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crossover aesthetic: the hunger games characters sorted in hogwarts houses

  • hufflepuff: peeta mellark - primrose everdeen
  • griffyndor: katnis everdeen - finnick odair
  • slytherin: gale hawthorne - johanna mason
  • ravenclaw: annie cresta - madge undersee

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“My spirit. This is a new thought. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but it suggests I’m a fighter. In a sort of brave way. It’s not as if I’m never friendly. Okay, maybe I don’t go around loving everybody I meet, maybe my smiles are hard to come by, but I do care for some people.”

Some love Peeta

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Some love Gale

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But everyone loves Finnick

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Are you ready for this? We’re kicking off another round of RETHG where we read, create, fangirl/guy and dissect our favorite books and OTP. 

Every week we read two chapters which are accompanied with questions and prompts that engage the fandom in various ways. You can choose to write/think/create/act on those, or do what you feel inspired to do. Just tag with #rethg and your post will be blogged on @everlarkedalways and many other blogs that regularly participate!

We always end the reread with a rewatch where we take a specific time to corporately watch the movies together! It’s definitely one of my favorite fandom things I’ve ever participated in. Join us! You will not regret it. :)

Let’s do this, THG fandom!


  • 4/3-4/9        Ch. 1 & 2
  • 4/10-4/16    Ch. 3 & 4
  • 4/17-4/23    Ch. 5 & 6
  • 4/24-4/30    Ch. 7 & 8
  • 5/1-5/7        Ch. 9 & 10
  • 5/8-5/14      Ch. 11 & 12
  • 5/15-5/21    Ch. 13 & 14
  • 5/22-5/28    Ch. 15 & 16
  • 5/29-6/4      Ch. 17 & 18
  • 6/5-6/11      Ch. 19 & 20
  • 6/12-6/18    Ch. 21 & 22
  • 6/19-6/25    Ch. 23 & 24
  • 6/26-7/2      Ch. 25, 26 & 27


  • 7/3-7/9        Ch. 1 & 2
  • 7/10-7/16    Ch. 3 & 4
  • 7/17-7/23    Ch. 5 & 6
  • 7/24-7/30    Ch. 7 & 8
  • 7/31-8/6      Ch. 9 & 10
  • 8/7-8/13      Ch. 11 & 12
  • 8/14-8/20    Ch. 13 & 14
  • 8/21-8/27    Ch. 15 & 16
  • 8/28-9/3      Ch. 17 & 18
  • 9/4-9/10      Ch. 19 & 20
  • 9/11-9/17    Ch. 21 & 22
  • 9/18-9/24    Ch. 23 & 24
  • 9/25-10/1    Ch. 25, 26 & 27


  • 10/2-10/8       Ch. 1 & 2
  • 10/9-10/15     Ch. 3 & 4
  • 10/16-10/22   Ch. 5 & 6
  • 10/23-10/29   Ch. 7 & 8
  • 10/30-11/5     Ch. 9 & 10
  • 11/6-11/12      Ch. 11 & 12
  • 11/13-11/19    Ch. 13 & 14
  • 11/20-11/26    Ch. 15 & 16
  • 11/27-12/3      Ch. 17 & 18
  • 12/4-12/10      Ch. 19 & 20
  • 12/11-12/17    Ch. 21 & 22
  • 12/18-12/24    Ch. 23 & 24
  • 12/25-12/31    Ch. 25, 26, 27


THE HUNGER GAMES             JAN. 1, 2018
CATCHING FIRE                       JAN. 7, 2018
MOCKINGJAY PART 1              JAN. 14, 2018
MOCKINGJAY PART 2              JAN. 21, 2018

I Was Wrong (Gale x Reader)

Character: Gale Hawthorne

Fandom: Hunger Games

Title: I Was Wrong

Requested by anon:

Since I found out you do Hunger Games Fanfic, could you maybe do one where the reader and Gale are in love and she’s actually President Snow’s daughter (or something like that) and she did something really bad so he kicked her out and sent her to District 12 because he though it was to harsh to execute her because he still loves her and she meets Gale and they fall in love

A/N: This is the first Hunger Games imagine I do and I did my best to make it good. I’m not that familiar with Gale (I’m more of a Peeta girl :P) but I hope you enjoy this!

