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Basic Training

Summary: Of course he’d be back now for the holidays. Exodus, I guess they call it. In basic training, they let even the lowest grunts go home for Christmas.

A/N: Modern AU Everlark. Rated E for explicit language, graphic sex, and passing references to drug and alcohol use. A Christmas one shot. 

Can be found on AO3 as part of the “101 Ways To Say I Love You” collection, a collaboration with @peeta-pit. Contains direct and revised quotes from The Hunger Games books and films, none of which I own (bummer), and song lyrics by Norah Jones.  

With many thanks to @dandelion-sunset@jennagill, @everlylark, and @eala-musings for pre-reading, betaing, and general hand-holding. I love you guys!

For @kellywithayy. Happy extremely belated birthday, chica. ;)  

If you’ve enjoyed this story, please drop me a line. I’ll consider it a Christmas present. ;) And happy holidays, wherever this finds you, especially to all members of the Armed Forces and their families. <3c

It’s his mother I see first, in the reflection of my water-spotted spoon, as I hold it up to inspect it for dirt. The curve of the metal shows her how she really is, how I see her, emphasizing her deformities—a cold and shallow woman, who’d always thought, with that over-sized head of hers, that I was never good enough for him, not even as his friend.

What kind of monster thinks that about a kid?

Our booth is in the back corner of the diner—where they seat all the ugly people—and because my back is to the rest of the restaurant, I don’t immediately notice them when they come in and are seated half a dozen tables behind us. By the time I see the bitch, she’s sipping tea out of a chipped porcelain mug, one of her haughty eyebrows raised and her puckered, prematurely wrinkled lips pursed in disapproval as she listens to a man with a buzz cut say something to her.

Subtly, so Prim doesn’t notice me looking, notice her, and then open her big mouth, I rotate the spoon to see who else is with her. Her husband sits next to her and looks none too happy about it, keeping enough distance between them for the Holy Ghost and an entire host of angels. No love lost between those two. And next to him, wedged into the corner, one of his broad shoulders pressed to the wall from lack of space, is their oldest. Across from them, with their backs to mine, is Rye, with his trademark douchebag man bun I’d recognize from outer space, and next to him, on the aisle side of the bench, is the man with the buzz cut.

It doesn’t occur to me right away that it’s Peeta—my Peeta (except he isn’t mine at all)—because Peeta has wavy blond hair that curls at the very ends, feathery wisps that hang over his collar and ears, begging to be clutched and grasped and twirled by curious fingers. (Not that I’d ever had the courage to do any of those things.) He’s had hair like that his entire life—at least for as long as I’ve known him, which amounts to pretty much the same thing—the sign of a boy who has always been careless about his good looks.

His hands give him away, gesturing as he talks. They’re recognizable even in the convex surface of my spoon, and I swallow with effort, dropping it into my coffee. Emptying a plastic cup of creamer into my mug, I swirl, swirl, swirl, trying to erase the memory of the way his hands looked holding mine. I stare down at the cream dispersing, transforming something straightforward and pure into a muddied, adulterated mess.

Of course he’d be back now for the holidays. Exodus, I guess they call it. In basic training, they let even the lowest grunts go home for Christmas.

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Mile High

Summary: When Katniss Everdeen boards Pan Em Flight 1213, the last thing she expects is to be flying a mile high with Peeta Mellark.

A/N: Modern AU. Explicit sexual situations and language.

With many thanks to my amazing betas and friends myusernamehere and hutchhitched. All mistakes, errors, artistic liberties, and flights of fancy are mine. A million thanks to the incomparable loving-mellark​ for making the hottest, most gorgeous banner. Girl, I do not know how you do it. You are a magical unicorn. 

You can find Chapter 1 here or on AO3. Swing by and let me know whatcha think. <3

For dandelion-sunset. XOXO 


Chapter 2: Takeoff

The woman walking toward me reminds me of someone I used to know in high school. Or, rather, someone I wish I’d known.

She’s rumpled–the dark, sleek strands of her hair spring loose from her side braid and frame her oval face, and her baggy, well-worn sweatshirt hangs off her shoulder from the heavy pull of her messenger bag, exposing the sharp line of her collarbone and a dusky rose bra strap. Her cheeks are flushed, and she’s breathing heavily. Her flinty gray eyes spark a fire directly in my groin.

