I’m on a roll! I’m also trying to get better at coloring stuff shh

I am a big fan of @solbabydraws, especially thge zombie AU, and she chose to draw Calypso for the @pjocoloringbookproject. I know I already did a sunset scene with Piper, but this is a yellow sunset, not a red one. I also accidentally thought Calypso was one of the Hesperides and they are the nymphs of golden sunsets

I hope you like it!

casual reminder that harry doesnt smile all that often - if at all - during the entirety of kingsman except for when he was beating people up at the bar (for the rentboy comment) and when eggsy made the my fair lady comment 

empiricalmarshall replied to your photo “HORIZON: ZERO DAWN + Random edits 19/??”

Yes, can someone please let us know what armor this is? It’s pretty great! :D


 the Shadow Stalward Heavy

i’m just copypsting cui so drunk like whoabuy yeah that0s the armor when you finish a quest from the  story with sylence theybgive yu a rgreen armor an tht unlocks thge medium ad very rare heavy versions of the armorr


69023 Joem . by Steven Barker
Via Flickr:
Thge last surviving J72 tank engine , 69023 Joem working with Flying Scotsman at the Shildon branch of the National Railway Museum .

How to Update a Chair For Dine Out

Open the chair in S4S: 

Click the warehouse tab, select the first “Object Catalog” then scroll down on the right hand side to “Tags” and click “Edit Items”  

A new window will open.  Click “Add”.  The new tag will say “None”.  On the right hand side where it says “Tag Value” erase the zero and type in the number “26625″.  The word “None” will change to “BuyCat_Venue_Restaurant”.

Don’t forget to save both in this window and the main window.

Do this for ALL remaining “Object Catalog” entries.

Important note:  Also check to make sure your chair has the tag “1006″ , if not add it in the same manner as above.

Many thanks to @siminimonster I needed to make a quick cheat sheet cuz I won’t remember any of this tomorrow!  :P


Modern Story

Once upon a time, it was discovered how to supply everyone with everything they needed, at very little effort.  But in order to do this, “Capital” was needed to acquire the machinery and build places for it to produce.  As well as needing initial quantities of raw materials.

But once this system was set up and running, those that put up the initial “Capital”, realized a return that meant they would never have to work again and that their children would get a boost in life.  Now  as these Descendants and their emulators took over the means of production, they remembered only the ease in which their ancestors lived and ignored the work it took to have that ease.  Thus they looked around for means to produce more sales and less costs.  thge goods were made shoddier in order to fall apart sooner and the workers were blamed for their Lack of Pride” for their work.  Wages were cut and foreign lands were opened up to provide cheaper Raw Materials, and more markets.

Then one day the Owners stumbled upon War, it was perfect.  All the goods that were produced, were produced to be destroyed.  But that soon developed an unseen side effect, after over a century of total war scattered across the world against shifting alliances, one producer survived, all the others quit and turned their backs on War, some shared the wealth among citizens, some just accumulated it, and slowed production when not needed.

But despite this one group refused to change, war was good enough for their ancestors it would be good enough for them.  Besides the workers deserved nothing, and war made the existing goods more valuable, by limiting them.  So this land of Grace and Freedom, declared war on Nobody.  Every Year it has great memorials and speeches celebrating the sacrifices made in the War against Nobody.  We hear how only traitors refuse to support the War on Nobody, and true Citizens will sacrifice all, in order to defeat Nobody.

This is the full letter, kingsmanhartwin, your anon was asking of. Get tissues for this. 

Dear Gary,

If you’re reading this letter the bad news is that I’ve
died in the line of duty and this has been passed on. 

I’ve always written my goodbyes on the last day of every
month because violent death is an occupational hazard,
and I hope I’ve taught you the importance of having your affairs in order.

I know that, ostensibly, I’ve been teaching you in
our period together, but on the other hand I genuinely believe
that you’ve been teaching me, too.
I taught you all about good
clothes and fine wine and foreign languages and nuclear bombs,
but you’ve taught me what was missing from my life. I love my
job and it brings me enormous satisfaction, but at the same
time I’ve been very lonely over the years. I’ve treasured all the
time we’ve spent talking about the stupid, little things.

Can you believe, after all these years, this is the first time I’ve
written a goodbye letter to someone I’m on first names basis with? 

Thank you for bringing some warmth into my life. Please don’t
use my death as an excuse to quit or wallow in self-pity.
I hope I’ve proven a man is capable of anything in his life.

All we need is a little opportunity and someone to believe in us.”