Mega Stones

The currently running Mega Stone distributions are about to end on Tuesday October 31st. These distributions are thge only way to get the specific Mega Stones in Pokémon Sun & Moon so be sure to get them while you can. The codes are as follows
M2DESCENT - Mewtwonite X & Mewtwonite Y
INTIMIDATE - Beedrillite, Mawilite, Medichamite, Audinite
AZUL - Pidgeotite, Steelixite, Heracronite, Houndoominite
MATSUBUSA - Sceptilite, Blazikenite, Swampertite, Cameruptite, Banettite
SABLEVOLANT - Tyranitarite, Manectite, Abomasite, Aggronite
POYONG - Gardevoirite, Galladite, Lopunnite, Diancite
DRACHE - Ampharosite, Altarianite, Latiasite, Latiosite

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Could you write something about mr heere & Jeremy awkwardly coming out to each other at the same time? Or mr heere/mr reyes wedding? Or both? I just found out about this ship but there's like nothing for it on Tumblr, please help, I'm dying for more!


buckle in your seatbelts everyone, this post is hella long

For coming out to each other I figure Mr Heere would suspect that Jeremy wasn’t straight and would also try to be pretty nonchalant about coming out, whereas Jeremy would see it as a more important topic. I also feel like Mr Heere would be the one to initiate the conversation even if it wasn’t fully intended. Anyways I made this vague in what their sexualities were specifically so believe whatever you want

Jeremy was more than confused when he heard his dad bustling around the house on an otherwise quiet Tuesday evening.
“Dad?” He called, popping his head out of his room. “Are you going somewhere?”
Mr. Heere appeared at the other end of the hall, and surprisingly, he had pants on. “I have a date,” he said. “Do I look okay?”
Jeremy stepped into the hallway, eyeing his father skeptically. “A date? Really? And I wouldn’t wear that tie with that shirt.”
Mr Heere huffed in defiance, taking off his tie. “Yes, a date. I have to pick him up in half an hour.”
Jeremy was already on his way back into his room, but he froze at a certain word. He leaned back out, squinting with suspicion. “Him?”
Mr Heere shrugged. “Some people are interested in people of the same gender, it’s completely normal-” “No no no, I knew that, I just didn’t know, that you, uh, liked men, that’s all.” Jeremy stammered.
“Oh, alright. Anyways, I’m taking him to dinner so I should be back around 9 or 10-”
“I like boys too,” Jeremy blurted. He felt a blush creep up his cheeks and ears. “Not that it’s a big deal! It’s just that you told me just now so I thought it would make sense to tell you. That I like boys, I mean. I just thought it was relevant because you like boys and hey, that’s cool, me too! Ahahahaha anyways have fun on your date bye!” He said quickly, sliding back into his room and slamming his bedroom door behind him.
Mr Heere smiled to himself, starting to walk back towards his room. “That’s great, but which tie should I wear?”
“Your blue one! The rest of them are ugly!” Jeremy yelled in reply. It’s good to know that some things will never change.

And for the second part of the ask, idk much about weddings and stuff but I do have some Thoughts to share (it turned into many many thoughts but who exists to stop me other than the hand of god himself)

