SSS - The Pearl of the Antilles, Chapter 12

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I didn’t make my 50K word goal for NaNoWriMo but I did make headway on editing this fic.  I’m sorry for the lag in updates - you can expect an update on this fic this week.  I offer you this small snippet in the meantime. Remember, unbeta’d, untitled and subject to change:

“[…] But Katniss, you know….” he looked at her meaningfully, unable to put into words what that knowledge was but he knew she had her own ways of knowing things. “Something is coming. You and I know this. All this,” he spread his arms to indicate everything around him. “It cannot be sustained indefinitely. It is constructed on the foundation of human misery and cannot last. I realize this now.” He took her by her arms and pulled her to him. “ If it is not him, someone else will come and incite the people. The colonies have successfully rebelled. France is in upheaval. Call it magic. Call it history. Call it whatever you will but I know this must come to an end and I will not live if you burn along with it!”

Katniss listened, considering his words before her face hardened and she took to her feet. “I did not marry you to obey you, Sir. I married you because I wished to tie my life to yours, in good and in evil. If Le Cap is burning before my very eyes, then I give you my word, I will do as you say. But I will not be parted from you on the mere intimation of disaster.”

“Katniss, please,” he pleaded. “Finnick has already arranged for Annie and the children to travel at a moment’s notice. I have tarried too long under a false optimism. Now we must rectify this oversight, for your protection.”

“No, Peeta!  This man is a bag of wind. He has his words, his conviction but he has no actions behind them.” She kneeled before him, grasping his thighs. “I know all that you say, more than you realize. But I cannot change the winds of fate. I can only love you, here and now, with the small power that the Loas have given me.  And my choice is to stay. You will not compel me to abandon you!”

This and That: a collection of Everlark drabbles

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by NotAnIslander

This is a collection of drabbles I found in my google docs and thought, why not publish them? So here they are. I will leave it open in case I have others to add at a future date.

Words: 1910, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English

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Guys guys you have to listen to this song, I heard it last week and it’s called Panadero (Baker) and the moment I heard this song my first thought was Peeta lol, the lyrics I don’t know, doesn’t make any sense but they’re funny so I made the translation so here’s the lyrics in english

Look, the baker is coming
His pants are very thight

Baker of my love
Baker of my life

The baker kneads kneads the dough
His bread is food and also torment

Baker of my love
Baker of my life

Heats, heats, heats the oven
Drop out, drop out your pants

Heats, heats, heats the oven
Drop out, drop out your pants


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abstract kind of thoughts, Josh is friends with Miley Cyrus isnt he, via Liam? Miley has pulled an incredible stunt over the past few years, going from perfect American good girl, in Hannah Montana, into an absolute PR nightmare, good girl turned bad. But she has transitioned perfectly from teenager who can be pushed around, into an adult who makes her own decisions and choices. I wonder if some of Joshs recent behaviour is meant to highlight, he is an adult now, not a child?

Yes, I’m sure Josh has met Miley. Are they friends? I don’t know.

Anyway, I feel that Josh has been steadily working on shedding that kid image, pretty much since THG came out. He started to dress more “adult”, went to parties/music festivals and was seen drinking heavily, and then buying booze (with a fake iD), etc–and all this was back like 2012/2013-era. 

Then, around Catching Fire, his interviews, at least the print interviews (now remember, this is just my opinion), became more adult-sounding, more gritty. He started swearing a lot, talking about his own sex life, relationships, and of course, the possibility that he could be bisexual. To me, that really seemed like when he was pushing to end this idea that he was still little Jess from Bridge to Terabithia.

And yes, that change was expected. He wanted to be taken seriously as an actor who could handle adult, leading man roles, something he himself admitted he struggled with landing–so sure, was he trying to come off more like a bad ass at this point? So people would see past him as a high schooler or teen once THG was done? I think so. 

Then the smoking started. I’m not sure how long that went on before we actually saw him doing it regularly, but I was surprised, given that he had been so involved with athletics prior, he would do something to compromise his ability to play basketball, a sport he loved and played often, which…it eventually did. 

This other stuff? To be honest I think we’ve gone past the point of him trying to prove he’s an adult who can make his own choices now. I think everybody is well aware, he absolutely can make his own choices and that’s exactly what he’s doing. Josh isn’t somebody who wants to be controlled by what others think–I mean, his message is “always be you”, which he’s….basically doing that. For better or worse.

The issue, for me, becomes that for a person looking to hire an actor to play in a movie say, with no new projects out, and only a slue of tabloid articles about his girlfriend, PDA photos, and rumors of him being totally inebriated, doesn’t necessarily make me want to hire the guy. And I know, he very well may have projects lurking in the pipeline we know nothing about, and we’re once again fretting when he’s going to have a lot to do coming up in 2017 (like we always do and I pray that we are).

I defended and supported and argued for him because I wanted to believe things were going to change. I care about him a lot. I’m his fan, it’s a given. I just want him to be the best person he can be, to live an abundant and happy life he deserves with the successful career he’s worked so hard for. 

And I hope, that if what he’s doing now is so that people understand he’s not a kid anymore, he makes his comeback soon. I’m beyond ready.