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about those new bv s2 gifs......... i may be wrong but, they seem way more openly affectionate and giddy than usual; or jimin does, at least. ofc id like to know what happened to put them in such a cute, lovey dovey bf mood, but just seeing them act that way is enough to make me smile. theyre so cute ;;o;;

I agree 100% tbvh. Like… in both the actual bon voyage and the live commentary they just seem different than they normally are (especially lately tbh). And yes, jimin does seem the most changed to how he has been recently, especially with that smitten ass look he did to jungkook.  like ????? 

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there’s just something about the way they were looking at each other and looking at each other that made me get about 338 cavities.

and i’m hoenstly to hyped for bon voyage season 2, especially the jikook moments (i cant wait for jikook getting lost and adopting a little lizard and getting married). idk what put them in such a boyfriendy mood either but i’m excited to see what comes out of it tbh. 

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like look how whipped????? i’m just wow, actual, real life, fully in love boyfriends who can’t get enough of each other. we are going to fed wellllllll with this season of bon voyage and i’m so ready for it. 

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Super cute rarepair !! Mark would be in a constant state of ‘o no theyre cute ;;;;’ even as theyre dating lmao Hes perpetually in that state of feeling like hes got an embarrassing crush on them and it just…NEVER goes away (which they think is adorable)

And the size diff?? I know Arin could pick both of them up but even w how Small Mark is, i bet u he could pick up Dan (only to immediately Die bc you gotta bend at the knees, not the hips you Fool)

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do you two have... a dog? it was mentioned in an early broadcast that cecil might have a dog and if you do i need to know what kind because.. dogs. theyre cute. d o g s.

Cecil: She’s a Corgi! 

Cecil: Well- clearly, we haven’t had her for long. My old dog ended up dying a few weeks after we found Khoshekh… he was really old. Yeah… Abby had to take care of him for me.