They're Watching Us || Emma & Cook

Emma waited impatiently for Cook with a pint in front of her. Every time the front door opened and the bell rang she perked up, hoping it was Cook. She knew they were watching, she knew they were somewhere around here. Or maybe he was bluffing, it could have been a bluff, right? Emma didn’t want to take the chances. She didn’t want Cook or Louie or anyone else to get hurt, because Emma already did. As soon as she had gotten to the bar she went to the bathroom to check her neck. It was bruised, badly, and mostly in the back but you could see it in the front. The shape of fingers and a palm. Emma hid it by pulling her hair to the front of her body and keeping her hands underneath her chin.

The door opened up again and it was Cook, finally. She perked up and called his name, waving him over. Once he sat she leaned back in her seat but kept her neck hidden. “Fuck, you’re so slow, I was worried…” Emma scolded and rolled her eyes and then sighed. “I don’t know if he was bluffin’ or not, Cook, but he told me that I’d be followed and watched…"