theyre so hype

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the video was so cute and i'm so happy for them but also we got to see so much random shit we've never seen before in their house!!!!

okAY YES. like im obvi emotional theyre leaving but also so hype that our last glimpse into the london flat gave us so many unexpected details lmao 

lil statuette of an elephant on phil’s bedside table: 

dan’s setup to do his hair: 

random legal textbook out on dan’s desk?? tf? 

bonca for the tatinof film stored on top of their bookshelf: 

random video game controllers strewn about: 

they were probs watching planet earth recently, and the quilt from bryony is on the floor: 

this random cross-stitch of a dan tweet, which was a gift from a fan, displayed in their bathroom window: 

cute art on their kitchen wall: 

gahhhh there are just so many lil tidbits that make this flat such an encapsulation of them, so many details that make it cozy and lived in and wholly representative of the life they’ve built together and i just can’t wait to see all of this homey domestic loveliness translated into their new place it’s going to be so goooooooood and i’m crying again fuck


Alright so I’m doing another lyricstuck, for Percy Jackson this time, starring Luke! I just started tonight so it’ll honestly take forever (I’m talking months maybe) since I have school and everything but I wanted to share the first two pics with you guys :D

and I definitely wont post anymore till I’m done because I do this all the time I just need to be patient and not spoil the entire thing 

more merman au?

  • small whiny younger brother sanha !!!!!!! 
  • thank u @binsmoon askdjha
  • Sanha: “hyung where are you spending your nights" 
  • Sanha: “hyung I’m lonelyyyyyyyy”
  • Eunwoo, finally: “oh my god you can go play with MJ" 
  • Sanha, looking around shiftily: (whispers) "but he’s too old" 
  • Eunwoo just staring at him before whipping his head around to check for MJ 
  • Eunwoo going up to visit his lifeguard Bin one night 
  • Sanha trying to be stealthy and following him 
  • Also Sanha: googles "how to be stealthy when you have a bright yellow tail" 
  • Eunwoo deep sighing when he sees a flash of sunshine yellow when he’s nearly at the surface 
  • "Dammit Sanha if you wanted to follow me you could have just asked
  • Sanha pouting and whining because "hyung I asked before but you didn’t answer and I just wanted to knowwwwwww" 
  • Eunwoo sighing and kissing his whiny younger brother on the forehead and telling him to hold onto his tail 
  • Eunwoo telling Sanha about how he met Bin: "and when I opened my eyes I saw the cutest ?????? Human ?????? in front of me??????" 
  • Sanha melting but also swishing his tail in excitement and nearly losing his grip on Eunwoo because !!!!!! he’s so excited to meet the Human his brother’s fallen in love with 
  • Well according to Eunwoo they’re still "friends”
  • Pffffft 
  • Whoever makes Eunwoo smile and beam and generally act like a lovesick idiot???? 
  • More than friends for sure 
  • Eunwoo placing Sanha next to a rock and telling him to hold on to the rock and wait so they won’t shock Bin when Sanha suddenly appears 
  • And wow Eunwoo’s right 
  • Whoever this “Bin” human is he’s very very cute 
  • Really nice arms muscles mm yes Sanha approves
  • Sanha squints 
  • Shirtless????? Wew Eunwoo doing well 
  • Bin’s face morphing into the brightest beam when Eunwoo bobs up next to him 
  • Sanha’s heart melting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • If Eunwoo is the moon this boy is definitely his sun, the way he beams when Eunwoo surfaces, both boys with hair slick with sea water and eyes shining 
  • Bin brushing Eunwoo’s hair off his forehead and both of them smiling softly 
  • “Friends” my ass, Sanha thinks 
  • Eunwoo conversing with Bin for a while before waving Sanha over 
  • Sanha deciding to be as obnoxious as possible 
  • Eunwoo, scANDALIZED 
  • He didn’t bring Sanha up here to run his mouth off!!!
  • Bin blushing under the moonlight and turning to Eunwoo 
  • Eunwoo muttering in embarrassment under his breath 
  • Bin murmuring, "only if he’ll have me?" 
  • Sanha splashing around the shallow water in excitement !!!!!!! 
  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Truly !!!!!!!!!!! 
  • Bin’s eyes following Eunwoo’s flush and his eyes landing on Eunwoo’s pink ears and seeing Eunwoo beaming up at him 
  • "I’m not sure how this works biologically at all but for sure yes really definitely" 
  • That’s the extent of my dictionary rip sorry Seongwoo
  • Sanha flipping around and making tiny dolphin sounds!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bin casually slipping his hand into Eunwoo’s 
  • Eunwoo smiling to himself because wow he can feel Bin’s heartbeat speed up and he’s just laughing to himself
  • Sanha sitting by a rock and beaming to himself because he wants his hyung to have alone time but he also wants to eavesdrop bc he’s a lil shit 
  • Hears Bin telling Eunwoo that he more or less fell in love with him at first sight
  • Also hears the sound of Eunwoo hitting him on the arm for being so sappy and then quietly telling him it was more or less the same thing 
  • Also the sound of Bin giggling and just generally splashing around with his new boyfriend 
  • Highkey wants to swim back and scream at MJ to come meet Eunwoo’s Human!!!!!!!
  • I mean, Sanha though it wouldn’t be safe to come up to meet the Human but it looks like Bin is the only one at the beach 
  • and also Bin is so far gone for Eunwoo Sanha thinks it’s relatively safe to say that Bin isn’t here to capture Eunwoo to sell for science or something 
  • Sanha still isn’t sure how they’re going to grow old together or anything because science but he’s sure his hyungs will find a way 
  • Sanha just being very happy for Eunwoo I love my pure son Sanha the only one who hasn’t disrespected me today 
  • Eunwoo asking Sanha to come over and really, actually meet Bin 
  • Sanha telling Bin very solemnly about the time Eunwoo nearly swallowed a bottlecap when he was younger because he thought it would make his tail blue too  
  • Bin nearly dying with laugher and Eunwoo nearly dying with humiliation 
  • Because that’s what younger brothers are for right
  • To tell your significant other embarassing stories about your childhood
  • not that I have a brother lmao 
  • but yes next instalment has Rocky watch out heheheheh