District 12 was a big change from the Capitol. I would lie if I said I didn’t miss the luxurious life, but part of me was glad to be away from my grandfather, President Snow.

I never liked how things worked in the Capitol, and I thought it was unfair that we had so much and they had so little in the Districts. And don’t get me started on the Hunger Games.

That was why grandpa kicked me off to teach me a lesson. He said ‘since you like the Districts so much, you’re going to live in one of them’

I was always talking about the differences between people living in the Districts and people living in the Capitol and how I didn’t like it. I voiced my opinions, and that hadn’t been a good idea.

I thought I could get away with it being President Snow’s family, or maybe even change the situation, but I was wrong.

My friend Delphi kept warning me about it, saying that I shouldn’t do that if I wanted to avoid trouble. But I never listened to her.

Now I wish I did.

I was staying with the major of District 12 and his daughter Madge. Most of the time I would stay home because, whenever I was out, people stared at me either with fear or contempt. And I didn’t know which one was worse.

Only one person had looked at me differently, a boy with blond hair that worked in a bakery. But I didn’t talk to him.

I didn’t talk to anyone, not even Madge, although she was really nice to me.

I was torn between staying all day in to avoid people judging me or stay all day out to get my mind off everything. But I ended up staying in all the time.

Until one day everything changed when I found a hole in the fence that separated us from the forest.


The forest was the perfect place to be alone and think. Going for a walk in the clear and fresh air, surrounded by nature, cleared my mind and helped me with my sulky and melancholic mood.

I walked around it, feeling the breeze on my face and my hair flying in the wind, touching the rough bark of the trees as I passed by, enjoying the green color of the grass and taking in every tiny little beautiful detail of that place.

But I was drawn out of my idyllic moment when an arrow sank in the trunk of the tree a few centimeters from my head. I yelped and jumped from the scare.

I frantically looked around to find out what was happening and who had almost killed me.

A tall and muscular boy appeared of a sudden, making me jump in surprise.

“The famous Capitol girl…” He said with that contempt I was so familiar with. “And Snow’s granddaughter, no less”

I took a quick look at him before I said anything.

He had dark hair, olive skin and gray eyes. He was good-looking even with that scowl on his face.

Flashing him a kind and polite smile, I took a step forwards, offering him my hand for him to shake.

“I’m Y/N” I knew by his words and by the venom in them that he didn’t like me. But I felt the need to at least introduce myself.

His response was taking a step back. He didn’t tell me his name.

“You Capitol people are always the same” The mysterious boy crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head. “Especially you, being Snow’s family”

I wondered if he realized that he could get in trouble talking to me like that. He probably did, but didn’t care about it. His hatred towards everything that had to do with the Capitol seemed too strong.

“I’m…” I opened my mouth to say something to defend myself, tell him that I wasn’t like them. That I hated that luxurious life knowing they struggled to survive and had to put their names into tesserae and risk going into the Hunger Games and probably be killed so their families had something to eat before they died of hunger.

“And now you can’t even stay in your beloved Capitol, you have to invade us coming here too” His accusations were bothering me because I never did anything to him. And he was judging me without knowing anything about me.

I clenched my hands into fists and threw him a death glare.

“You know? I’m pretty sure you could get in trouble if I told anyone you’re here. And more if I let anyone know that you’re talking to me like that” I tried to sound as confident and threatening as I could, but I don’t think it worked.

He showed me a sarcastic smile and walked closer to me. He was much taller than me and I felt intimidated by him.

“I dare you to tell anyone” The boy told me in a powerful whisper.

Then he proceeded to walk away.

I stared at him as he distanced himself from me. What was his problem?!

“Oh, and be careful not to set my traps” He didn’t bother to even look over his shoulder as he spoke to me. “I spent a long time making them!”

I scowled at him even if he couldn’t see me.

Of course all he cared about was that I ruined his snares and not that I got hurt with them.

