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Oookay, here you have a massive hayffie Christmas story so I hope you like it because it’s long and it required a lot of work. It’s a little Effie!centric maybe but… Well. ^^

Please if you read and like, do let me know what you think, I need love right now ^^.(and don’t mind the tags it’s part of my classification project)

Merry Christmas! [X] & [X]

Wishing On A Golden Star


At eight years old, Effie’s favorite holiday was Christmas.

She loved it more than she loved Halloween or the Games season. The Capitol was dressed for the occasion, the city was always full of blinding twinkling lights and of so many colors it sometimes made her little head spin. She loved the huge tree that seemed to reach the sky on Main Square, she loved the daily Christmas parade in the City Circle, she loved the songs, she loved how joyful people looked when they dashed in and out of stores with their arms full of presents for their loved ones…

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  • *Me as a mom*
  • Kid: mom can I buy that toy?
  • Me: now honey, what have I told you about spending money?
  • Kid: *sighs* I shouldn't spend money on unnecessary toys because there are a lot of books you need to buy
Yuletide in Panem Presents: Week 2 Drabbles List

Banners by @akai-echo

Week 2

Day 7  Rest Day

Day 8 Only the Lonely by thegirlfromoverthepond (Gale/Everlark)

Day 9   Would You Like That Gift-Wrapped by titania522 (Hayffie)

Day 10 Toastbabies and Gingerbread Houses by mega-aulover (Everlark)

Day 11 Let Me Go by thegirlfromoverthepond (Katniss/Prim)

Day 12 Do You Want To Build A Snowman by titania522 (Katniss/Prim/Everlark)

Day 13 I Am My Beloved’s And He Is Mine by chele20035 (Everlark)

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Finnick and Sugar Cubes by akai-echo

Odyssey by fanficallergy and rosefyre

Over The Hills (Outtake) by tanbwrites

SSS - Six Weeks (MoreS2SL Submission)

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Here’s a snippet of what’s to come:

Peeta stared at her, appearing to struggle with an internal debate, then visibly settling into a decision. “I’ve lived here all my life and know this area like the back of my hand. I could show you around.  There’s the Spanish Fort down in St. Augustine. The botanical gardens.  Anastasia’s Island. Haven’t you been to any of these?”

Katniss shook her head, realizing when she thought about it how very little she’d actually enjoyed herself these last four years.

Peeta’s face took on an exaggerated solemnity. “I would like to rectify this situation, if you’ll let me.”

“Which situation?” Katniss laughed at his face, so serious with mock determination. How could she feel this good so easily?

“The fact that you’ve been in Panem City for - how long has it been?”

“Four years,” Katniss answered.

“Four years! And you’ve never been to any of the major sights?”  

“I was here to study. And work!  I had a scholarship to hold onto. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for school.”

Peeta nodded. “That’s impressive. But now you’re a college graduate and you’ll be looking for work soon. That means you have to play the tourist before adulting duties take over your life.”

Katniss felt crestfallen when he said this. She felt like she’d already been forced to “adult” even before she’d left high school and had skipped over the playful, student-life phase that others seemed to have been able to enjoy. “I don’t think that’s going to work.”

“Why not?” Peeta asked, his blue eyes boring into hers. He’d noted her change of mood and his playfulness fell away with hers.

“Because, I’m leaving in six weeks.  Five, after this week…” she looked around as if she’d find a calendar hanging in the air between them. “I start work a week after I get home…” she trailed off.  

Peeta frowned, thinking about her words. “You’re…leaving?”

Katniss nodded. “I go back home to my family…and my fiance.”

Lololol remember when Shailene threw shade at Katniss trying to make Tris sound better when in reality she auditioned for the role?

And remember when Miles Teller (who is a raging asshole) tried to say who’s Peeta and seemed to call him/Josh short?

The cast was a bunch of assholes coming for THG on the back of CF which was the pinnacle of YA movies. Karma really sucks right?