Suddenly I can’t breathe. 

She isn’t pretty. She isn’t beautiful. She is as radiant as the sun.

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dylan shrike + crossover au aesthetics 1/?

the hunger games:  capitol.  rogue gamemaker, dreamer for a revolution he knows he’ll never get to see happen.     //     harry potter:  gryffindor.  smart and eager to learn as a ravenclaw, but willing to throw all sense in favour of bravery.     //     star wars:  jedi.  force sensitivity chose him young but it was only tragedy that made him without fear to tempt him.     //     the magicians:  hedge magician.  brakebills was a start, but he can’t watch the talented young who keep walking out without doing something.     //     shadowhunters:  warlock.  half hell, half human can’t feel the pride in his species — he’ll just take what it has to offer.     //     divergent:  divergent erudite.  a broken piece of a system, he can only survive if he joins the enemy.

This post is for Jackie jennagill whose birthday is today. I hope you had a wonderful day! Here is some Peeta for your viewing pleasure.

Sleepy Peeta

“Shit, Monkey Mutts!” Peeta

Baker Boy Peeta

You’re Hot, Peeta

Damaged Peeta (i’m crying)

Buff Peeta

Peeta’s on Fire

Handsome Peeta (I love this look)

Sassy Peeta

“I’m Coming For You” Peeta

“I’ll See You at Midnight” Peeta

Handcuffed Peeta

Beach Kiss Peeta

Wet Side Story Peeta

And last but not least…

“Always” Peeta

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Mile High

Summary: When Katniss Everdeen boards Pan Em Flight 1213, the last thing she expects is to be flying a mile high with Peeta Mellark.

A/N: Modern AU. Explicit sexual situations and language.

With many thanks to myusernamehere​ for being an amazing, patient, and brilliant beta and friend. All mistakes, errors, artistic liberties, and flights of fancy are mine. Also a million thanks to the incomparable loving-mellark for making the hottest, most gorgeous banner. Girl, I do not know how you do it. You are a magical unicorn.

Check out chapters 1 and 2, and please swing by here or on AO3 to let me know whatcha think. <3

For dandelion-sunset. XOXO


Chapter 3: Cruising Altitude

Maybe it’s the half bottle of champagne I’ve devastated in a handful of swills, but I’m feeling bold and uninhibited. When Peeta tells me that I can kiss him anytime I feel like it, I don’t care whether or not he’s teasing.

I feel like it. So I do it.

I wish everything could be as simple, that it could always be as easy as just reaching out and taking whatever I want, whenever I want it.

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Cravings — An Everlark AU prompt

-It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear AU-

Okay, so I couldn’t resist this AU prompt, so I took it into my own hands to deliver you this disgustingly fluffy and slightly kinky AU. Enjoy.

Obviously rated NC-17 for sexual content and such— you know the drill.


She’s lying awake— has been for a while. Staring blankly at the wall in front of her for a good hour or more has caused more than her vision to begin to become bleary. And through the haze of sleeplessness, she feels movement behind her. An arm tightens it’s hold around her stomach as his voice resonates into her skin, blowing forward the loose hair from her neck.


She sighs, wiggling in his arms until his grip loosens just enough for her to swivel around to face him. 

“I was going to ask if you were awake, but I think I already know the answer to that.” With the moonlight gleaming through the cracks in the blinds, she’s just able to make out his boyish grin as he looks down at her. 

“I’ve been awake for a while,” she whispers, reaching up to run her fingers through his unkept curls. “Couldn’t sleep.” And as if on cue, her rumbling stomach swoops yet again, the emptiness making itself evident. She reaches down, then, rubbing soothing circles across her belly.

“I heard that,” Peeta chuckles, shifting so that he’s leaning up on his elbow. “I can’t lie and say that I haven’t been up for a while as well— also not going to lie and say it’s not because I’m incredibly hungry.”

“You’re always hungry, though,” she says pointedly.

“So are you,” he retorts. “Well, since we’re both awake, why don’t we make something to eat?”