•They would probably change their names to Reyes-Heere
•Mr Reyes probably planned a lot of the wedding himself
•But it wasn’t very big and it was mostly just close friends and family
•Mr Heere would probably be super nervous on the day of and Jeremy would have to help calm him down
•On the day of the wedding Jeremy cooked them breakfast in bed (the eggs were kinda burnt but he tried and they both teared up)
•Jeremy loves his two wonderful dads so much and he is hella proud of them
•Jeremy gives the best man speech and it’s fantastic
•Suddenly I’m tempted to write this and if you’re reading this bullet point right now that means I’m in the process of turning this into a full fledged fic instead of writing it here so congrats bmc fandom my simple shitpost is now going to be an entire fanfiction this is what happens when you give crack ship gremlins the attention they want
•All of the squip squad kids (the teenage characters) would come. And they would be super hype.
•Christine would cry during their vows
•Michael would gently pat Christine’s shoulder as she cried. “It’s just, so beautiful, Michael. They’re so happy”
•As they say “I do” Jeremy happens to lock eyes with Michael and he thinks “Wow… I want to marry Michael"  and then he’s shook for the rest of eternity
•The wedding reception is iconic and I don’t want to spoil too much of the mischevious soup I am brewing in my brain but it’s amazing
•I know, this is the most important part. What you’ve all been waiting for. Tumblr user boyf-riends, you say. What is their wedding song. Calm down, I say. I wish I could tell you. But I can’t. My mom and I have been talking about it for fifteen minutes and we can’t decide. Please share your ideas.
 •Very faintly in my distorted mind’s eye I see Paul Whitty slow dancing with himself
•Late that evening after they get home while his lawfully wedded dads are finishing up packing for their honeymoon (sidenote: they’re just going to NYC for a week to see a bunch of shows and be touristy lmao) Jeremy’s kinda dazed and one of The Dads is like "Jeremy are you okay?? You seem kinda upset” and Jeremy just slams his hands down on the table, and says completely seriously “I want to marry Michael”
•Mr Reyes-Heere (the birth dad) is like “Okay” and Mr Reyes-Heere (the teacher) starts laughing and then just walks over to Jeremy and hugs him and then it becomes a family hug and omg I’m crying rihgt now wha t thge fuckkc,,,

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Ok so I feel bad, cause all of hero academia is kids, but I think they look hot?? And I'm not a kid, but when shouto used his fire the first time or izuku showed his 6 ok or man kirishimas hardened mode it's like? Dang??? Its just confliction, most of thge time i just want to hug em but then those times happen and i hate myself

to be fair a lot of the kiddos from bnha don’t look like fifteen-sixteen year olds–Shouji is probably the most extreme example–and, my dude, there’s no shame in finding things nice to look at. as long as u know what ur doing^^

literally every frame of shouto in the anime is beautiful, especially when he uses his fire side. like. goddamn. it’s funny cuz his character design had all the makings to look like a really bad OC ((heterochromia, depressing past, super strong)) but everything about him is super likeable–his personality is the real kicker here though. he’s not your regular cool as a cucumber and silent rival y’know??? he’s just super awkward and doesn’t know how to interact with others to save his life??? he’s super earnest and takes life lessons to heart???? he’s just… such a breath of fresh air compared to other “silent, broody” protagonists and i love horikoshi for breaking the fold by creating shouto.

i don’t know why people don’t really talk about???? how hot izuku is???? i think i’ve been noticing this especially in the recent episodes (and he only gets better from here shit man). look-wise, yeah i can understand why people think he’s plain, but he’s one of those people where the longer you look at them, the more you see something about him that’s really, really nice. for me it was his shoulders and hands for some reason??? they’re really??? defined??? and then when i plugged a good pair of earphones on, i listened to his voice in both english and japanese, and jfc those moments where he mutters/talks to himself is. wow. it’s not just about his voice getting deeper–it’s what he’s talking about and why exactly he’s muttering in the first place. is it possible to find intelligence really attractive??? idk manz.

kirishima overall is freaking dope man i love him. like shouto and izuku he’s super earnest, sweet, and supportive–like, c’mon, bakugou respects him. you can tell he’s special from that alone^^ kirishima when he’s not in hardened mode is wow but when he is he’s just. ow. does that make sense???

yeahhh so ik you were initially talking about appearances anon but my thoughts kinda derailed lolol. like with character designs alone these kids are hella attractive but??? when u see their personalities??? their goals??? their morals??? 

it’s too much for my heart manz.

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leggy eats ice cream for the first time and she says "WHOA!!!" and then she says "hey guys you gotta try this!" and the rubys swarm an ice cream stand and try to pay in dirt


I’m on a roll! I’m also trying to get better at coloring stuff shh

I am a big fan of @solbabydraws, especially thge zombie AU, and she chose to draw Calypso for the @pjocoloringbookproject. I know I already did a sunset scene with Piper, but this is a yellow sunset, not a red one. I also accidentally thought Calypso was one of the Hesperides and they are the nymphs of golden sunsets

I hope you like it!