Still, I found that boy fascinating. He had an incredible inner strength and determination.

But there was something else about him that I couldn’t wrap my head around…

I… liked him.


After a few weeks, I started to be seen in a different way in District 12.

Peeta –the blond boy that didn’t look at me with hatred unlike everyone else when I arrived –was the first one to actually treat me like a person. And he was the one that told everyone I wasn’t all that bad.

Hence, I began to get along better with people. Mainly still with Madge and Peeta, but I met a girl named Katniss that I really liked.

Madge and Katniss were friends so we saw each other often as I spent a lot of time with the major’s daughter. And even though she was stubborn and a little quiet, I thought Katniss was strong and I admired her.

Madge had told me everything about the girl’s family. How her dad died in that mine accident and how she had to take care of her mom and little sister Prim.

Also, it seemed like Gale’s father died there too. They were friends. The mysterious forest boy that hated me and Katniss were friends.

That day, I exited the house and passed by Peeta’s bakery to say hi. He always offered me one of his cakes, but I wouldn’t let him give me one because I knew how mad his mom would get at him.

I had started to ‘borrow’ food from the major’s house and subtly giving it to the district people. I didn’t take much so it wouldn’t be noticeable, and also so I wouldn’t cause harm to Madge and her father.

It all would be much easier if I could take food from the Capitol instead.

So when I went to say hi to Peeta I gave him some milk and some other food items. He silently thanked me with a heartfelt smile and a hug.

I did the same with Katniss, who eventually stopped being pigheaded enough to reject my help and realized she could use some food for her family besides the one she hunted with Gale. And maybe she could give some to the Hawthorne family too, to his family.

After that, I went to the forest and tried to relax.

I was very careful not to set Gale’s snares because once he had yelled at me for ten minutes straight for being stupid enough to ruin one of his animal traps. Luckily, it had been one that merely put a rope around my ankle and didn’t actually hurt me. But he didn’t care about the fact that I wasn’t hurt.

So as I wandered around the beautiful area, I tried not to bump into him. I wasn’t in the mood for any of his bitter remarks or accusations.

And of course, I ended up literally bumping into him.

I opened my mouth and was about to apologize, but I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything to him. I knew he would just mock my manners.

“Look who it is, Miss Kindness” Gale looked me up and down with a twisted smirk full of contempt. “I’m Y/N and everybody loves me”

I rolled my eyes and sent him an annoyed glare.

He had told me several times that I got on his nerves. Because I had manners and was always nice to everyone. That I was ‘Miss Perfect’ and thought I was better than everyone else. He genuinely hated me.

But as I was looking at him I realized he didn’t look so good. He looked thinner and weaker than usual, and I knew why it was.

I would ask if he was okay, but he would be too proud to admit that his family didn’t have food because of the poverty the District had. And even if he weren’t, I would be the last person he’d tell. 

However, I still knew.

“Don’t worry, I’m already leaving, Gale” I scowled at him and angrily walked away.

“What a surprise! I thought that smile everyone talks about was etched on your face, Y/N!”

I stopped for a moment and quickly turned around, fuming mad. All I ever tried was to be nice to everyone and help those people but he always found something against me and threw it on my face.

Still, when I looked into his eyes I knew he was not evil. That his hatred towards me was caused by the Capitol and by the harm it did to him and his loved ones. That it wasn’t trully directed towards my persona.

So I just turned around again and left the forest.

I couldn’t hate him like he hated me.


The first thing I did the following day was visit the Hawthorne house, hiding some bread and some other food items I took from the major’s house. I still felt guilty for borrowing all that stuff, but I felt like it was necessary.

Gale’s mom -Hazelle, I think -, opened the door.

“Oh, you’re must be Y/N” She asked me as soon as she saw me. I nodded my head. “Gale’s been talking about you”

I pursed my lips together not to let out a sarcastic laugh. I was sure he hadn’t been talking nice things about me, but she didn’t want to say that either.

“Is he home?” I nervously asked, holding onto the food I was hiding in my jacket.

