UNIQ's couples ♥‿♥
  • MC:I've kissed someone within this 3 months. Yes or No?
  • UNIQ:(Yixuan, Sungjoo, Yibo and Wenhan stood up)
  • MC:Oh, UNIQ is daebak!
  • Seungyoun:In our team we have couples. Couple 1 is Yibo and Wenhan hyung. Couple 2 is Sungjoo hyung and Yixuan hyung.
  • MC:Wenhan! When was the last time you kissed Yibo?
  • Wenhan:Last.... month.
  • Seungyoun:Mwoya! Stop being like this!! .....You really did?!
  • Wenhan:It was just a kiss! Just on his cheeks!

au where louis’s an actor on a show and harry’s just one of the interns helping out on set but one of the main characters gets fired and somehow someway harry gets hired as a replacement character who happens to get written in as louis’s newest love interest

Jean-Marc, Cécile, David, Enoch, Baltazar, and Medor 


@heavenfell-au is salt momma and @huntertale-au is father fluff

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Star Trek but in a musical! As in its perfectly common for people to break out into song or dance, Terrans mostly anyway. Spock obviously feels the urge but suppresses it. Does Spock sing in the shower? What kind of songs do they sing? Does Jim secretly have recordings of old musicals? How much does everyone love Hamilton?

Imagine the crew having a Star-Charting Song, where they make it as ridiculous and complicated as possible. There are numerous dance solos.

It helps them get through long nights of mapping. 

Sam and Steve make such a cute couple. I can picture them being all domestic and dancing around each other in the kitchen while they cook their first Thanksgiving dinner together as a couple. And then the Wilson clan arrives and they all coo over Steve and tease Sam. Everyone wants to know how they first met and Sam has to explain (in between laughing) how Steve wore the tightest shirt he owned and ran him down. 

au where right

like au where taekey are dating and theyre in an open relationship and everything so they can flirt with other cute boys and go on dates with them also and whatnot

and one day taem comes home talking about this cute tall boy he met at the gym ((minho)) and kibum is talking about this absolute sweetheart he met at the dog park ((also minho))

and they just keep going on dates with him on their own and its like a whole month of it and they like literally tell each other about the dates and how nice they were

but its not until taems tryna find the gamestop with minho and his other boyfriend ((jonghyun)) and kibum is just chilling at the mall with a different boyfriend ((jinki)) that kibum sees them

and he recognizes minho first bc he is tall as fuck so he just !!! and excuses himself from his cute date to go say hi rly quick and he just uwu hugs minho like “hey did u get my texts??”

and taems like “:0 hey kibummie” nd kibums like “:0 you know minho also??” and taems like “yeah hes the one i told you about like a month ago remember” and kibums like “… but… hes the one… that i told you about a month ago too… …. .. ….…..”

and thats when they realize that they never mentioned minhos name when they were talking to each other about him

and minho is looking just so amused and exasperated but somehow not at all surprised by his two new boyfriends and taekey are just so embarrassed like holy shit

but then kibum figures like hey since theyre already all here why not and gets jinki to come over so they can have a lil five way date

and its cute uwu

also speaking of cute poly aus have you seen polyquest yet  (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

when you go from zen to yoosung

pre-zen: WHAT DO U MEAN I CANT DO 707 FIRST eh idw can we just hurry up and get the hourglasses and get to 707 oh yoosung is quite cute omg zen’s so narcisstic i cant take it NO THEYRE ONTO ME THEY KNOW THEYRE ROBOTS WAIT HOW DID I GET THE BAD ENDING NO DAMMIT I HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN 

zen: omg his narcissim i CANT omg oh he called me that was kind of sweet omg he rejected echo girl’s real boobs he’s has morals oMG HE’S ON A MOTORCYCLE wah he smokes what a rebel omg he has a secret place i want a secret place omg he’s so sweet… omg he’s quite sweET OMG THAT CONVERSATION WITH THE STARS AND THE SMILE AND THE oh frick frack im in love omg only 3 days left no zenny dont leave me omg we’re married can i marry zen irl pls :(

post-zen: no i cant do this i cant go back into the dating world i cant

yoosung: ur not zen ;;

zen: shit how did i end up in the zen route again i swear i tried