theyre so fantastic it blows the mind

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(Not the same anon) do you have some sanvers fic rec ? I'm looking for long and well written fics that will blow my mind. Do you have anything in mind ?

oh man i havent read fics in so long and the sanvers ones ive read that are complete are mostly oneshots so im not sure ill be of help but here are the longest ones i have bookmarked on my ao3 account

blue springs bound by TB80 im love

the only way to survive is to dig deep and dive by displacedwarrior

i would move mountains to make you smile by displacedwarrior

jules and mabel by inisheer

theyre all fantastic fics but not exactly what youre looking for. i’d try them out anyway. i cant look through my subscriptions rn bc it’ll make me sad looking at what hasnt been update in 5ever :(

also if youre interested in the total opposite of what you asked for (i.e. badly written oneshots) be sure to check out my account ;)