You Are Safe Part 2 (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Request (4): Part 2 for “You Are Safe”

Warnings: Angst, swearing, emotional

Word Count: 1,434

A/N: Another warning from me, this may not be as good as the first part :/


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Author’s POV

It had been two weeks since the incident between Y/N and her boyfriend happened and Peter had been trying really hard to avoid Y/N without her noticing. He used to think he would have a chance with her when she breaks up with her boyfriend but after what she said, after she told Peter she was glad to have Peter as her best friend, Peter gave up. If he didn’t avoid her, he knew he would immediately say something stupid, like asking her out, or even worse, he would just froze and say nothing which would hurt him more. He was actually really good at ignoring her, after two weeks, she didn’t say a word about Peter’s weird behaviors, well until now.

Your POV

“Peter!” You called your best friend’s name across the room. It was the science class and your teacher told you about the project that needs to be done with a partner. You had three weeks and you didn’t want to finish it the last second so you decided to start that day. Of course your partner was going to be your best friend, that’s why you called his name but he seemed to be not hearing you.

“Peter!” You called his name in a higher voice this time. After a few seconds he turned around to face you. You got up and walked towards him, then, you sat on the desk next to him. You quickly started talking to him about the project but he wasn’t even looking to your direction. You waved really close to his face: “Earth to Peter, are you there?” He turned back to you and smiled: “Sorry , sure we can do the project together.”

“I was not asking if we could do it together, I was talking about what we should do. Of course we will be partners!” You laughed and he smiled again then the bell rang.

You were waiting outside the school, in the parking lot Peter. You were going to his house for the project and you were excited. It was not your first time going to his house, it was because you loved spending time on his place. You loved talking to Aunt May, she was always kind to you also you guys didn’t know why but Peter’s house was more fun than yours. You felt someone touching your shoulder, you were expecting it to be Peter so you smiled: “Hey, wh-“ Then you realized it was your ex-boyfriend. Your heart started to race, your hands got sweaty, you were scared. You took a step back: “What are you doing here.” You stuttered, your voice was shaking, you hoped he didn’t notice that. “Hey, hey calm down. I won’t even stand close you. I –I just wanted to talk to you about something.” He said quickly. “Sorry, I’m busy right now.” You mumbled. “I’m waiting for Peter. Remember him? The person I cheated on you with.” You said sarcastically and laughed but it was a painful laugh. “I-I’m really sorry but I can’t explain you myself like this. Can we please go talk somewhere else tomorrow, after school?”  He whined. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Being the tolerant person you are: “I-I don’t know. I’m not saying no but when I decide if I want to or not to talk to you, I will text you. Now, please go.” You smiled weakly and he left without saying anything. Peter came after a few minutes later and you both didn’t say a word until you arrived to his house.

Aunt May opened the door and hugged both of you. Normally, you would love to stay there for an hour and talk to her about literally anything but in that moment, all you could think about was your ex-boyfriend. You seriously didn’t know what to do. You and Peter headed to his room and closed the door. Whether it was your room or anyone else’s, you couldn’t study without the door being closed. You both sat down on his bed and started working.

Author’s POV

It had been two hours since Y/N and Peter started working and the only thing they talked about was the project. Besides that, they hadn’t say a single word. Peter noticed that something was wrong with Y/N. He was dying to ask her what was wrong because every second he was getting more worried but he couldn’t since he was trying to be distant with her. After the painful two hours, he couldn’t ignore her mood anymore and said: “Okay Y/N close the books.” Y/N was confused: “I’m sorry, what?”

“Just close them, we need to talk.” His voice was more serious than he planned so Y/N was really worried: “Okay… What’s wrong?”  She asked shyly. “Actually what is wrong with you? Is everything okay? You hadn’t talked to me properly since we left the school. Did I do something wrong?” He asked quickly. Y/N sighed, she was trying to decide whether to tell Peter about her boyfriend or not.

“Peter…I-I… Well the thing is, before we left the school, I was waiting for you outside and… And then- My ex-boyfriend came and talked to me.” Peter’s eyes were wide open: ”Did he do something to you Y/N?! Are you okay?! Why didn’t you tell me in the first place, he wouldn’t be able to harm you.” Peter was angry but not because of Y/N, he was angry because of her ex-boyfriend. “Calm down Peter. He didn’t do anything, in fact he said he needed to apologize from me and also talk to me tomorrow after school.” Y/N mumbled. She was actually considering to talk to him but she knew it was dangerous. Peter sighed: “Well, he must be really stupid, he actually thought you would give him one more chance after what he had done to you.” He tried to smile. Y/N didn’t say anything because she knew Peter was right. It would be really stupid giving him the thousandth chance but she was still indecisive. She didn’t even know if she still loved him. “Oh no.” Peter said. “You are actually considering about giving him a one last chance. I can’t believe you Y/N.” Now he was really angry, this time because of Y/N.

Y/N got up from the bed and headed to the door: “I-I don’t want to talk about this.” She was about to cry but didn’t want to cry in front of Peter ever again. Why was he acting like this? This wasn’t Peter, this was a rude person she didn’t know anything about.

“Stop right there! I can’t let you leave before you listen to what I say!” Now Peter was actually yelling at her. He got up from the bed and came closer to her. “Peter… Stop.” Y/N whispered. She really didn’t want to be there for another second but she couldn’t find the strength and courage to open that door and leave immediately. She was frozen. Now there were inches between her and Peter and her back was leaned against the door. Peter didn’t say anything for a few second then he started to cry. “Do you know..” He whispered. “Do you know, how much I care about you?” His voice was higher now but it was really hard for him to talk about his feelings. ”For years. For fucking years! I-I was the one who protected you! He was the one who abused you!” He was shouting but Y/N wasn’t scared anymore, she was crying too. Peter was sobbing. “It’s driving me crazy okay?! Being the only person who actually cares about you but also being the only person who is being ignored by you!” He threw a punch near Y/N’s head. Now both of them were crying harder than ever. Peter looked into Y/N’s eyes: “I’m in love with you.” He whispered. “I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He kept mumbling and got away from Y/N and sat on the bed. His head was between his arms now, he was still mumbling: “I’m sorry.” Y/N couldn’t move. She was shocked, she didn’t know what to think, what to feel. She came closer to Peter slowly then sat down beside him. He lifted his head up to face her:” You can leave now and never see my face again. I deserve this.” Without hesitation, Y/N kissed him. After a few seconds Peter broke the kiss: “I-I nearly hit you, Y/n I don’t deserve you.” Y/N kissed him again then said:” No Peter, you are the only person that deserves me.”