theyre tiny sorry


#5yearswithNU’EST || thank you to nu’est, you’ve inspired all of us so many times and we continue to admire you for your hard work, your dedication, and your talent.  we’ll support you no matter where you are !! don’t forget we’re on your side ~

Okay. I’m really, really late, but this crappy thing took way longer than expected. The last time I’ve colored something was like five years ago and I never even tried to shadow my drawings back then?

So today (at least today in my time zone) the great @lesbianspacenerd has birthday and she’s such an amazing person!! Really, she’s awesome. I wanted to write a story in the beginning, but my english kind of sucks. Next I wanted to draw Pidge with Indira (just go read i here, it’s so good) but I just can’t draw.
So yeah. Please don’t hate my for this crappy idea and the shitty colouring.

I call it “Your favourite local trans buddies” btw.


Happy holidays, gaynoizes!! i’m not sure whether it’s Dec. 25 where you are right now, so sorry if I’m late! ;A; 

I hope you have a fantastic holiday filled with warmth, nice gifts, and happiness! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