A Short Poem

Hey guys! So I recently (kinda) came out to a few close friends as bi and wanted to officially come out on this site. When I told my best friend she asked me how I knew I was bi and that’s been bothering me until today when I decided to write a poem about it. So, here’s a probably crappy coming out poem. Here goes:

“How did you know you were bi?”

Because I knew.

Isn’t that how you knew you were straight?

Oh wait.

Society told you that.

My bad.

I knew I was bi because when the New Girl* walked into class on the first day of eighth grade

I thought she was pretty and couldn’t speak to her normally for months

I knew I bi because when @expectomoony told me she was bi

I instantly thought, “There’s a name for me.”

I knew I was bi because after I joined Tumblr

After I started regularly checking @bananannabeth‘s blog

After I started watching @milesaaronmckenna on youtube

I found out more about the LGBT+ community than I would have ever learned about it in my life

I knew I was bi because I crushed on Satan* for a couple months before realizing that

I didn’t agree with some of her views and realized that

I would rather have a strong friendship with her than a failed crush

I knew I was bi because I still kind of had a crush on the Russian douchebag*

While crushing on the New Girl and Satan

I knew I was bi because I finally figured out that

Not everybody checks out guys and girls when they

Walk down the street

“How did you know you were bi?”

The same way you knew you were straight

I just knew.

*nicknames have been used to protect the anonymity of certain people (although @expectomoony probably knows all these people anyway even with the nicknames)