Todos nós sentimos a necessidade de ter um amor. É bem relativa a questão do “amar” e “ser amado” porque as vezes a intensidade do nosso sentimento é tão frenética que nos doamos demais para quem não é capaz de receber tanto. Equilíbrio! É isso que deve existir numa relação. Um lado não pode amar mais que o outro, um lado não pode se doar mais que o outro. Tem que ser equilibrado. Às vezes algumas questões irão nos sufocar ao ponto de pensarmos não precisar de alguém, mas no fundo, ninguém nasce para ficar sozinho.
—  Douglas Lima.

Jamila Woods FT Chance The Rapper - LSD (Official Video) (New)


Wale FT Major Lazer, Wizkid & Dua Lipa - My Love (Official Video) (New)

How you feel when the zodiac signs look into your eyes

Aries: when they stare into your eyes you feel like they’re going to devour you, so fiercely…you can melt right in front of them. They have a harmful look for your heart

Taurus: when they stare into your eyes you can feel their big and generous heart. They can allure u in one second, they can make u fall in love into an instant, be aware where u look

Gemini: when they stare into your eyes u can see their world and their curiosity, their look can make u feel the most special person in the world. They can make u feel wanted in one stare, but their eyes are hard to get

Cancer: When they stare into your eyes you can see their strong will and their loving nature! Such bright and brave look! You can see into their eyes how loyal they are.

Leo: When they stare into your eyes u can see how wise they are, you can read into their look how hard they are working to please everyone and to take care of others, beautiful eyes

Virgo: When they stare into your eyes u can feel how they analyse you. They can make u melt or freeze with one stare, it depends on their mood and how they perceive you

Libra: When they stare into your eyes you can see their truthful and caring mind, they can make you feel understood and their look will make u feel ~at home~

Scorpio: When they stare into your eyes at first you can see their fear to be hurt, but after they know you , u can see their childish and loving heart, they can make u feel not lonely in one look

Sagittarius: When they stare into your eyes you can see their seek of adventure and their need to make new friends, their stare tell you not to be afraid , their look make u feel safe somehow…!

Capricorn: When they stare into your eyes you feel the luckiest person alive, you feel wanted and you feel like u can understand them. Their look make u feel like your naked In front of them

Aquarius: When they stare into your eyes you can feel a wall between you two, they are in their world, their look make u nuts and make u want to now more, their look break hearts and make others fall in love.

Pisces: When they stare into your eyes you feel like you are controlled by their mind, you feel loved but at the same time you feel like u can fall at any time, they hypnotise with their look

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quiet corners.

pretty girls in crowded places
approach me and ask my name

i’m slow flicker, call me small flame
but i fall in love like i’m a wildfire
and burn myself along the way

i like to sit in quiet corners
i find comfort in the rain

my heart’s half cemetery
and i have my father’s face

i’m haunted by obituaries
and a face etched into stone
it’s the only father i’ve known

i’m followed by storm clouds
sometimes my flame gets put out
and i wear my head down for awhile

i think today’s one of those days
where it’s kind of hard to smile

my name is stuttering wick
but you can call me ryan

or you can call
if you need
at all

but most pretty girls call it quits
and walk away from quiet corners