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What are your favorite Hunger Games headcanons? *blows kisses* I love you.

I have a few Hunger Games headcannons

  • “After” means sex.
  • The morning after, Katniss says “I love you” to Peeta without him asking.
  • Katniss and Peeta were each other’s first kiss. We know that Katniss was too busy trying to survive to pay attention to boys. But I believe Peeta loved her so much that he wanted to save his first kiss for her.
  • Peeta, Katniss, Haymitch, Johanna and Annie stay close friends for the rest of their lives.
  • Peeta is dominant in bed and Katniss is submissive.
  • Peeta and Katniss have three kids. Their third child looks just like Prim.
  • Haymitch was finally able to find some sort of peace when Peeta and Katniss finally got married and had kids.  I also like to think that he stopped drinking when their kids were born.
  • The post-war Capitol never bother Everlark for promos or anniversary celebrations.

I have more, but I stopped because I could go on forever.

Thank you for asking!!!

1. Because of his high job position at District 2, Gale was coming back to 12 for some important meetings. Wanting to remember his happy past, the boy went to the woods, and after some hours hunting, he found the little house near the lake were he once met Katniss. Unlikely he thought, it had smoke coming from the chimney. Curious, the boy with the snares knocked the door. A tall blond girl opened, and he almost burst into tears when he saw her. "Madge. You are alive".
01. When Gale was forced to watch Katniss kissing Peeta during the televised Hunger Games, two things ran through his mind: 1- That he wished she had taken his offer and they had ran away together in the woods. Then he would feel whole, and not this broken, want-to-fall-apart feeling that makes living day-to-day without her more difficult than she could imagine. 2- That he had volunteered to take Peeta's place so he could be protecting her like he had always tried, even if it meant his death.
02. If Peeta thought he had felt the pain of heartbreak prior to his capture by the Capitol, he was wrong. They took some of his most precious memories of him and his beloved, Katniss, (most of them were from the cave during the Hunger Games, along with a few scattered childhood memories) and twisted them into "memories" he felt were wrong, evil. The feeling of his heart violently tearing at the betrayel he felt was so much worse than her telling him that her love for him was an act.