“No, he went to the forest-“ The woman immediately interrupted herself. It was illegal to go into the forest and even worse to be hunting at it.

I kindly smiled at her.

“I know, but I won’t tell anyone, don’t worry, Mrs Hawthorne”  I didn’t say anything else as I took the food and gave it to her.

She opened her mouth wide and looked up at me with wide eyes that had a twinkle of gratitude and happiness in them.

“But…” She started to say, but I shook my head to shush her.

“It’s okay, just don’t tell him” I sighed as she dedicated me a warm smile. “We know how pigheaded he is”

The woman laughed a little, but after that she placed a hand on my arm.

“Thank you”

“Don’t mention it” I smiled and quickly walked away, pretending that I had done nothing.

After that I went for a walk around the streets of District 12 because I didn’t want to see Gale in the forest again.

I just wanted to pretend that he didn’t exist, because it was starting to hurt me the way he treated me. Because I definitely felt something for him.


I was half aslept when someone knocked on the door. Everyone was still sleeping, so I quickly ran down the stairs to open.

Who could be visiting us that late?!

Rubbing my eyes because I was still very sleepy, too into the dream I was having about Peeta, Katniss and I having a big meal in which Gale didn’t want to participate, I opened the door.

“I don’t want your charity, you hear me?” Gale was there, and he was yelling at me. He hadn’t even given me time to react, not even to say hello or realize it was him.

“Sh!” I pleaded, walking out of the house and closing the door behind me so he wouldn’t wake anyone up.

“Don’t shush me!” He was definitely mad as he took me by the arm and shook me with amazing strength. “We don’t need anything from you out of pity!”

“I don’t pity you!” I had put up with enough of his anger. And I was too hurt by his word and behavior to keep quiet about it anymore. “I didn’t do it because I think you are weak or because you need it! I did it because I wanted to help!”

“Well, I don’t want your help!”

“Do you know what they’d do to me if my grandfather found out what I’m doing?” I lowered my voice just in case anyone was listening. “If the major found out I’m stealing and he’d tell him, they’d kill me!!”

For once, Gale kept his mouth shut and just intensely stared at me.

“And if your stupid pride feels attacked because of my actions, fine! I don’t care anymore! Just give me something in return to clear your conscience. That way we’ll be even” By that point, tears of anger and hurt were already in my eyes. “I won’t bother you again, and I won’t ever speak to you or be anywhere near you again if that’s what you want, Gale! Goodbye!”

All that said, I took one second to look at him.

Then, I walked in and slammed the door on his face.

But during that long second I noticed I had left him speechless and maybe even startled. He was probably not sorry, though.


When I woke up the next day I was deprived from my usual enthusiasm and good mood. I tried to talk to Katniss but Prim told me she was already in the forest, so I went to Peeta.

To get my mind off everything, I offered to help him with the bakery. His parents were more than happy with it.

So I handed him anything that he needed and did everything he told me in order to give him a hand.

“Are you okay?” Peeta asked me as he finished the frosting on a cupcake. I always loved watching him do it because the result was great. It was satisfying and beautiful.

I sighed and shrugged, but decided to lie a little.

“Yeah, just a little tired”

“You shouldn’t let him get to you like that” Oh, Peeta knew. He knew how much that stupid Gale was affecting me.

“I don’t” I frowned as I leaned my butt against the table, crossing my arms over my chest to show no weakness, hopefully appearing determined and stubborn.

Peeta absently pointed the bread and I knew he meant to tell me that I should spread some flour over it.

“You do, I heard you last night” Peeta finished the cupcakes and put them carefully on a tray.

“And what am I supposed to do about it?” I wasn’t even paying attention at the bread I was spraying flour onto.

“I have the feeling that everything will be okay” There was something on Peeta’s voice that was out of place.

I looked at him, saw the smile on his face and wondered why it was there. It was an amused smile, almost as if he knew something I didn’t.

So I followed his glance until I saw him.

Gale was walking towards the bakery, with a determined look to him.

“I’m not here” I began to run away, but Peeta chuckled and grabbed me by the wrist to stop me.

