theyre super hot

i dont see posts like this often but like fucking shout out to trans guys with height dysphoria

trans guys who are always the shortest boy in a group of boys

trans guys who are under 5'5

trans guys who feel like they dont pass bc of their height

trans guys who are sick of tall trans guys and tall boys in general being the only representation of boys

trans guys who have height dysphoria as the root of their dysphoria

as someone who struggles with height dyspho every day, i want all the other short dudes to know theyre super hot, handsome and loveable, and not inferior to tall guys. theyre just as manly and strong as tall guys and theyre just as much of a man as a guy who’s 6’. lucio from overwatch is 5'3 and everyone loves him just remember that. stay strong my tiny dudes

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Okay I have had a thought. Please humour me. Imagine a pleasantly chubby Rhett. I would diieeee of thirst. I mean theyre both super hot now, but theres just something about chubby guys and girls that has me weak at the knees. IMAGINE THE CUDDLES He has such big cuddle arms already and the softness and the warmth and OH MY GOODNESS LYN


look how much link loves it

he wants to snuggle on that big bear man