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In Theze Streetz Online, a service provided by the In Theze Streetz brand, is being developed as part of its aim to provide new and innovative marketing tools for up and coming artists.  In Theze Streetz brand was originally created because of a need for change in Washington DC.  For years very talented artists have faded away because of false promises, inexperienced promoters, a lack of music business knowledge, financial instability, and unaffordable advertisement.  As a result, the In Theze Streetz brand created the In Theze Streetz DVD which evolved into a Bi-weekly DVD magazine as a way to connect, showcase and promote up and coming artists, in attaining their goals.

im sorry i go into theze moods all the time but idm what yo do yknow
there arent many options elft for me especially in puerto rico

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Venetian chevron beads are the most beautiful, recognizable and #collectible of all the Venetian trade beads.
Chevron beads are made y a multi-part process starting with the making of the cane, then another layer of glass is added and then it usually goes into a 12point star mold. This process is repeated for each additional layer on the bead. These beads are also known as #rosetta and #star beads.
Production of theze beads go back to the #Venice since the late 1400’s and are still in limited production.