whats beautiful is that sm didnt say anything bc they didnt have to because exo’s power and recognition is enough to get them trending everywhere and headlining articles when they haven’t done or said more than a few words?? its so strategic bc none of this comeback is half assed or silent, it’s buzzing literally everywhere and its literally been planned to a T but theyre just that kind of group that constantly tests their limits again and again and puts in 10000% for every little detail even if theyre small and trivial and detective-l’s have to go back and find every little clue and i love it i love them so much

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Hey saw you mention it in your tags, does Bruce take pills in Batman? :O Can you pls show the evidence I crave confirmed mentally ill Bruce Wayne

uhh crap i’m seriously.. not in the mood to look for it rn and i’m not sure if it was batman rebirth or all-star batman or any other batman, but i remember reading a comic with alfred telling bruce to remember to take his medicine. idr if it was a young bruce or an UNINJURED! (sorry, just noticed i typo’d that) older bruce tho… 

in which sanha is 2 cute for this entire planet & I Am Desperately trying 2 keep up

//despite my silly meme im glad to see old and new cupheads n’muggies and i love them <3 

@ask-cupso-and-mugso @dearest-cupbros @cupheadanswers @cupiisms @cupiism @mugiisms @askcupandmug @askcupandmugsy @ask-cuphead-and-mugman @cuphead-and-the-crew  @ask-cuphead @mafiamugman @mafiacuphead @ask-au-cupheads-and-friends follow these precious babies and i hope we can plot in the future <3 <3

Poor EXO’s hair

People couldn’t decide whether they should be offended by Kai’s hair for its ugliness or cultural appropriation… But then Baekhyun’s teaser came out and completely stole the spotlight! 

I was calmly drinking coffee and choked. IS THAT A MULLET?! 

(dOn’T BriNG iT BaCk.)

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😤💖 ultimate yugyeomist on my doorstep 💗😤

i know we’ve only followed each other fairly recently but u have become one of my fave yugyeomists out here like ur url is JUSTIFIED BB 😤💗💖💖💕 n i’m so glad we became mutuals too n knowing i’m one of ur fave blogs too i just 😳like…. I LIVE FOR PEOPLE COMPLIMENTING THEIR BIAS IN PARAGRAPHS IN THE TAGS….. or just rly sweet and mushy and romantic stuff and U. DID. ALL THAT. and more ‼️

& ugh i just get so much fluttery feels inside bec like i can feel?? how much love u have??? for this dude n yugyeom actually better come collect u now 👀 but yes !!! keep spreading your pride n joy for him and i’ll keep hyping the two of u up 😤 (i’ve always wanted to tag u in stuff too n talk to u more so like ajdhskd i’m just a shy bean)

always take care n keep blazin it 😤✊🏼 jk don’t skdjdhsja or do…just be safe shfjsksk