theyre such cute best friends i cant even

1ricepot  asked:

♧ hello i love u

You’re my: favorite most pretty mutual 
How I met you: we were mutuals in law :/ n then we followed each other on our old blog fjnkfn and now we’re here
Why I follow you: ummmm because? u r the best…..i just enjoy seeing u on my dash even tho theyre queue posts sometimes, i like knowing abt ur days!! and ur such an angel mutual who likes my posts….
Your blog is: super cute 100/10 pink….goals…
Your URL is: iconic…..
Your icon is: hwall right….hes cute…cant wait till the boyz debut…. 
A random fact I know about you: ur dog is the cutest dog in the world just facts…..ur also rlly pretty and if i knew u irl i would admire u from afar and wish we were best friends fnewjknfe thats a fact abt me tho kfje dont u work? idk where but it seems tiring …also u go to a uc so we’re connected in a way
General opinion: *teacher voice* a pleasure to have o n my dash ndkejfke but srsly i love uuuu alot?! im thankful that ur my mutual bc ur great and ur funny and nice and u dont ignore my posts?? actual angel i hope ur happy always!!! u deserve the world!!!
A random thought I have:  ur puppy rlly is cute :/ i love her w my entire soul … also idk if u do streaks but we should……im so lazy w streaks but :/ 

Mutuals send me “♧“ and I’ll do this!