She lifts herself into a sitting position, rubbing her eyes tiredly before glancing being Peeta at the clock. It flashes 2:04.

Peeta…it’s two in the morning.”

“So? If you haven’t noticed, it’s our house, and we can do whatever we please at two in the morning.” She rolls her eyes, shaking her head. “So, what would you like?”

“I can choose anything?” she asks, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

Anything,” he affirms.

“Well, in that case… chocolate cake?”

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This post is for Bonnie @safeinpeetasarms whose birthday is today. I hope you had a great day! Here is a gift for you, although nothing can compare to having a premiere on your birthday! Here is some Everlark goodness.

Snow Kiss Everlark

Victors Everlark

Fighting Everlark

“It’s Not Real” Everlark

Unforgiving Everlark

“Stay With Me” Everlark

“Together” Everlark

Engaged Everlark

Emotional Everlark

Sexual Tension Everlark

Hilarious Everlark (I don’t know whose face is the best)

Cave Kiss Everlark

Beach Kiss Everlark

OTP Everlark

Bread Everlark

Flirty Everlark

And last but not least…

Always Everlark

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Pumpkin Spice(x)- The Wrap Up

I hate that somewhere in between childhood and now we’ve learned to keep secrets from each other.

Like: I’m hopelessly in love with you.

Or, in her case: I’ve been shopping at the Brown Bag It for sex toys and condoms to use with some dickwad boyfriend who is not, and will never be, you.


A Modern AU. Rated E for explicit language and sexual content. The story can be read in its entirety HERE

A/N: The fic took a frickin’ village. If you’ll forgive me, I’d like to send love to a few of my villagers: @everhutcher, @joshs-left-earlobe, @hutchhitched, and @hutchercougarwife for spawning this concept for a series of Everlark stories featuring clearance condoms. To @the-peeta-pocket for creating @d12drabbles and providing the dialogue prompt “What’s in the bag?” And I’m sending my eternal gratitude to @dandelion-sunset for betaing and all-around friendship, as well as to @everlylark and @jennagill for pre-reading and nuclear disarmament. Sending love to my friends and Camp Nano cabinmates (you know who you are). If you’ve supported this fic and sent along kind words, or left kudos or comments, thank you with all my heart. This wasn’t an easy one to finish, and you made that possible. I hope this doesn’t disappoint– Cheers, c


With the taste of Katniss still on my tongue and the memory of her wrecked voice crying out that she loves me still echoing in my ears, I am forced to accept a truth that is as bitter as it is sweet: that everything happens—or, in some cases, not—for a reason. Every missed opportunity, every torment and doubt, all the nights we’d spent in other people’s arms or completely alone, listening to the clock strike midnight as we panted each other’s names under our breaths, pleasuring ourselves to the thought of the other, never knowing the other was doing the same…it brought us here, to this perfectly imperfect moment.

The reality is that when I was fourteen I met the love of my life, and she met me.

But I watched her as she grew up—stood by as she dated other guys, a parade of jerkoffs and fuckups who took her virginity and then whatever pieces of her they could—her innocence, her hope, her joy—until she thought she was broken and to blame, until she believed they’d stolen her fire too. And I did nothing but love her uselessly, holding her hand when I should have been holding her heart.

It took a box of Pumpkin Spice flavored condoms to get us to admit our feelings to each other—for her to fall apart and, in falling apart, to come back together.

It could have happened sooner, but it happened when it should—

So what’s the use of regret?

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This post is for Ara @arbyeatscheesebuns and Any @loving-mellark. Ara’s birthday is today and Any’s birthday was a few days ago (i’m sorry I didn’t this sooner). Here is a post of our favorite male character. I hope you both had wonderful birthdays!

Slightly Annoyed Peeta

Haulin’ Ass Peeta

Polite Peeta (despite being sad about their situation)

Cautious Peeta

Sarcastic Peeta

Peeta on Fire

Baker Peeta

Artistic Peeta

Heart Eyes Peeta

Hijacked Peeta (sobbing)

Good Kisser Peeta

Sleepy Peeta

Selfless Peeta

Handsome Peeta (my fav)

Sassy Peeta

And last but not least…

Always Peeta

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