theyre so fuzzy

ok what about trans sam being genderfluid for as long as they can remember but they just dont have a term for it and they think theyre messed up or something so they never say anything about it

but at stanford they confess a lot to jess and jess just smiles and signs the two of them up for a gender studies class together and sam cannot believe it theres a word for how they feel and they want to cry because they didnt know anyone else was like them but people at stanford are always so nice and accommodating and respect their pronouns and everything

and dean breaks into their apartment on a day they feel more feminine, so theyre wearing like fuzzy pink little pajama shorts and their hair is clipped back and dean looks confused and sams just begging in their head please dont make a joke please dont make a joke not from you please but dean seems to Get It because he’d always known sam didnt feel comfortable being just like him and dad, even from a young age sam’d choose to wear a big purple dog shirt as a dress instead of wearing the henleys dad bought

so dean just slaps them on the back and smiles and says “lookin’ good, sammy” and sams heart fills up with hope because they love the acceptance with their friends but the person theyve always wanted to love them for who they are is dean