“Peeta!” I complained, trying to get free from his grip.

But he held me long enough to give time for Gale to come in.

“There you are” Was all he said in a neutral tone as he walked closer to me.

That time it was me who took a step back. I didn’t feel strong enough to confront him.

But Peeta left me alone with him, just handing me a cloth to clean my hands with before he walked away.

“I need to talk to you” 

I ignored him, pretending to be too busy with cleaning my hands with the cloth. Gale cautiously took me by the wrist to make me stop and look up at him.

That spot in my wrist was sore from Peeta’s grip, but Gale’s was noticeably softer and gentler.

He took me out of the store and stared at me.

I didn’t meet his glare, because his gray eyes were beautiful yet harsh and judging. As usual.

I suddenly felt his thumb against my cheek, and I slightly backed away from him. Just like you step away from the fire before it can burn you.

“You have flour on your face” Gale softly said, still rubbing my cheek.

What was he doing?

I decided to pretend that I didn’t care what he thought about me and just poured as much indifference as I could into my voice.

“You’re lacking your usual dose of bitterness” I told him, swatting him away.

Then he told me something, but he uttered it so quietly I couldn’t hear him.


“I’m…” He was struggling to say it, almost as if he didn’t want to. “Sorry”

“What?!” I had heard him, but I was so dumbfounded by his words that I couldn’t help to ask again.

“I’m sorry” Gale sighed in resignation and searched in his jacket for something.

“I thought you hated me” Was all I could say, still taken aback by the situation.

“No, I hated that you were so kind that you made it hard for me to hate you. And that you were from the Capitol, because I thought you were like them” Gale gave me a little box just as he found it in one of the big pockets of his jacket.

“What’s this?”

“I bought you this. I’m giving you something in return” Without a word more, he then left a kiss in my cheek and left me standing there by myself.

I spent a few seconds trying to recover from the shock until I remembered I was still holding the box.

Still dumbfounded, I stared at it for a few seconds. Then I opened it to reveal a little cupcake that actually looked delicious. Just like all Peeta made.

And the icing spelled the words ‘I was wrong’.


Imagine: Volunteering to take Gale’s place when he is being whipped.

For: Anon

Warning: Kinda violent!

You trudge towards the square through the snow. You’re completely lost in thought, you and your boyfriend, Gale, had gotten into yet another fight. Ever since Katniss and Peeta had come back from the games, Gale had been quite distracted and it had started pushing your buttons a bit.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard a strange whistling noise, followed by the sound of a sharp impact. You look up and see a crowd of people gathered by the square. Some are whispering, while others are wincing and looking away.

You spot your friend, Y/F/N, standing in the crowd, she looks quite pained, her eyes widen when she sees you and she look away.

“What’s going on Y/F/N?!” You question, beginning to feel worried.

“Y/N, you shouldn’t be here,” She whispers, you groan and push past her.

You approach the centre of the square and see a familiar figure tied against a pillar. A man, who you assume is the new peacekeeper, raises a whip and strikes. The person cries out in pain and lifts his head, you gasp, “Gale!”

Your heart drops and you feel your lunch from earlier crawling back up your throat. You sprint up and step in front of him, taking the full brunt of the next blow against your cheek.

“Y/N,” Gale moans painfully, “leave, please.”

“Get out of the way girl!” The peacekeeper states aggressively.

“No, I-I…” You shut your eyes, making a split second decision you whisper, “Th-the law says I can relieve him of his punishment.”

Gale lifts his head up, his eyes filled with fear, “Y/N don’t… I’m begging you.”

The peacekeeper looks incredibly amused, “You know that means you have to take the punishment princess?”

“I-I know.”

“There’s still 8 flogs left darling, he’s only gotten 2.”

You sigh before announcing, “I, Y/N Y/L/N, am relieving Gale Hawthrone of his punishment.”

There’s a collective gasp in the crowd, and Gale weakly protests as he’s pulled away by another peacekeeper. You are tied in Gales place. You shut your eyes when  the peacekeeper reels his whip up, you grind your teeth as you hear the whistle of whip as it comes down, and you scream out in agony as the smooth leather tears through the fabric of your shirt and meets your skin.

