2016 has been a strangely memorable year. From the wildly disappointing ride that was the US election cycle to the never ending resurgence of Kermit memes, there was so much to love and hate about the year. Where 2016 really shone was in the sheer amount of quality music that was put out. It was hard to go a week without at least one album being added to my list of favorites, and it shows. An impressive 81 albums ended up making my final list. And while it’s nearly impossible to rank everything I loved this year, I tried my best. It will probably change in the coming weeks, as it so often does, but for now, here are indiexmusic’s Best Albums Of The Year.

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Animals need rescuing from the most unlikely places and we got a call from the police to alert us of a stray swan in a very strange place – the A3!

We arrived on scene to find that the police had closed one of the busy lanes and firefighters were on hand with a big net trying to keep the swan off the roadway!

Simon wasted no time in getting to the rescue and pursued the swan single handedly into some very thorny bushes. Before too long (and after losing a shoe), Simon managed to safely recover the bird and it was back to the centre for a checkup.

After a good nights rest and some breakfast, we took the swan to a nearby lake and integrated him in to an existing group. After watching it happily float away we even found a sandwich van to get some breakfast of our own!


Kelly Clarkson Hints About New Album

Hey there! If you already follow me or go through my account after seeing this, you’ll see that I’m not exactly a new studyblr account. I am simply introducing myself now because I feel that I have my schoolwork balanced enough now that I can handle actually running an account effectively. 

Some facts about me:

~ My name is Caleigh, however I go by the nickname “Mimi” online.

~ I’m 15 years old and a freshman in high school. (Young, am I right?)

~ I’m from the United States.

~ I plan on becoming a dermatologist.

~ I’m aiming for Oxford University in Oxford, England. So please, if you go here, give me some instead details!

~ I really love travelling and I plan on visiting so many places, oh my.

~ My favourite subjects are maths, health, and computer literacy.

Some of the studyblrs that inspired me:

@studyign @studysleepeat @aesthetic-academia @aestheticstudyign @elkstudies @studyplants @tbhstudying and @studylou

If you want, feel free to send asks, submissions, or messages to me and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible!


Gucci Mane - Stutter (New)

Prince - Chapter One: Urbi et Orbi

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“Wield your secrets like a knife, Daphne,” Iris says, the words sounding laboured, harsh in the quiet room. “Your face is a mask,” she breathes, “Hide behind it - keep yourself, what you are, a secret.” Her fingers tighten, brittle strength. “Do you understand?”

Veja as fotos de #AngelinaJolie e os filhos, nesta última quinta-feira (08/12) na Galeria do Angelina Jolie Brasil! •

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1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
29th Annual New London to New Brighton Antique Car August 2015 Finish Line Stockyard Days Long Lake Regional Park New Brighton Minnesota Mile 118.5 Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site.


If I haven’t posted a lot of drawings for a while, it’s for a good reason!
I’ve been practicing a lot of poses and some bases, got advices from great artists and been improving a LOT!
In near 48 hours, I’m supposed to receive a very special package.
I’ll post pics about it, also, I’ll be moving to Paris the 24 december!!!
I’ll start living there with my aunt for three months, so prepare to be flooded by photos of the city!
I’m going to take some days off Tumblr around that day, time to prepare things and all that stuff!
I’m very excited! It’s been 4 years since I started living in Spain!!!
I will possibly take requests for January!
Well, that’s most of it!
I want to thank again everyone! You’ve all been cinnamons! Thanks!!!