“That hair color definitely suits you,” Cinna commented, “But the nail polish…”

Effie sat up straight, “What’s wrong with it? I’ve seen countless fashion magazines advertising it. I thought it was interesting…”

“It makes your hands look dirty.” Cinna muttered matter of factly.

Spreading her hands out in front of her, the colorful haired girl sighed, “Dang it, you’re right. Why didn’t it look like that on those other girls?!”

“Photoshop is a wonderful thing, my dear.”

“Finger Photoshop?”

Cinna shrugged, “Who knows. But seriously, change colors.”

“Wiress,” Beetee whispered gently, “You’ve been back from the Games for several days now. I think you need to talk again… I miss your voice.”

She stared at him, eyes filled with fear, and shook her head furiously.

“Is the Capitol doing this to you?”

‘No’ she shook.

“Are you just scared?”

Wiress nodded. Beetee sighed and pulled her close, “Well, until you feel safe again, I guess we’ll have to find a different way to communicate, huh?”

Then, he pulled her into a sweet, but passionate kiss.

“Marvel?” Cato whispered.

“Mmm?” The brunette grunted, breathing onto his partner’s skin heavily.

“Marvel, please don’t let me go. Please… not until tomorrow… when… when we have to…”

Marvel paused in his exhale, slightly shocked by the obvious weakness in Cato’s voice. Then, he nuzzled back in, proving that he wasn’t planning on leaving for quite some time.

She watched as the Tracker Jacker nest fell from the tree. The first sting came. Then another. And another. Glimmer heard herself scream in desperation, pain washing over her body.

Suddenly, it was all gone, and she was wearing her favorite outfit. The wind was blowing. Glimmer took a deep breath and sighed. There was smoke on the air, a fire on the horizon.

She took a hesitant step towards it, curious. Instantly, she regretted it because, as soon as she moved, it was as if she was teleported to the flame.

It engulfed her, searing her skin, and all around her, the world went forever dim.

Finnick sniffed, leaning into his mother as much as possible. He felt her warm, slender fingers brush through his hair. He liked that. It made him feel better, knowing that she was touching him with such a loving gesture.

“Are you feeling better now, Finn?” She asked.

He sighed and nodded, “I guess. But I don’t wanna go outside again. Not today, at least…”

She smiled, “Okay, big guy. The other kids might miss you though.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t want to see Thomas ever again. And I know he’s still out there with them!”

“But if you stay in here and hide from Thomas, he’ll keep picking on you. Finnick, you really ought to march back out there and show him that his words don’t bother you anymore.”

“But they do!” Finnick groaned.

His mother winked, “Then make Thomas think they don’t. After a while, he’ll probably stop using them, because you won’t react to them anymore.”

Finnick nodded and slid off her lap, “Okay, mama, if you say so. But if he keeps up I’m coming straight home!”

“Okay, Finnick, okay,” his mother laughed, watching her son run back down the front path.

Mrs. Mellark watched carefully as her youngest son fumbled with the various toppings. She felt a small smile form on her lips.

“Ma!” Her middle son yelped upon entering the room, “Those are the ugliest pastries the world has ever seen! No one will want to buy that!”

“Oh, hush now,” The mother cooed, “We’ll just make sure to put up a little sign that says "Peeta Made Me!” and they’ll sell like hotcakes.“

"What’s a hotcake? Do we make those?”

Mrs. Mellark laughed, “No silly,” She ruffled the older boy’s hair, “It’s just an expression.”

Foxface turned, realizing Clove was no longer next to her. The dark haired girl was standing a few feet back, swaying with the wind and music.

“What are you up to, missy?” Foxface cooed.

Clove sighed, “I’m just… feeling this moment, while it lasts. Everything is so peaceful.”

The red head nodded in agreement. A group of guys to their left began approaching, wolf whistle’s and eager eyes.

Clove winked at Foxface, waving to the boys, “Hey, what’s up?”

