theyre wearing clothes

good morning boys!! (●´艸`) peach punch!! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

also idk if yall have noticed but i really like ill fitting clothing
like, when characters gain a lot of weight and they cant get their pants over their thick, soft thighs, or when they keep pulling down their skin tight shirt that outlines every curve and roll, or characters that gain weight while theyre wearing clothes and it starts to hurt a lot because its so tight, but it starts ripping and popping off and they almost moan in happiness because of the relief they feel, or just clothes ripping off in general and them feeling up their big, soft body after, thinking about how theyre going to get new clothes..👌👌👌👌👌👌


s/o to all the trans kids- whether youre not out yet, your family is unsupporting, youre still questioning..whatever. just, shoutout to all the trans kids this holiday season who have to pretend to be overjoyed with getting presents that make them feel dysphoric, that they’ll never use and therefore feel guilty about, etc.

 s/o to all the trans kids who are forced to wear clothes theyre uncomfortable in for family parties

s/o to all the trans kids who no longer have a family or even a home to celebrate the holidays with

i know the holidays can be absolutely miserable sometimes but i promise that it doesnt last forever and that you can get through it :)