“Hey guys!” You said cheerfully as you walked into the room.
“Hi.” Ashton smiled.
“Hey (y/n)."Michael said biting his lip.
"So what are you guys doing?”
“We were just reading some tweets.” Ashton replied looking back at Michael’s phone.
“Oh nice.” You said getting bored.
“Yeah. Hey (y/n) can I talk to you outside?” Michael asked.
“Yeah of course.” You smiled.
You stood up and Michael rushed past you into the next room. You walked in and Michael pressed you up against the wall. You gasped in shock.
“Mikey what are you doing?”
“You look really hot today.”
You stared at him was this really coming out of his mouth. Before you could process anything Michael’s lips were pressed against yours. It wasn’t the worst way to spend the day.

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