“I, uh, we’re just looking at some fine pieces of women, you?” One of them sputtered.

“Oh, me too! Isn’t my girlfriend just precious in her little sandals?”

Foxface joined in, “And doesn’t my girlfriend look down right hot in that crocheted dress? I picked it out for her.”

The boy’s all went a little wide eyed as Clove placed a kiss on Foxface’s cheek. They intertwined their fingers and walked off, giggling at the group’s dumbfounded look.

Marvel stood in Clove’s doorway awkwardly, “You’re mother told me to come up and get you… cause you weren’t listening to her…”

Clove blushed, “Oh, sorry, I just let time get away from me. I haven’t even picked out what I want to wear on our date.”

“What’s wrong with what you have on? You look splendid.”

The girl smiled and shrugged, “I wanted to look special, I guess.”

The boy took a step into Clove’s bedroom, “You are special. Really special. And pretty.” Then, he wrapped her in a hug. And the hug morphed into the most beautiful first kiss Clove could have ever imagined.

Photo submitted by: ehitay.

Cato scooped Clove up in his arms, making her laugh. She pulled his hat off his head. Plopping it onto her own, the girl sighed, “This has been wonderful.”

“And you never want it to end?”


“And you wish that I’d done this a million times earlier?”

“A billion, actually.”

“And you want to stay with me until the day you die?”

Clove rasied her eyebrows, “What was that?”

“You heard me.” Cato grinned cheekily, “I just left the ring back at the hotel room. No need to get sand on it, right?”

Rue sighed, watching the world below her go past. A man approached her. It was Mr. Everdeen, she realized.

She grinned, waved. He smiled back.

Together, they liked to watch over Katniss. She had affected them both a ridiculous amount, no matter the difference in amount of time spent with her.

Katniss was amazing, they both knew.

And she was going to over come numerous things, including the war that they were watching unfold.

Marvel sighed, “This is the dumbest thing we’ve ever done.”

“It is not!” Glimmer swatted at him playfully, “You two look adorable.”

“We don’t wear clothes like this!”

“These are my favorite heels, thank you very much.”

“Okay, my son and I don’t dress like this. Ever.”

“Well, you are for these pictures. The outfits look nice together. Ask anyone.”

“Yeah!” The little person between them cheered.

At that Marvel had to laugh, “You’re even training our kid against me!”

Glimmer winked, “That’s what mommy’s do, right?”

“Can I ask what the point of this is again?” Marvel practically growled.

Cato shushed him.

The brunette sighed loudly, “This is dumb.”

Above him, his boyfriend was totally focused on the training tributes in the distance. Cato moved his hands to steady himself. He placed his fingers right over Marvel’s eyes.

“Okay, that’s it,” the dark haired boy stated, squatting down. He shoved Cato off.

“Oh, come on! I need to watch! I need to see what kind of training to do! My Games are coming up!” The blonde crossed his arms.

“And I don’t need to see? My Games might be coming up too, okay? And if we aren’t careful, we’ll end up in the same one! Come on, let’s go back to the party before we get caught.”

“Shh,” Foxfaced whispered, taking in deep, slow breaths.

Katniss paused in  her rant, watching the other girl carefully, “What are you doing?” The brunette whispered.

“I am enjoying the moment,” her girlfriend responded.

Groaning, Katniss shook her head, “How can you enjoy a moment like this? I have a boy who is trying to root into my hunting territory!”

Foxface placed a finger over Katniss’ lips, “Just relax a moment, my dear. That will make everything much better.”

Katniss hated to admit it, but Foxface was right.

A young Katniss sighed and crossed her arms. She rested her chin near her elbow.

“Whatcha doing?” Her dad asked quietly, squatting down next to her.


“About what?” Mr. Everdeen chuckled.

“About how I wanna catch a squirrel. And take it home. And play wif it.”

“Or we could eat it!”

“No, Daddy,” the little girl giggled, “You can’t eat one squirrel, you’d go hungry! We needs lots a squirrels for that!”