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Hey so tomorrow I will be posting the long awaited Loyalty chapter 18 and also an article I wrote re. The 100 is getting published. Like, yes, something I wrote is getting published by someone other than me, and under my real name too. Tomorrow is “make an internet splash” day for JMI. :D

                “Hold that pose a little longer.” 

Peeta was painting away, it was a hobby of his that had stuck with him
throughout his whole life, even now as he had grown old… older so
to say, his painting still stuck strong with him and he enjoyed it. Capturing
the essence of someone, stranger, friend, lover, in a painting. It didn’t
matter who they were, he needed to paint them, or even a scenary. 

 “I’ll let you look when it’s finished.”


Ship for @jennicafrost & Finnick Odair

Cute Couple Moments

-Five year old Finnick, giving ‘The Pretty Girl On The Beach’ a flower, because he secretly likes her, and becoming best friends.

-Crying when Finnick had to go into the games.

-Him finding you on the beach when he comes back, and kissing you repeatedly

-Secretly being Married, with Snow not knowing anything.

-Evening walks on the beach, Finnick confiding everything in you.

-The Capitol taking you, after the Quarter Quell, and holding you. Finnick cried when he found out.

-When they saved you, Finnick wouldn't wait, and the nurses had to work around him holding you.

all hail to un-canon ships that people ship anyways

just because a ship isn’t canon doesn’t mean it’s wrong. 

if you ship an uncanon ship, go you!

if you enjoy shipping an uncanon ship, good for you! never let anyone judge you for shipping a ship that gives you the feels. cuz if you’re having the feels by thinking about that ship. you’re doing everything right, my friend.

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Hiya! Could I get Glee, Jurassic World, Star Wars (Original), The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner Ships? I'm 5'1, brown hair and eyes with tan skin. I'm very loud and sarcastic, I'm not shy and I make friends very easily! I love to read, write and listen to music but when I'm feeling adventurous I'll go on a long hike! My style is very comfy but edgy and I like to wear makeup! I listen to rock music, I read a lot of Harry Potter and my favorite movie is 10 Things I Hate About you! Thanks you!

10 Things I Hate About You rocks! I love that movie! :P You forgot to tell me who you want to be shipped with, so I ship you with males for now.

I ship you with Mike, Zach, Anakin, Gale and Newt!


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With Mike, it’s mostly about how sensitive and sweet he can be. More than nothing, you two just chat a lot and mostly about books and music, especially since you both have a passion for the latter. But you can also be kind of playful and sarcastic around him still.


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You met him once you randomly bumped into him and began talking easily. He was surprised by how outgoing you were, so he got to like you. And even more when he realized how adventurous and cool you are!


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Adventurous, kind of edgy, sarcastic, extroverted… You and Anakin didn’t find it hard to become friends at all. You kind yourself being really comfortable around him and viceversa, which is why you often are together.


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You’re loud, you just voice your opinion and show it when you’re feeling annoyed via sarcasm. It’s pretty much like that with Gale too, so you two get along pretty well because of your similar points of view even if you will still disagree at times.


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You’re just that kind of person that gets along with people easily, which was perfect for getting along with Newt. Your personalities are so like, there just wasn’t a chance you two wouldn’t become close.


So uh, this Hunger Games Simulator I did for Fire Emblem Fates…

Was really gay.

For context, this entire thing was randomly generated and there were 24 different characters to pick from and like 50 things that could happen at each event (many of which involve murder). And these all happened somehow. I’m kind of in shock.