Not to sound too lame or anything but Q-con this weekend was completely awesome! I was kinda nervous since it was my first time cosplaying and I’m painfully shy but everyone there was so nice it wasn’t scary at all. Some fantastic cosplays and such genuinely lovely people (unfortunately I have a serious problem with forgetting to ask for names) and thank you so much for making me feel welcome ^-^

~Denmark Out


All my SNK pictures I managed to get from Qcon! 

If you see you or someone you know please message me so I can tag you!

Mini Hanji: Me

Human Annie: theyrenoteviltheyremisunderstood

Titan Annie: dont-make-it-gay-mikasa

Krista: @survived-on-the-winds-breath (For some reason it won’t let me tag properly)

Small Sasha (with the light brown jacket): paradisedragonslayer

Mikasa (Beside ^ with light brown jacket): icemageofdistrict12