlin, DJ Cazpera , will spin 70’s Turkish Psych/Funk, Cumbia etc!!!