You feel like your back is on fire, the harsh wind around makes the sensation even more painful.

The sensation continues for another 7 times, the first four are twice as painful than the ones before. Your back is numb for the final three, and you feel yourself slipping out of consciousness.

You open your eyes painfully, your cheek, as well as the rest of your body screams out in agony as you try to move. You’re lying in the Everdeen house, in Victors’ Village, with a pile of snow on your back. Gale shoots awake from beside you, “Stop Y/N, don’t move.”

You turn your head to face him, the sadness in his eyes pains you even further, “Gale…”

“Why Y/N? What were you thinking?!”

“I saw that look on his face, he would have killed you and made it look like an accident Gale, I volunteered because I knew he’d go easier on me.”

He sighs, running his hand through his hair, “Goddamn it Y/N, dont ever pull something stupid like that again!”

“Gale,” You reach up and touch his face, “I’m sorry.”

“I love you so much; if anything had happened to you I would have never forgiven myself!” He places a delicate kiss against your mouth, careful not to hurt you.

“I love you too Gale.”

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Imagine Finnik’s reaction after he sees you, walking through the door, after he thought that the capitol had killed you

Finnick: Y/N I can’t believe that your alive, when the capitol caught you…I thought I was never going to see you again.

Y/N: I stayed alive because of you, Finnick. You are the reason, I didn’t die. You were always the one for me.

Finnick: You will always be the one for me Y/N.

*They both hug each other, smiling

Gale’s “Proposal”

“We could do it, you know.” – This feels like he’s jumping in the middle of a thought. One that’s been running on repeat in his mind all night and all morning and it just bursts out of him.

“Gale says quietly.” – When is our boy ever “quiet”?? I think we are getting a glimpse of what is really on his heart right now. Just as Katniss wears a mask to protect herself and hide her vulnerability, I think Gale does the same thing. He might discuss ideas, rant against the Capitol, but right here right now he’s cracking his heart open for Katniss to see.

“Leave the district. Run off. Live in the woods. You and I, we could make it,” says Gale. – WE, YOU and I. As Katniss states in a moment, he could have any girl for the choosing. But he chooses Katniss. Entrusts her with this crazy idea he had that’s probably been running in his mind for weeks or months even, but he never knew just quite how to say it or approach it, knowing his friend is skittish when it comes to emotional things and how likely she is to run away or shut down if he tries to get too close.

“If we didn’t have so many kids,” he adds quickly. – He’s already anticipated her response and is probably kicking himself now. Embarassed. She’d never leave w/o her mother and Prim. And how could he leave his family? But for a moment, freedom was something he could imagine. And sharing that freedom with his best friend.

“I might [want kids]. If I didn’t live here,” says Gale – It’s impressive that after everything, Gale is thinking about the future he’s putting some treasured hopes out there, for freedom, marriage, kids. He’s got 42 slips in the bowl this reaping and no false illusions of being safe. So I think these things are on his mind because he wants to escape it, he’s wondering, what if I get reaped and have to go to the Capitol, it’s his last chance to let Katniss know how he feels about her, and how he’s felt about her for the past six months though he couldn’t figure out how or when to tell her.

She snaps at him and he snaps back. In her shock and surprise at the sudden turn to sentimentality and hinting at marriage and kids, Katniss shuts Gale down and has unwittingly trampled on her friends heart. He drops the sensitive topic, they hunt, gather, trade and go on with their day. There’s no pressure, no nagging, no manipulation. Just his offering, her rejection, and hunting and resuming things as normal.

He does really well considering he’s just as young and immature as she is, and I don’t know if he had all that many people to confide in, so I don’t know if he’s been able to talk about his growing feelings for Katniss with his mother or a friend or anything.

Most People: Who do you love? Gale or Peeta?

Katniss: You mean I have to choose? I would totally die for both of them.

Most People: But who are you in love with?

Katniss: That’s a thing? Sounds fake but ok.

Most People: You’re such a horrible person for not figuring this out and making them wait for you to do so.