theyre wearing clothes

iff u wanna be technical i love drawing animals theyre cool esp wearing clothes and i did spend several years trying to integrate into the actual furry fandom but theyre…… it….. didnt work out they’re horrifying im sorry theyre really fucking scary no offense if i have any lingering followers from that era…. bad experience… im sure if i elaborated you would all understand but i cant right here sorry

unaffiliated anthro artist…. ex furry.. grizzled fur veteran.. i dont care i have a fursona im essentially a furry still just different. distilled.

ok but did anyone notice how almost everyone in missing nine wears beige/tan/khaki colored clothing even the main cast. except when the main cast is on the island they suddenly are the only ones wearing bright clothes and even when they go back (and during flashbacks) theyre wearing bright non-tan clothing unlike almost everyone else, who wears black/tan clothes. 


s/o to all the trans kids- whether youre not out yet, your family is unsupporting, youre still questioning..whatever. just, shoutout to all the trans kids this holiday season who have to pretend to be overjoyed with getting presents that make them feel dysphoric, that they’ll never use and therefore feel guilty about, etc.

 s/o to all the trans kids who are forced to wear clothes theyre uncomfortable in for family parties

s/o to all the trans kids who no longer have a family or even a home to celebrate the holidays with

i know the holidays can be absolutely miserable sometimes but i promise that it doesnt last forever and that you can get through it :)